Monday, March 6, 2017

Currently - Mexico on my mind

feeling so excited for this week. Sean and I have been stalking the resort we're staying at through YouTube and forwarding to our niece to get her pumped up. It's working! Yesterday she said, "Can it already be Wednesday?"

loving that we had a really relaxing weekend. It was so cold over the weekend so it was nice to have no plans and stay warm.

craving nothing at the moment. I think I'll get a salad for lunch today. Although, I've not really been thinking too much about a bikini bod, I might as well try to be good for the next two days ;).

needing to pack for Mexico! I did go through my closet yesterday so I do have ideas of what I'll be packing.

thankful that we can take our niece Nadiyah along with us! Our biggest goal is for her to have the best time. Hopefully this will be a great memory for her as she grows.

excited that we're doing this trip with Colleen and her crew. They are by far our favorite travel companions.

reading I've been slacking but I'll pick up a new book to read while on the plane and on the beach. Any recommendations?

wanting what Nadiyah wants. Can it be Wednesday already?

missing warm weather.

wearing a black dress, blue sweater and black booties. Can't wait to ditch these winter clothes!

hoping that you all had amazing weekends and that you have great weeks! ♥


  1. Have so much fun our your trip and enjoy the warmer weather. I would recommend awkward black girl by Issa Rae if you haven't already read it I just finished it a couple of day ago and it was pretty funny and a quick read.

  2. Eeeep!!! So excited for you and your trip!
    I've heard good things about All The Missing Girls. And, I just wrapped up the Good Girl, and I LOVED it. It had the feel of The Girl on the Train. Along the same lines as the other books mentioned, if you haven't read Dark Places, it's good. Dark, and intense, but good.

  3. Definitely can't wait to hear about Mexico!!! I just finished reading the Underground Railroad and then the Mothers. Both were good! Have fun and be safe!

  4. I love these posts. Of course, I am reading your backwards because I haven't had a chance to do so in a while. Looking forward to reading your posts from your trip.
    The weekend is almost here! And it is supposed to get up to the 50s in my area. Woohoo!!!


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