Sunday, November 21, 2010

Basket Case Wife Cont'd

Sean's game was in NYC this weekend. Those of you who guess that he played was correct. He did and his team lost by 1 point. They were devastated. All that hard work for 9 months to be let down by just 1 point. They won't go to Nationals in Florida. It sucked but there's always next year.

We stayed with my matron of honor, Stacy and her husband Bill. After the game, Stacy and I went to the mall to do a little shopping and then got a manicure. Bill and the hubs went to Quiznos to get lunch. The hubby hadn't eaten anything since breakfast and he was starving but he was perfectly fine.

I got a text at 1:40 from the hubs telling me that Stacy and I had to be home by 3pm to leave at 6pm. They were giving us 3 hours to get ready for the night. Not that we really need 3 hours, but, well, Stacy and I have a tendency to kinda waste time when we are together. We talk, do our makeup, talk some more, get dressed, talk, listen to music and dance, talk, do our hairs, talk, change our outfits. You get the point.

We went to the first mall and had to leave right away because a bomb threat had been made. Everyone had been evacuated and all entrances locked. We had no choice but to go to another mall. The second mall trip made our outing a little longer than planned.

We didn't reach the nail place until 3:05. The time we should have reached home. I checked my phone for missed calls or texts and was surprised to see that the hubs was not blowing me up. I just figured that he was having such a grand time with Bill that he was OK with us running late.

Around 3:45 we were done and rushed to Stacy's house.

Imagine my surprise when I walk into the house to see the hubs on the couch, looking like death. Immediately, I am worried and rush to him. He informs me that his stomach is killing him and that he has been throwing up. He thinks his lunch was bad. Of course, I blame rugby. I should have told him not to play. I know he wouldn't have listened but I could have made him. You know, give him a guilt trip.

A few minutes later, he is running to the garbage can and throwing up all over again. He is actually apologizing for vomiting. He looks horrible. I can't believe that in almost 4 years I've never seen him sick before, and within two days he has been in the ER and now this. I am rubbing his back and he just keeps going.

He tells me he feels a little better and that he will be able to make it to the city for dinner. He tells me he knows it will take Stacy and I forever to get ready, which would give him plenty of time to rest.

We start getting ready and I keep going back to him to make sure he is OK. I know he won't be able to make it out because of his body language and face. He doesn't want to admit it but finally he agrees that he can't go out. I want to stay with him.

He tells me to go out to dinner because he is just going to sleep. I had also made plans to meet up with another friend so he insisted that I not stand her up. I felt incredibly bad but ended up going out without him.

It was nice to be with my best girlfriends but I kept on thinking of him and sent him texts throughout the night. At one point, he asked me to stop because he needed to sleep. Haha, men.

Any who, here are some pictures of my night in NYC, without the beloved hubs.

{Me, Stacy and Bill's sister waiting for our train to take us to Grand Central}

{@ The Perfect Pint for dinner}

{My other girlfriend who met us out! I was so happy to see her! It sucks that after college you can't see your best girlfriends every day! If you can remember, she is the newly engaged one!}

{We went to this fabulous place called The Park}

{Stacy and her husband}

{The picture the hubs should have been in}

It was a nice weekend but I would do anything to take away the hubby being sick. I know he would have had a great time and I would have enjoyed it more too.

He couldn't go in to work today but he is feeling better (and looking better), thank God! I just hope whatever it is, is gone before Wednesday. We have a lot to do, to prepare for hosting our first Thanksgiving.

Hope you all had great and healthy weekends!


Miss GG said...

Awwww... it was great seeing you, hun! Sorry that I didn't get to spend the whole night with you, but I see that you ladies went to the Park. Hope you had a great time and I truly miss u and love u!! Come see me on Dec 18th if you can. We're having a private party somewhere in the city.



Frugalista said...

hope your hubby feels better soon too so you can ennjoy the holidays. I've seen my hubby under the weather but not sick, sick.

Sweet Peas and Seashells by Michelle said...

Oh gosh, what a bummer for your main squeeze- hope he's feeling better! Glad to hear you were able to catch up with your gal pals- that's always the best! And you all are looking mighty fabulous!

The Wife In Her New Life said...

oh no! what a bummer!! I hope he gets to feeling even better. I would have been the same way with the texts and my hubs would have had to tell me to stop lol
Glad you had a good time out with your friends though. =)

My Dream Ring said...

Your poor hubby! I hope he feels better, theres a nasty stomach virus going around. Love your outfit (of course) and you guys look like you had a great time.

Lil' Woman said...

Aww your poor hubs....I hope he feels better soon!

Sommer J said...

glad he is feeling better! poor guy and poor wifey.

ps love your hair!

Nikki said...

Awwwww. It extra sucks with our men are sick!

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

You guys all look fabulous in your boots! I want to go to NYC!! Hope your hubby feels better, poor guy :(

Kathy said...

aww... I'm so sad to hear Sean got so sick. Hopefully is was just shock from not eating all day and the meds he's taking. :(

Glad you were able to see your friends again too! Looks like a great trip.

Janeen said...

So sorry to hear about your husband. Ugh. I still have never seen mine sick and I'm dreading the day. :(

On the bright side, you look fabulous in your pictures. Great outfit!

Eve said...

Oh man, sorry to hear Sean was so sick like that. He was good to ask you to have fun without him, but I know how you felt leaving him to sleep. I hope he's all back to good now :D