Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Happy Birthday Priscilla.

Interrupting my Mexico posts with a post about my sister's birthday lunch from two weekends ago.


I feel like it has been a little while since I've seen my entire family at the same time, same place. It is hard arranging schedules when there's so many involved. But for a birthday, we always seem to make it work.

I thought it was really cute that my sister invited Cinthia to come along. They follow each other on Snapchat so now they think they're best friends ;). We did the two hour drive to Citrus where my sister's birthday lunch was held. When she said it was going to be a blend of Indian and Thai food you did not have to tell me twice. I love me some Indian and Thai food!

We had such a good time, laughing and enjoying our time together. Bowling after lunch was a bonus! I still suck so bad. I didn't do a good job getting our usual family picture, I feel that I entirely slacked this time (maybe all those pictures I took in Mexico wore me out) so I have to make up for it for our next get together!

I love my family and often wish that time did not move so quickly. It is so much more apparent that time is moving at such a fast pace when you can see your nieces and nephews growing before your eyes. After losing my mom, it became so real that the people you love won't and can't be here forever. It is these moments that make it harder to think about because these people are such an intricate part of my life.

But for the moments we do have, the smiles we share and the laughs so loud and hard that you have to hold your stomach. These moments are the ones that I thank God for everyday.

Happy birthday to my lovely sister. I pray that you are blessed with many more happy and healthy years.
May the laughs be plenty. The smiles be real. And the joy so big you can't contain it.

Oh, and you're so getting old. But don't worry, I still think of you as the girl (that constantly requested Da Brat's braids) in that poufy pink dress twirling and dancing to the beat of your own drum. You still dance to the beat of your own drum and I'm really happy that some things never change. I love you, a lot, a lot.


The fake smile you give when your auntie asks to take your picture when your mouth is full. You kinda smile and then ask her to take a "cool" picture with your sunglasses on. Kids and their sunglasses. He also really loves his cars.


I bought my niece pink Converses. As you can see she could not wait to put them on!


I cannot believe how big he is getting. 7 months already!!

I love them.


Jasmine H. Duffy said...

These are such beautiful photos of your family! Time definitely moves way too fast. It's an amazingly bittersweet thing.

Emily Jane said...

Happy birthday Priscilla! I love all the pictures. I don't even know your family and I just adore you all. Those pink converses are everything! I bought a pair for Dominic that are slate blue and orange!

Desiree Macke said...

You have such a beautiful family!
Pink Chucks?! You are officially the coolest aunt!

Joy B. E. said...

How sweet! Happy birthday to your sister! Beautiful pictures!