Wednesday, May 11, 2016

At Home: Miscellaneous

A few things have been added in our house and it's getting pretty exciting to see rooms come together. Our main bathroom is finally decorated the way we want since we bought the house in November 2014 and it's actually the only room that is completely done. Funnily enough I haven't taken any real pictures of it because it's a bathroom. But if you'd like to see let me know and I'll be sure to snap some pictures and share on here. Just know that it is nothing extraordinary before you get your hopes up ;).

Alright back to the point ....

Like I mentioned there's some pieces that have been added to our house that make me happy.

Grey curtains have been switched out in favor of these white curtain that make the room feel so much more open, brighter and summery. I just love this big window and the fact that often I feel like they bring the outside in. The room still feels a little empty (wall art is needed badly on the bare wall) but I know that when I find pieces that will complete this room I'll know it. Until then it will be like this for a while.


I found those Chinese wall art pieces ($6 bucks each) at Goodwill and I'm digging them. I was stoked to find them and brought them home in fear that someone else would pick them up, even though I wasn't sure how Sean would feel about them. I often get Sean's approval when I pick up things for the house since he lives here too (although most times he could care less) and was thrilled when he loved it too.


Last but not least is the floor lamp that was exactly what I had in mind. It also helped that it was gold which you'll find is a common color in our house. I wanted something a little different that I wouldn't be able to find on the regular and this was it. I love the gold, the feel I get from looking at it and the intricate design. It was a no brainer and it made it home with me. Every time I look at it I get excited that I found it.

IMG_5979 IMG_5975

Oh and flowers. When I wasn't well there weren't flowers in practically every room. Sean picked up flowers a few times to lighten up my mood but I didn't enjoy them the way I usually do. Now that I'm feeling so much better my flower haul has started up again and it makes our home so cheery and instantly puts me in a good mood.

IMG_5953 IMG_5987

When I started decorating our house I had no theme in mind but very soon I realized that I was drawn to yellow, turquoise, golds and greys. There's certainly a mismatch of things because loving something outweighed having a theme so it truly makes me feel good when I enter through the front doors.

I want to live in a house that's inviting and colorful. A place that when you walk in you feel good energy and right at home. As each month goes by I think that we're getting closer and I just can't wait until I can say that we've accomplished what we set out to do.

If you could describe your home in one word what would it be? For me it's cozy. Definitely cozy.


  1. Your house is beautiful! I love the yellow chairs in the living room! We are re-doing each room in our house and it's coming along...slowly...but I like that I'm not rushing out to buy things just to fill the room. I'm waiting for pieces I really like, and I find I enjoy them so much more!

  2. I love the splashes of yellow- especially those chairs! 😍

  3. Your home is so inviting!! Cozy it is indeed. You have excellent taste, and I love how everything flows together!

  4. Really like your goodwill find every so often I get lucky and score something great. Also flowers instantly put me in the good mood as well love having them around the house.

  5. I love the Chinese wall art as well your house looks absolutely amazing!

  6. I love the color contrast in the living room. Beautiful!

  7. Your house is beautiful. I love how bright it is. All the pictures in my house were found at the Goodwill too! I never realized just how expensive pictures were until I had bought my own house and couldn't bring myself to spend that kind of money!

    I'm still crushing on your couch big time. The yellow chair are such a nice contrast too. & I love your funky floor lamp!

  8. I love how you have incorporated color into your home. Most people like to stick to dark greys and black but i love color. Your home is beautiful

  9. Love everything about the coziness and colorfulness of your home!

  10. I love the way you have your home decorated. Really nice! I also love that you put fresh flowers around your home. It definitely brightens up things and is very welcoming!
    You've done a great job!

  11. Ahhh your home looks super cozy! I love the way you've decorated! If only I had a green thumb. Every time I try to have fresh flowers around they die :(. Yours look beautiful!

  12. That is definitely cozy and I am loving the pop of color. I want to hang out in that room :). Are we ever done decorating tho?

  13. this is absolutely gorgeous! makes me want to redo my little apt, or better yet have you come over and redo it for me :) adding this to my moving on up pinterest board. thanks for the inspo!

  14. I'm digging the changes/additions. The Chinese wall art are by far my favorite. Your house looks so inviting. It's beautiful.

    XO |EESH

  15. You're walls definitely don't look bare to me! You're such a good decorator!


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