Monday, May 1, 2017

Girls Time.

Colleen and I knew that with the kiddos on this trip it would be near impossible to just be selfish with our time. We made sure to have one afternoon where we got lunch together, just the two of us. The guys watched Nadiyah and Joey but not without much instruction about the importance of reapplying sunscreen on the two of them, ha.

Our food was nothing short of incredible. They have a buffet that is basically an appetizer station where you can choose whatever you want until you order your meal from the menu. We were in food heaven and thought that after the amount we tasted we wouldn't have room for our actual meal. Well, we proved ourselves wrong. Colleen ordered a white lasagna and I had an amazing haddock dish. It was all so good just like all the food we had while on the resort.


We spent a glorious hour and a half laughing, talking and stuffing our faces with too much food! While we talked and ate I couldn't help but feel extremely thankful for this friendship we have. Honestly, at this point, I consider her more like a sister than a friend. I'm just thankful that I have her and can't wait for many more trips together in the future!


Nylse Esahc said...

It's funny you wrote this. I was thinking today that when someone says they're your friend and their and your actions align with this statement, it is one of the best gifts in the world.

This post shows the beauty of friendship.

Emily Jane said...

I swear you eat the prettiest food. LOL Beautiful photos. I'm glad you two got some alone time on your trip <3 Having a best friend is wonderful to have.

Desiree Macke said...

How awesome that you two were able to carve a little lady time out during your trip!!
And, a buffet of appetizers?! Basically a dream come true!

Joy B. E. said...

Oh this is so beautiful. I am glad you and Colleen got a chance to relax and just talk. That is the best. Having such a close friendship.

The food definitely looks delish!