Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lazy Weekend ...

I love weekends when you have no plans and you just kinda go with the flow. The hubby decided that he wanted to do some painting. We were going to do the living room and the dining area. Only accent walls but after doing a wall in the dining area we were like ... yeah, it's too nice out, let's get out of here! We painted it a burnt orange color and it looks great! We have to do one more coat but it still looked really good. I can't wait for us to do all the painting and decorating. We don't move in until June so we have a lot of time to get the house looking the way we want it.

We just got back from Mexico a few days ago. It was such a fun time. We went with my best friend and her husband. It is so nice to be on vacay because you just wake up whenever you want and lay on the beach and just relax. I think I was out in the sun for too long b/c I am actually peeling but DH was burnt, lol. Here are some pictures:


  1. Glad you guys had a nice trip, but OUCH to your husband's sunburn! I burn very easily, so I know how he feels!

    You're so lucky you have a lot of time to paint and stuff before you move in! We didn't and some rooms still aren't re-painted 2 years later, and our living room took my husband a year to do! It's so much easier to get it all done before moving your stuff in.

  2. Looks like fun! You wear the cutest clothes miss sassy pants!!! Congrats on the house by the way!

    Oh and now I see why you havn't changed your name, you've been too busy! But you really should go ahead and do that, its a great feeling!


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