Monday, November 7, 2016

Seven years; no itch.

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Yesterday, Sean and I celebrated 7 years of marriage and it got me reminiscing about our wedding planning days. While we were wedding planning, we also took pre-marriage counseling and it is where we became aware of the 7 year itch. We thought it was ridiculous because why not 5 years? Why not 10 years? What made the 7th year so special, or better yet, not so special? We still don’t have an answer but it’s funny to me how at the time 7 years of marriage seemed so far away. Now we’re at the 7 year mark and one may ask us, do you have the itch? I figured I’ll share 7 small reasons as to why I do not have the 7 year itch.

1. He sends me “The Daily Bread” readings every single day to ensure that I do not forget to read it.
2. We laugh about the silliest things. You may not find it funny but you best believe we will!
3. He always tells me I’m beautiful even when I look my absolute worst.
4. We love our date nights and ensure that nothing gets in the way of anytime we can connect with each other.
5. He goes online and looks for items he thinks I would like and texts them to me, constantly.
6. We are convinced that we are each other’s favorite travel partners.
7. He still surprises me with romance, thoughtfulness and just his overall incredible nature.

All I know is that I really did marry my best friend. If anything happens, good or bad, he is always the first person to know. We get each other. We understand each other. So much so that we hardly ever fight. Yes, disagreements here and there but they’re over as soon as they begun. It’s crazy to me that of all the people in the world I found the perfect fit for me.

Happy 7th year, love of my life! We’re going to make the 7th year great again. I’m sorry, I kinda had to! Sean would find that funny.


  1. Blessed Anniversary to you and Sean. Faith you are so blessed to have the perfect fit of a husband in Sean.

  2. I never understood the 7 year itch either! Happy Anniversary and here's to MANY more!

  3. Congrats and many more anniversaries. I'm not sure what the itch is but it did not occur at the 7 year mark - more like the 13 year point and it really had to do with going back to a simpler time, a time of newness and getting to know each other without all the other complications that life may bring. And then I realized that this itch does not need to last a long time, as long we both remembered and took time to focus on each other.

  4. Happy Anniversary. I pray if I ever do get married, I want a relationship as strong and beautiful as yours & Sean's.

  5. Happy anniversary! You guys are a wonderful couple and a good example of how marriage should be.

  6. Happy Anniversary to you and Sean!!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you both. Wishing you many more years filled with your beautiful smiles!

  8. Happy anniversary! Glad to hear there's no itch yet! :)

  9. Happy anniversary dear Faith and Sean, wishing many more fab years!

  10. Awe, this is so sweet. Happy 7 years to you guys. I found 7 to be especially lucky so I am all about lucky number 7 :).

    Making the 7th year great again (lol) you are funny.

  11. Happy Anniversary. You guys make such a beautiful couple. I still believe in fairytales and you guys portray the same. Love and marriage is a beautiful union

  12. I love this Faith!!! It makes me so happy. I am so glad that you and Sean found each other!


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