Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Baseball & Anniversary Celebration.

A few weekends ago, we took a weekend trip to Sean's hometown for one of Sean's childhood friend's 10 year anniversary celebration. We had such a great time reuniting while also catching up on everyone’s lives. It’s amazing how we can go quite some time without seeing each other and just start right where we left off.

We were also able to spend time with my 2nd family and cheer Nadiyah on at her baseball game. Nadiyah told Sean that she hadn't yet hit the ball and so Sean advised her that she needed to hold her bat a certain way. Well, she did it and wouldn't you know it, she hit the ball with her bat for the first time! Best believe we all went a little crazy cheering for her. She also was the catcher and it was pretty neat to watch her. Can’t believe how grown up she is now! I mean, this was my 2 year old flower girl!

IMG_6306 IMG_6307
IMG_6286 IMG_6281 IMG_6285
IMG_6293 IMG_6296
IMG_6313 IMG_6315

- Ice cream stained faces.

IMG_6299 IMG_6303
IMG_6332 IMG_6345
IMG_6375 IMG_6361 IMG_6364
We had such a good time and it makes me appreciate any time we get to spend with friends and family. I’m glad that our distance hasn’t played a role in seeing them and I’m already looking forward to the next time!


  1. So much good family/friend time!! That is the best!

  2. Sean has the secret to baseball. You all look fabulous.

  3. Nadiyah is a cutie! Family time is always the best time! Glad you are getting to enjoy time with your loved ones.

  4. Girl time flies! She's such a big girl now!

  5. Adorable pictures! I know your niece had to feel so proud of herself for hitting the ball ( and Sean for his sage advice)

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  7. Yes to hitting that ball! Sean gat the juice and the sauce when it comes to sports ay? I know you were all so proud of her and she was of herself too. That smile is so big!

    It's good to see you had a great time exploring the city and catching up. Lovely photos as always.

    XO |EESH


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