Thursday, January 28, 2010

Blogging isn't for me?

So, I thought blogging was for me. I thought I would have so many interesting events to write about but sure enough, NADA! I guess, I have to get a more entertaining life or maybe I just don't like to write. I was hoping that I was going to have tons of fun and exciting events to share but I don't. I figured I might as well write something that way my followers know I am alive and well! Now that I am not planning a wedding anymore, I am not really enjoying being on the internet while I am at home. At work, I don't mind but lately even I want to work and internet time has considerably dropped!!! WTH?

Ok, enough of this blogging stuff ... off to go cuddle with my hubby who I love so much today, haha!!! :)

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!


Jaryce21 said...

oh no faith! Don't say that. You can blog about ANYTHING!!! start blogging about the "Marriage Aftermath". Maybe that can be your new title!! Blog about your new cooking adventures. Take pics of it. Even if it failed. Blog about funny things your DH mentioned to you. Blog about having your dream home and include pics of how you'd want it to look like. Blog about goals you have. Blog about DIY projects around the house. Remodeling a room, adding the simple things like new towels in the bathroom and how that little thing revamped the space.

Here is one of my favs. This lady told her story through remodeling her house. Gives great tips on saving $$$, gives step by step instructions on how to make your house fab on a dime:

I've been following jessica in the beginnings of her wedding plans. From Marriage to Motherhood. This blog is my all time fav!!

Once you start following these blogs and keeping up with it, start following other blogs that have the same interests as u do. Who knows, they just might be the inspiration to light up your blogging booty!

Love you Faith!
Don't leave us!!!

Amanda said...

faith!!! jaryce said it the best :) i love hearing about your post-wedding life! i understand about what u mean about not wanting to be on the 'net, i go thru phases like that too. but i always wonder what the girls are up to, and you know that includes you!! so tell me you burnt dinner. or that u miss ur friends (cause u know i am too!) or anything! don't leave us!! LOL ur seriously one of the few that i actually "follow" so don't let me down ;)