Sunday, August 7, 2011

Date Nights & Baby Showers

On Friday night, Hubs and I had date night.

We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant called "Cantina" and I decided to try something new. I ordered a fish taco with pineapple salsa. I hated it. I love fish tacos but pineapple salsa is not so appetizing. First thing I ordered there that I did not enjoy. Hubby ordered a pulled pork burrito but I don't like pulled pork so I just moved my food around until it was time to get our check. I did have delicious Sangria so it wasn't the worst dinner ever.

{Every once in a while, Sean is in the mood to take pictures of me. They rarely happen so when they do, I pose and smile. Maybe I can make him do outfit posts for me. Kidding.}

After dinner we went to the movies and saw "Friends With Benefits".

{Picture of us at the theater. Excuse Sean's creepy smile in the picture. I promise it was a lot better than the other one.}

What??? You don't believe me?!

Told you so.

The movie was really good. I enjoyed it and so did hubby. He didn't sleep through this movie at all. Third movie ever that he did not sleep through. If you like cute movies, don't mind a bit of making out, some funny lines and Justin Timberlake then you would enjoy it!

We ended date night with a stop at Wendys. This gal was starving!

My girlfriend Sasha had her baby shower today. It was fabulous. It was a blessing to celebrate this time with her because her story is truly a miracle. I am so happy for her and her hubby. They have been wanting this for so long and have tried for so long. They've gone through many loss but God blessed them this time around and I am so happy to have been a part of this special occasion in her life.

Gorgeous centerpieces. I love full, lush flowers.

Sasha with her lovely sister and beautiful mom.

Imagine how happy I was to win the gorgeous flowers because my birthday was closest to her due date. Very happy because they are so pretty and because I never win anything, haha.

Her hubby is also a rugby player.

So many presents!

It was a great weekend! Hope yours was too!


  1. glad you had a wonderful weekend. i haven't seen friends with benefits but i've seen the posters around...good to know you like it and would recommend it. love your earrings and you have great long legs and an amazing smile. your hilarious about your husband's smile. congrats to your friend so great you could celebrate with her!

  2. Looks like a good weekend! Love a good date night. Stinks that your food was bad, but I'm glad you got some good Wendy's when it was over!
    I love their sea salt fries & a frosty! Their new berry tea is wonderful, too!

  3. Any date night that involves Mexican food is a success in my book:)

  4. Date nights are always fun! Glad you both had a good time. Sorry about the fish tacos. I've never tried fish tacos because it's just doesn't seem like those 2 should go together to me! lol

    Those centerpieces at your friends baby shower were beautiful! And YAY for winning! lol

  5. Sorry to hear about the bad dining experience. I don't think I would like that fish taco either. Sounds gross, but I'm a picky eater. Good to know that movie is good, I've been wanting to see it! And loveeee those centerpieces. I'm throwing a shower next Saturday and I'm doing something very similar!!

  6. Fun times! I loved Friends with Benefits, lol!

    If I'm at a restaurant and I really, really, REALLY don't like something, I'll politely tell them it was not what I expected and order something else.

  7. You and Sean are too cute! Glad you had a great time... minus the bad meal. :( And that baby shower centerpiece is gorgeous!! Congrats to your friend!

  8. I have been disappointed so many times by trying different salsa's I always stick to the original...well except for mango salsa....that's yummy. Loved those centerpieces!

  9. First, your husband should take pictures of you more often, because you're super cute. And you can rock the red shoes. And a bad Mexican dinner?! So sorry, that should never happen. Next time go for the chimichanga. Funnest thing to say on the menu and can you ever go wrong with a deep fried burrito? The answer is no. Never.

    Girl, it is pretty dang impossible to take a flattering picture of two people that way. I think there is some mathematical equation that proves this and basically begs us to use a self timer. Probably Einstein or Tesla came up with that one. So ahead of their time. But you look good, so what's the prob. ;)

    Yay for winning! I'm a fellow never winner so I'm pretty sure the universe owes us a fabulous lottery ticket or something. I'll look into it.

  10. Date nights are awesome. I am sorry you didn't like the meal. I love your hair.

    Baby showers make me thing about my own, AHAHAHHAAH :)!

  11. Sounds like a great weekend! Those arrangements are so pretty! :)

  12. Sangria makes *everything* better. Everything!

    Sounds like you had an awesome weekend- full of relaxation, fun, and look looking men. xo

  13. sounds like an awesome weekend! the party looks super fun and the movie sounds cute :)

  14. Yay for baby showers :) And that is the worst when you have to buy dinner twice! Oh well, at least you tried something new. I always get fajitas at Mexican restaurants :)

  15. Yay for date night!! And you looked smokin' hot - love the outfit!!!


  16. @MellyB: You totally crack me up! You are hilarious!! :)

  17. awesome date night...i wanted to see Friends with Benefits too...was it anything like the Ashton Kutcher/Natalie Portman movie? your hair looks amazing Faith!

  18. " he didn't fall asleep this time" haha does that mean it was a movie worth seeing?? :)

    love the theater pics of you guys :)

    love the baby shower pics! My sis has her babyshower this Sunday and I can't wait! Twinsies!!!

  19. You are the cutest! I was just thinking that you should do outfit posts cuz that outfit is too cute (plus those earrings!) :) You look great! Sorry you didn't like your dinner but I hope Wendy's saved you at least lol. Your pics with Sean make me laugh b/c that is exactly how PJ is when taking pictures... he barely smiles and always looks like he hates taking a pic with me. Haha our men :)

  20. So they are having a boy!!! Yay! How did their cake cutting thing go? Did you go to that? If so, do you have any pictures?


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