Monday, November 30, 2015



I particularly love Sundays except after 7pm because then it’s a reminder that a long work week awaits.

But before 7pm I love it. I love it more when I have no plans and can just enjoy a lazy Sunday. It’s not that I’m really lazy because it is also the day I do light cleaning, laundry and make our meals for the week. It's just that I tend to move slower because I’m not in a rush. I also make Sean and I a big breakfast to begin our day because it is usually the day of the week that I have the time to do so.

In the afternoon, Sean and I lay in bed for a couple of hours and watch a movie and as much as I hate it, snack in bed.
I try not to let it bother me too much because, well, Sunday.

A couple of weekends ago, it was really nice to enjoy our Sunday with my sister, nephew and her fiancé. When we woke up everyone headed straight to the kitchen where I whipped up some breakfast sandwiches and brewed coffee.

The morning light was streaming inside the house so beautifully that I just had to pick up my camera and snap pictures after I had finished making our breakfast. I laugh a little when I see these pictures because my family is just not fazed by me taking their picture at any time now. I have to admit that I love it.


- His smile melts me. And someone please pinch me. How in the world is he going to be six in three weeks?!

IMG_3256 IMG_3259 IMG_3278
IMG_3303 IMG_3321

- Let's just say that I'm thrilled that the no shave November is finally over for Sean. His co-workers bet him that he could not do it the whole month and of course he just had to prove them wrong. That's the thing with Sean. Never tell him he can't do something.

- I also hope this is the last time anyone bets him about shaving.

IMG_3281 IMG_3299
IMG_3357 IMG_3349
After breakfast my sister, nephew and I went to TJMaxx to find a few Christmas decorations. My sister found a really cute countdown to Christmas thingy that she bought for my nephew and I found a gold and silver nutcracker and festive gold tree that are both now sitting pretty nicely on our mantle.

Christmas decorating is in full force at our house and I can't wait to be done. Just a few more touches here and there and we'll be all set. We put lights out in the front of the house on Saturday and when I drove into our driveway after work today and saw all the lights on our house, I just felt so happy. It's amazing the power twinkling lights and Christmas music have to get you feeling all sorts of cheery. I hope that you all had wonderful weekends and have great weeks ahead! ♥


  1. Can I have your house? I really like your style! :) I like relaxing Sundays also, but you're right about thoughts of the long week ahead messing it up by the time evening comes. Lol.

  2. You're so right about Sundays! I seem to get a lot done but the slower pace makes them feel so lazy and lovely :) Love those yellow flowers in your kitchen! And your nephew's smile?! ADORABLE!

  3. Yes, Sundays are perfect, until the sun sets and the work week is staring you down.
    The light in your house is amazing!!
    We are still working on decorating our house. I'm ready to have it all out and Scott is just dragging his feet about it. Gah!

  4. I love Sundays but it quickly turns into Monday. Your nephew is very cute!

  5. I too use Sunday's as a reset day. I get things together to make my work week a little bit easier.

    Your nephew is adorable. I can't believe he's about to be 6 either! (I too am glad for you that Sean can now shave) LOL facial hair is seldom attractive to me.

    Christmas lights make me happy too. I hope you share all your decorating <3


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