Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Random Wednesday Morning Ramblings.

For this year one of our big goals is to travel more; big trips, local trips, and everything in between. It's only March but I feel we're on the right track. We have quite a few on our list this year and I could not be more excited.

Whether it be travel, trying new foods or spending time with family and friends; I'm finally at the stage where I don't need more stuff and if I could buy time, I would. Our first big trip this year is to Mexico in one week! We're taking my niece, Nadiyah, and she is so excited. It's awesome that she is now old enough for us to take on our vacations and that she wants to go with her aunt and uncle.

We have been giving her weekly homework about Mexico and it has been fun to see her learning about where she is going. This will be her first time out of the country so it is a big deal, not just for her, but for us. Colleen and her crew will also be joining us so of course the group texts have been going off non-stop the last few days. Any time spent with Colleen is time well spent and I can't take the smile off my face with how excited I am about this trip!

What trips do you have planned this year? I'm always curious to know where others are going because it often gives me ideas!

Happy Hump Day! ♥


  1. Would love to see Seattle again with just the Mr. Planning to take the kids to Universal in the fall.

  2. Oh gosh! What an awesome time!! I'm anticipating it for you! I am sure you all will have a fabulous time.

    Can't wait to see all your pictures :-D

  3. Have an amazing time on your adventure.

    I'm determined to get out and enjoy life more. A lot of trips planned are in neighboring cities. We are going "glamping" in about 3 weeks. I'm going skydiving in April in Panama City. We rented a pontoon boat for May to enjoy a popular destination here: Crab Island. Our biggest trip will be in October. We're doing a 6 day cruise to the Eastern Caribbean. We may do a trip to Las Vegas. I used to live there and have no desire to return. LOL! My husband has never been there, so we'd be going solely for him to experience Vegas.

  4. Have so much fun! We leave in a week for San Diego and have a trip in the summer to Seattle. Traveling is the best!

  5. I cannot wait to follow you along on your travels (and I hope you discover some great walls along the way ;) )! Where in Mexico are you going? We'll be in Cabo in May, the Midwest this summer, and fingers crossed we'll get to the mountains one more time before the snow melts.

  6. Girl I have no money. I go nowhere ever! I do hope to either fly an hour out to Denver or Chicago (I haven't made up my mind which one yet) this summer or autumn. I know you and your niece (and best friends) will have a wonderful time. I'm already excited to see the photos.

  7. Traveling is all I want to do too! That's great that you're making sure you're doing it! <3

  8. Have fun! Currently in Saipan (The Northern Mariana Islands) heading to Japan on Friday.


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