Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday Morning Ramblings.


- Its been raining non-stop for over one week. I don't mind so much during the week but would love a break on the weekend. Is that too much to ask? The plants in front of my house do look good (just a little water soaked) but I know that they need some sun too.

- Is it crazy that I cannot wait to have my lunch today? It is zucchini noodles with cilantro lime chicken and it is so good. I found the recipe on Pinterest and even Sean loves it! I've been pinning so many zoodle recipes and can't wait to make them all. Here is a link to the recipe in case you want to give it a try.

- I had my ultrasounds on Monday and when the technician pulled up a picture of what my left leg looked like when I arrived to the hospital I fought back tears. I knew it was bad because I felt it but seeing it was a different story. Seeing the damage that my left leg was exposed to was a true moment of humbleness. I don’t really know how to explain the feelings and I know I keep on saying it and I think I will keep on saying it until pigs fly. I’m so, so grateful.

- It's the strangest thing but whenever people see Sean they assume that he is either in the military or in law enforcement. He usually just responds with a no but when the technician asked Sean the same question we finally asked, why do you think so? And he said that it's the way Sean carries himself and he also has a respectful demeanor. Ooooh, I see. Good to know.

- I see my family on Saturday and I have a mixture of feelings. I'm finally going to visit my mom's grave that day. My sisters and I have been avoiding it because going makes it so much more real. Like having to accept that your mom doesn't reside in your world anymore. Hard fact to accept so sometimes it feels nice to pretend that she's gone on a long trip but still here. Harder to pretend that she's still here on Mother's Day so we're going to visit. It's going to be hard but we're going to go bowling afterwards to make it more lighthearted. I think a little fun and competition will do good for our souls.

- Happy (early) Mother's Day! The hard work you do needs to be noted everyday and it is greatly appreciated. I hope you're all spoiled with love, laughter and some me time! You deserve it.

Hope you all have wonderful weekends.
xoxo ♥


  1. - It's been raining a ton here lately too! That's springtime for ya. Your plants will look phenomenal once the sun comes out.

    - I will have to try this! My mom made some noodle based dish with spaghetti squash and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    - It's okay to cry. I know it's all been so hard emotionally (good and bad).Did the ultrasound tech give you a good report for the present day condition?

    -Sean does look like a military guy. He stands tall and proud. (but with by his side, why wouldn't he ;) ? )

    - You'll cry your eyes out, but I say bring some flowers and write her a letter. I like to think God will spread the message to her <3 Aside from visiting the grave make sure you all spend time doing something fun and enjoy each other <3

  2. So glad to read the good news about your leg!

    I'll say a prayer for you and your sisters. It is definitely going to be a challenging day BUT I am so glad for the legacy your mom left behind in the form of her awesome daughters! You ladies have this! Hang in there. Sending virtual hugs your way!

  3. How awesome to be looking forward to a healthy meal like that. I still look forward to my boring chicken and veggies...most days anyway. Glad your leg is showing real improvement. Glad you will all be together when you visit your mom.

  4. I'll take what you had for lunch. That sounds so good.
    I'm sending up a few extra prayers for you and your sisters this weekend. And bowling will be such a welcomed bit of fun!

  5. Praying for you and your fam. I know that sentimental holidays make things more real and I know how hard it can be. Things will get better and I'm glad you guys planned something fun to do afterwards!

  6. Thinking of you this Mother's Day. I hope you and your sisters had a meaningful day with some smiles too! :)

    People always ask Matt if he's in the military too! I always thought it was because of his hair cut, but when we moved into our house our new neighbors asked, and they said it was because of his great posture and the way he carries himself! It was his dream to be in the military but he has type 1 diabetes so he couldn't, but it MAKES HIS DAY when someone asks him!


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