Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Crayola Experience.

In order to ensure that our nephew and niece enjoyed their visit last weekend, Sean suggested that we do "The Crayola Experience". Everyone knows we don't have kiddos so just the fact that Sean knew this was in our area surprised me.

I asked my sisters if they would be interested and of course they were.

I did not think that Sean and I were going to have that great of a time (we were taking one for the team!) because let's be honest. We're childless and we just don't have any reason to do this sort of thing.

But let me just say that as soon as we walked in and we were given those tokens I felt like I was transported into my childhood.

There's play-dough and lots of it. I made lots of pizza and pretended to eat it. My niece saw the pretend pizza cutter and said "pizza!" so happily and it made me smile because it felt like such a city girl thing to do. You know how we're crazy about our pizza. And then when she said she wanted a gyro for dinner later that evening I could not stand it. What do you know about gyros?!

Do you remember when you did back to school shopping with your parents and they sometimes would decide to get you the crayons on sale. Not the Crayola, you know, the imitation crayons and then within the first week back those crayons would break. But Crayola crayons, no matter what you did they were solid and just better because they had so many colors.

We were able to make crayons and label them whatever we want. Sean made one that said, "Sean & Faith (our last name) ♥ . It was so neat. We made our own markers. We took photo booth pictures and were able to color ourselves. We created whatever we wanted on something that was sort of like a computer and whatever we created showed up on the screen. It was so fun to look for when it would finally appear and see everyone's reaction to it. We did stuff like, I ♥ my sisters, Happy Birthday Priscilla and we got mushy and did love notes to our guys and the guys to us. It was just so much fun and so relaxing and when it was time to leave we were shocked because the time flew. We actually had to leave because they were closing. That's how much fun we had.

Anyway, if you have a Crayola Experience in your area I highly recommend it. We'll have to go back (with our nieces and nephews, of course) because there was so much that we did not do. And let's just say that I cannot wait because we (the adults included) had way too much fun. Now if you'll excuse the excessive amount of pictures.

It feels like old times apologizing for having too many pictures in one post. I like it.

They were so into what they were doing.
You see that "I ♥ Brian" my sister did that for my brother in law :)
I told you we all got very much into it. Including me but it seems no one takes pictures except for me.
Yup, that's a picture of Sean and I that my nephew colored.
Yup, I feel the same way. I would not make a pretty blond.
All about the crayons.
We'll be back. Too bad we'll always have to use our nephews and nieces until we have our own bambino.
We can't be the couple that does this without kids because we're normal ;).


Cece said...

When you've got the kiddo's along it really is all about them so it's very cool that Sean had this great idea for an activity to keep them entertained. Even better that the adults had fun too. It actually sounds really fun!! I haven't played with play dough in years. I used to love the smell. I think I'd have had a blast also.

Beauty said...

First of all, you and your sisters are just adorable; Lovely outing with the family. From the pictures, I can tell you all had lots of fun.

Have a fun Easter weekend.

Dee said...

I don't think The Crayola Experience was around when my kids were little, at least not in my area. All we had was Chuck E Cheese. I really like the pictures of you and your sisters. I'm glad you all had fun... :)

Chrissy + Nate said...

Oh my goodness, how FABULOUS is that?! I feel like with all that color and hands-on fun, any "kid", ages 1-100, would have a blast!

Desiree Macke said...

That place looks so freaking amazing!
I loved coloring as a kid, and I beg my son to color with me all. the. time. He wants nothing to do with it (too much sitting still). I would be in heaven at a place like that!!

Joy B. E. said...

A place with all the crayons you can use? What's not to love? I am glad you had a great time! Your niece and nephew are so cute! I love all the pictures! Welcome back to blogging with lots of pics. I've missed them :-).

Crystal said...

That looks like SO much fun!!!

Kimberly Brown said...

Hahaha! This is such a good idea. I may have to steel this for the next time I babysit my nephew and godson.

Maureen S. said...

I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for the Crayola experience in my town! We would most likely be taking our niece so we don't look abnormal too. Secretly though, I'd love to just go. I was that weird kid who loved the smell of new textbooks and crayons. I remember the cheapo crayons too and they are so disappointing! Lol!

Law_Fal said...

This looks fun! I would go just to go sans the kids hahahahahaha love the pics

Ayesha Charlton said...

First off, I LOOOOVE the new theme! Simple and perfect!

The Crayola Experience, another thing we don't have here. My goddaughter would love that! The kids look soooo happy and occupied. Always a good thing.

Awww Sean & Faith (inserts last name) crayon =D I dig that ;-)


EmilyJane said...

This looks amazing!!! I bet the kids did have the best time. & You're right all the adults look happy/content too! It's always awesome when you find activities both parties thoroughly enjoy. The blonde Faith with yellow teeth made me LOL! (sorry couldn't help it).

EmilyJane said...

AHHH btw I love the pictures :D

Tomes Edition said...

OMG thats a kids heaven. Loos like so much fun

My name is Maman. I'm one who likes all kinds of music. said...

it was great to play with child. they are innocent and fun.

Ashley R said...

This makes me so happy!! What a sweet idea.

Heather said...
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Heather said...

This looks so awesome! I would love to try it someday, and since I don't have nieces or nephews, I guess I'll just have to wait until I have my own kid. :)

Christina Marie Kellogg said...

Yep, I remember those knock-off Crayola crayons growing up. The pigment was terrible, they were so waxy. Lol From time to time, I enjoy coloring. It's very relaxing. I never heard of the The Crayola Experience...About to look for this in my area. Thanks for sharing!

Tenecia said...

I'm totally jealous! Coloring is one of my favorite things to do (yes, I know I'm supposed to be an!) and I would have shut the place down too!