Thursday, April 27, 2017

Weekend with Friends.

The first three weekends in April were spent visiting friends. The first weekend we went to DC to visit a college girlfriend which I blogged about here. And then the second weekend we drove five hours and a half (brutal) to visit Danielle and Luke. I was finally able to meet baby Jack for the first time. He completely melted my heart! I was also so happy to see that Weston still remembered me from their visit last year! For some reason, I was convinced that he was too young to remember.

They are living in our college town for the next few months and it was really nice to be back at the place where Sean and I first met. We stopped at a restaurant that was once another restaurant that we use to frequent while we were in college and it felt strange to be sitting there as an "adult" versus a thought she was "grown college student." Additionally, the conversations we had at the bar were way different than the ones we had over ten years ago. Chugging beer? Not these folks.


There were a few changes such as new businesses but it still appeared like time had frozen and our small college town remained the same. We intended to walk around our old campus but the weather was not agreeable so we just drove around and pointed out the dorms and apartment buildings we lived in while we were there for four years, etc.


The steam got in the way of the picture below but I couldn't help but smile when
I saw the picture because I could see how happy Sean was to be spending time with his best friend.


He loved my earrings!
That's what I get for wearing earrings bigger than my face; at least that's what my dad says.


Then the third weekend we drove three hours to Connecticut to celebrate Stacy's daughter turning three. It was also my first time seeing Stacy's house that they bought earlier this year and let me just say that I loved their sunroom. So much so, that I am inspired to enclose our deck or patio area at some point. It may not ever happened but a girl can dream. Interesting enough I did not take any pictures of it! They had the cutest egg hunt for all the kids in attendance and it was so awesome to see all the kids run around looking for hidden eggs and the one golden egg. We (my sisters and I) never did it as kids so it was a new experience for me.

She's a mini Stacy!
Still so crazy to me how so many of my girlfriends are moms!


I love how she looked watching everyone sing happy birthday to her.


I love, love seeing friends but after the third weekend we were looking forward to the following weekends of no road tripping, going with the flow and doing absolutely nothing if we so choose! We've gotten a few things done around the house that we've been putting off for some time and we're feeling pretty accomplished. Sean even cleared a spot for me by the side of our house that way I can start my own garden! I'll have to get over my disgust/fear of bugs soon. Boo to that.

We are aware that once the weather warms up our calendars get booked rather quickly so we really enjoy the weekends when we can work around our house, Netflix, do brunch or have a date night, just the two of us.

I hope you've all had great weeks and have wonderful weekends! ♥


  1. you've become a pretty good photographer. perhaps freelancing on the side is in your future.

  2. This is beautiful! Spending time with old friends is such an awesome thing to do. Especially since they played an important part in your life at one time.

    Girl, I am on atkins and saw that sub in the picture and wanted to eat it OFF the screen!!! LOL.

    You look GREAT!

  3. You've been busy busy busy!!!!!!!!

  4. Sean's face is EVERYTHING in the second photo. Reminiscing on the "olden college days" sounds like fun. Visiting the town, eating the food, and appreciating that time in your life.

    Dominic loved to grab my giant hoop earrings at that baby-age too ;) (he's darling btw and so is the little girl). I'm glad you had a fun April.

  5. Hey!!! You were up in my neck of the woods (well, I am in Peru)!!
    Not too much has changed but we DO have a Target now haha!!

    I hope you had fun with your friend : )
    I love following all your travels- your posts always make me hungry lol


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