Thursday, November 19, 2015

My sister's birthday brunch.

Two weekends ago, Sean and I headed to Brooklyn for my sister's (Emma) birthday brunch. My sister's husband (Brian) threw her brunch at The Brooklyn Star which is one of my sister's favorite restaurants.

It was my first time at the restaurant but will certainly not be my last.
The food was so incredibly good and I loved the rustic, natural d├ęcor inside the restaurant.

The fried chicken and waffles was a very popular choice at our table and I was even surprised to see my dad order and enjoy it. It is not something that he would normally order so it was so nice to see him do something outside of his box. Emma ordered this vegetarian meal with black beans (I can't remember the name and nothing on the menu right now fits the meal unfortunately) and although it did not look very appetizing it was so delicious. I also tried their Mac & Cheese with bacon and their biscuits, which we asked for multiple times. Let's just say that I could have sat here eating all day. I told my sister that I was going to make so many excuses to come visit just so that we could go here every time.

My sister's closest friends were also in attendance and it was just a perfect gathering. I love to witness just how much Brian loves my sister because it's always a comforting feeling to know that your sister is in good hands.

When the staff brought out my sister's birthday cake we all began to sing happy birthday and the best part was when everyone in the restaurant stopped eating to sing along. It felt like something that would happen in the movies and it was seriously so nice! My sister who is not usually an emotional person actually teared up. I did get a few pictures but I'm too nice to post them here ;).

After brunch, Brian surprised my sisters and I with pedicures which was greatly appreciated because my toes completely needed it. It was so nice for the four of us to be together to just chat and laugh and have our toes done because it had been a while that we had actually done this together. We all agreed that this was something that we all have to do together more often.

OK, now time for a million and one pictures.

IMG_3114 IMG_3093
IMG_3089 IMG_3091
IMG_3087 IMG_3099 IMG_3108
IMG_3095 IMG_3096
IMG_3119 IMG_3140
IMG_3130 IMG_3134
IMG_3154 IMG_3155
IMG_3164 IMG_3167
IMG_3187 IMG_3188
IMG_3205 IMG_3208
IMG_3212 IMG_3225
I know I say it all the time but I'll say it again. Family time is my favorite time ♥


  1. I'm going to squish your niece that's all there is to it. SO CUTE !!!

    Good for your dad branching out and trying new foods! My dad is always in a food rut too, he seldom tries new things. & I want Mac n cheese and biscuits right now :X

    Just from the photographs I can tell how much Brian loves your sister (and how much Sean adores you). You both are so blessed.

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to her. That is unbelievably sweet. Happy birthday Emma.

    (also my toes could use a little TLC, tell Brian to hook me up with a pedicure too while you're at it ;) )

  2. That restaurant looks and sounds amazing. Go ahead and give me all the chicken and waffles!

    Once again, your photos are amazing. I particularaly love the one of all the ladies giving pedicures. Who knew that could look so pretty?! :)

  3. This is totally awesome. I love it! I've never actually considered a brunch birthday celebration but it really makes sense! I love brunch and most folks eat late on weekends anyways. Hmmm...filing this for my 40th celebration when the time comes :-).

    You and your sisters are beautiful! Oh and is that your baby niece? When did she get so big??? Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  4. So much love in all your photos!

  5. You girls are so beautiful!!! Happy Birthday to your sis! I'm going to check out that restaurant.

  6. I just love seeing your and your family with all those awesome smiles. Happy birthday to your sister. Your niece has grown so much and your dad always looks so happy to have you guys around. Family time is absolutely my favorite time.

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