Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I have a confession to make ....

It is a little embarrassing but everyone knows that I am not too proud to let the world know just how ridiculous I am.

Someway, somehow, I voted for Scotty 87 times last night. I think what allowed my little fingers to rest on speed dial was the fact that each time I got through!

Very surprising when I know I was competing with tweens. I have something on them, it's called years, ha!

If you don't know who Scotty is, shame on you! And well, shame on me for voting 87 times last night.

It wasn't like I did it on purpose.

From 9pm - 11pm, I watched television but my fingers were on speed dial. Each time I heard the "man" say "Thanks for voting for contestant #1, please watch American Idol tomorrow at..." I would hang up and do it again.

I apparently did it 87 times. I counted because I wanted to know how many votes I gave Scotty and when I counted 20 votes, I had to continue counting. Imagine my surprise when I reached 87.

I actually stared at myself in the mirror because I needed to see the dork I have become. I have never been this strange, ever. I know this.

I am not even a fan of country ... I must be a fan of the man boy. I just frickin' hope that Verizon doesn't tell my husband the weirdo he married.

Scotty, all I have to say is that if you do not win tonight, I am mailing you a bill. I don't even like country music. I probably won't buy your CD but please tell me why my fingers had to dial your number 87 times!?

Hmm, this is a new thing but I am feeling just a bit of mortification and shame.


  1. OMG no.
    NO NO NO

    I officially disown you.

    I'm never visiting your blog again.

    I de-bloggie friend you for EVER.

    HATE HATE HATE Scottie.

    A: he looks like the mad magazine guy and george dubya had a love child
    it's unsettling

    B: he's a shitty one-note singer. BOO
    that voice is ridiculously disturbing


    I'm so disappointed in you.

  2. lo-freakin-l. you crack my butt up. i love scottie. i love lauren too though.. <3 country altogether. i could go for either to win and i have no doubts that whoever loses will still be on the radio soon :)

  3. If he wins we'll know why!!! ;)

  4. @Dani, i am a disappointed in myself too. but not because i like Scotty over Lauren but because i actually voted 87 times! ugh.

  5. Wow, you truly are a fan! I can't stand him or his corny facial expressions lol! They're about to announce the winner right now!!!

  6. @sam, glad i can make you laugh about this ... haha.

    @kat, if he doesn't win ... i'm an even bigger loser.

  7. Oh my goodness...this was hysterical!! And I totally did the same thing last year:)

  8. That kid is on American Idol I'm assuming? He looks about 12! I haven't watched it in a long time. Hope your efforts pay off for your sake and his!!

  9. @faith - LMAO your voting 87 times is commendable dammit! You go after what you want!!! Don't be ashamed.... Say it loud, I vote and I'm proud!! back to this godawful scotty character.....

  10. I like Scotty and am happy for him. He seemed like a mature 17-yr old too. And he can definitely sing. So I'm with you Faith... minus the part where you voted 87 times though! Ha ha ha! :-D

  11. I like Scotty! I definitely don't think he's the most amazing singer, but I think that he has such a great heart!!

  12. hahahahaha!!!!! i love you, girl!! you are too much.

  13. You are too cute. I haven't watched Idol in years! 87 times is pretty darn impressive. If that guy wins you really should send him a bill. :)

  14. lol this cracked me up! i quit watching american idol this season after paul got voted off, but i'm happy for you that your favorite won!

  15. Lol....Dani's first commment had me dying laughing....he does resemble what their love child would look like tho.

  16. hahaha... I knew who he was even though I did not watch American Idol this season. You crack me up though...87 times?! wow...

  17. "Baby lock them doors and turn the lights down low..." LOL! I love it! I was Team Scotty all the way. I didn't vote but thank you for voting on my behalf Faith! LOL :)

  18. I confess...I like Scotty too! I'm glad he won ;-)

  19. I love confessions! But I believe it worked because didn't he win?!

  20. I was wondering who won...and how?!? Now I know why!!! LOL!

  21. This is funny. At least all you had to do was press 1 button. Sadly I do not know mr. Scott because I haven't watched this AI season. I haven't watched in several seasons.
    I'm just curious, why did you stop at 87? Its such a random number :)


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