Saturday, June 13, 2015

Farmers' Market Mornings.

It has become quite fun to wake up at 8am on a Saturday to get the best foods at the farmers' market. It is really enjoyable to talk to the actual farmer/person who grew or made the food that you're buying.

I haven't shared on the blog but I'm trying to purchase organic foods as much as possible. It may be more expensive but I'm willing to spend a little more to have some peace of mind that the food I'm putting in my body has good substance since I cook a lot.

Bi-weekly, doortodoororganics drops of my delivery of fresh produce & eggs. I absolutely love the produce I get from them & it is so welcomed to have someone pick the best for me since I tend to be that person who picks up every tomato/green pepper/onion, etc before making a choice. I highly recommend you look to see if they deliver in your area. Oh and it sucks that I have to add this disclaimer but I'm not being paid to say this. I just have enjoyed my experience with them and thought I would throw it out there.

Lately, I've gone as far as to check out where restaurants are getting their foods and I'm pleasantly surprised that PA is doing quite well. I'm not going crazy though and will still go out to a restaurant and enjoy myself because I'm simply a food lover.

Back to the topic at hand.
There are plenty of farmers' markets in my area and I'm glad that one of the best ones is a mere thirteen minutes away.

IMG_0181 IMG_0193
IMG_0195 IMG_0184
I don't know how many farmers' market posts I'll make but since it's something I enjoy, I highly doubt this will be the last one.

When we had packed our bags with delicious buys we had to stop and get our favorite fries in the entire world (before heading to Sean's rugby game which I'll most likely blog about in my next post). I think about these crab topped fries so much during the week (no joke!) they're just so darn good. The crab cakes were incredible too! Truthfully, I just want to eat here everyday.

I wonder who I have to speak with to make this happen...

IMG_0212 IMG_0209
IMG_0201 IMG_0206
IMG_0215 IMG_0217
OK, so my questions of the day is, are you a farmers' market fan?
And do you write farmer's, farmers' or farmers market?


  1. Love the photos of those strawberries! They look so luscious and delectable! Overall, this place looks like a phenomenal place to get your grub on. Yum!

  2. I'm so glad I made this my first read of the morning especially after my first (morning) run in months (Ok so it was more of a morning walk with bursts of runs here and there). Such a positive and wholistic start to my day :)

    Your photos tell a story and that's what I love about your photography. That, and the fact that you keep improving *sits by like a proud mama*

    I am a huge fan of farmer's markets. Notice where my apostrophe is...although I think the correct way is really farmers' market. Anyway, when I first started shopping at the FM, there was only one on the island but now there's three and they are absolutely fabulous. Maybe one day I'll write a farmer's market post.

    XO |EESH

  3. I love farmers' market and I wish we could have it all year through but I live in Minnesota...:-). 'Lovely Pictures.
    Enjoy your weekend.

  4. ARGH! I look up the door to door organics and it's not available in my state, but EVERY STATE surrounding my state offers it. Jerks. LOL We actually have 6 Farmers Markets that happen over the weekend, people who do produce stands on the side of the road or abandon parking lots, and farmers who have their own store on their land. (not to mention a TJs and Whole Foods). However I'll be honest in saying that the Farmers Markets are usually overwhelmingly busy and I end up buying whatever at the regular grocery store, even though organic produce taste 1000x better. Chalk it up to doing whats easier.

    Beautiful photographs again!

  5. I love farmers markets, I wish we had more in our area. Your pictures look like magazine ads so pretty. I want those fries as well. :)

  6. I love those strawberries! I always enjoy a trip to the farmers market with hubby while the kids are in school! Your pictures are beautiful, Faith!

  7. Those strawberries look DIVINE!! Wow.
    I LOVE a good farmers (<- plural form of the word) market! Kansas City had an amazing farmers market, and I would try to get to it as often as possible. However, I haven't had as much luck in Los Angeles. I'm sure there are some hidden gems out there, but I have yet to find them.
    And those crab topped fries? Woah. I'll take a few platefuls of those. :)

  8. I love farmers' markets! I haven't discovered a great one near our apartment but I just printed out a list of them the other day and plan to give them all a try!

  9. I should try to make it out to the Farmers Market a lot more than I currently do. I'm pretty spoiled in the summer. My mom has a huge garden and she grows the best strawberries, cucumbers, corn, hot peppers (because she is Nigerian- lol) green peppers, curry leaves, broccoli, onions, tomatoes and the occasional watermelon (though in MN it's tough to get watermelon to fully grow!), and whatever else she thinks up. :D Awesome pictures and even more awesome that you have a friend to have these fun times with!

  10. the pictures are so great...i want to go to a Farmer's Market now!! your pictures are so great Faith! you seriously want to make me look at food pics all day!

  11. Your pics are so gorgous! I love farmer's markets! I go to mine every Thursday! :)


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