Sunday, April 9, 2017

Night beach parties & star gazing


At night, there were dance parties at the beach and they were so much fun. My niece loves, loves, loves to dance and so many people (guests and staff) would stop her to tell her how good she was at it. She would get red and then smile so big. 


We would walk the beach at night and end up in hammocks, counting as many stars as we could.


Another night we caught a fire show that was spectacular but unfortunately I did not take any pictures that evening. Another evening, the hotel had a cover band that sang all 80s music. That was such a blast and I think my niece now has some love for 80s music. We enjoyed the fact that the resort came up with tons of fun things to keep us all so entertained.


I hope you all are having wonderful weekends! ♥


Laura Darling said...

There is nothing like being on the beach at night! The dance parties sound so fun!

Tomes Edition said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. Oh hoow i love vacations.

Emily Jane said...

... sooo I'm just gonna jack your camera. K? ;). These pictures look amazing and you look like you're having an amazing time.

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

What a fun place to stay!!! Your night pics turned out pretty good. Mine are typically terrible.

Joy B. E. said...

I love how close you and your niece are. Absolutely beautiful!