Thursday, January 11, 2018

Slow paced winters


I completely welcome the slow paced life after the holidays. I actually become quite the hermit in the winter and it takes a lot for me to want to venture out. After the last week of extremely frigid weather, we are welcoming digits in the 40s and 50s so it kinda feels like a heat wave. I just might make myself get out of the house this weekend. But to be honest, there is truly not much I like to do outdoors in the winter when I could just be cozy and warm at home. This year one of my goals is to read more books and what better time than in the winter? It’s also around this time that I feel that my blog gets rather quiet and it’s mostly because I don’t have much going on and in turn not much to write about. Because I feel I’ve been consistently blogging at least three times per week the last few months, I feel the need to note that my blog posts may become a bit more sporadic and less while I enjoy the quiet and stillness that the winter offers. What are some things that you do in the winter that help to not make winter seem so long?


  1. I WAS going to post 3 times per week, but decided on just two. I was really feeling the 3rd series I was going to do weekly. Besides, just like you- I only do so much in winter as well. Mostly hibernate and go out for my birthday until March. LOL. But yes, read some books and tell me which ones are worth reading :D

  2. *sighs* that should say "I wasn't really feeling..."

  3. I truly wish we had winter/cold/snow days. I miss having a reason to stay cozy and in sweat pants all day.


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