Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let's Go Back, Back Into Time

Do you ever go through your computer and take a few minutes an hour to go through your pictures folder? Well, I just did. The pictures that caught my attention were the ones when hubs and I began dating.

I looked at the pictures and I wondered how we could have looked so young just 4 1/2 years ago. So, today on this blog, I decided to go back, back into time and share some of these days/pictures with you.

Also, when 85 year old Faith is looking at this blog, I am sure she would appreciate this flashback.

This picture here was our very first date as boyfriend and girlfriend. We had some dates prior to this one but we were not exclusive. Look at how happy I looked to have hooked him in my web. He had no idea what he was getting himself into, haha. These were also the days of the disposal camera. Classy.

This was our second Halloween together. At this time, I enjoyed Halloween just for the sheer fact that I could dress like a sleazeball and no one would call me a hoochie mama. Although, I highly doubt that would happen because I do believe in fist on face action. I kid, I kid.

This was Sean's first visit to NYC with me. We thought it was a good idea to have my older sister take a picture of us in the street. I promise my heart was beating.

These are the days when I didn't tell Sean it wasn't OK for him and I to dress like we were going to two completely different places. He knows better now.

Our first visit to Vegas and the trip we got engaged!

This was at Lake Placid for a huge rugby tournament. I am not sure how I got us to stay in black & white and Sean's shirt to stay pink. The shirt Sean is wearing is the Man of The Match shirt. No better way to tell a man that he did a great job by making him wear a bright pink polo shirt.

Our first Yankee game together. Surprised that we were still together after this game. My beloved Yankees lost to Sean's beloved Red Sox. Sean already knows that when we have kids they are automatically Yankee fans. No one wants their kids to get picked on for being traitors. If you are not from Boston you cannot be a Red Sox fan. Period. Also, he is not wearing his Boston Red Sox cap because I told him that someone was going to pick a fight with him because they didn't like the way he looked. He believe me because I'm from the City and all, haha.

These were the days of dancing nights and booty shorts. My legs were awesome so I understand.

This night we had a get-together at our friends house. Sean had a killer haircut and she only had penis straws. Everyone knows that the only way to drink from a blue plastic cup like a lady is to complete it with a penis straw. She had a bacherlorette party the weekend before so in her defense she doesn't just put penis straws on her grocery list. This is the reason why penis' were banned from my bacherlorette party.

Last flashback is my Halloween Surprise Party that Sean threw for me. It was at that time that I knew how much he loved me because he wore an Afro wig and he contacted all my girlfriends to come surprise me. He somehow managed to get all their information and they made it. See? I told you that Halloween was the excuse for me to be a sleazeball once a year.

I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane because I have a feeling this won't be the last time. I have a ton of pictures that I have to remind 85 year old Faith about! :)


  1. You guys are tres awesome! You look legs! Annnnnndddddm you are NEVER allowed to say you're not a girly girl ever again! Great post and great pics! :-)

  2. That is great. Such memories.

  3. this is SO a blog post that is in my draft folder! I love the idea of showing pics from back in the day, get to know other bloggers better :0

    ps, I TOTALLY knew what song you were referencing in this post title, I used to blast that song all the time back in the day :)

    disposable camera days, hahaha!! I SO have so many of those pics. how cute is that pic of you two on Halloween!!

    street shot in NYC, you little daredevils you ;)

    LOL!!!!!! " it wasnt ok for him and I to dress like we were going to two completely different places" HAHAHAHAHA!! ok that was totally funny. But LOL he totally looks like he is about to go golfing at the country club and you look like you are about ready to go dancing at DA CLUB lol!!!

    I am also shocked that you can continue to be married while one being a red sox and one being a yankee fan. You might be the only couple in the world to make that work!!

    holy hot gams! Legs for days! :)

    I loved this!! thanks for taking us back, waaaaay back :)

  4. Hey, now I want to hangout with you guys. You two are so adorable together.

    Lisa x

  5. you guys are awesome! so cuuuute....
    the dressing up like going to different places thing happened to us a number of times haha

  6. I loved this trip down memory lane. You still look young faith...are you kidding me? That straw is cracking me up! You are hilarious. You two are so cute. I love how big and infectious your smile is in all these photos. So great that you can be silly together and enjoy so many experiences.

  7. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! You crack me up! Love the outfit with the yellow look awesome!

  8. AHAHAHAH! Loved these pics! Especially the booty shorts pic and comment. OBVS your legs look awesome. ANd lol to you teaching him to dress the same event style as you. It just came down to my having to dress my ex. It was much easier that way.

  9. LOVE this post! You two are a great pair ~ love your style through the years!
    Look how young you both look in the first picture!
    It's great that you are still young! :)

  10. Starting my day with a smile :) Love all your photo memories!!

  11. Awww you guys seem like such a fun couple! LOL I love that you had to teach him to dress like you! These boys would be lost w/o us :)

  12. I do this all the time ... well, did ... since my laptop died :( Tear ....

    Y'all are so, so, SOOO cute! And your smile, girl? Amazing! I love it!!!

  13. 85 year old faith will probably still have rocking legs. Nanotechnology my friend, it's the future. And if that's as sleazeball as you get at Halloween, fist on face action would be your only choice to deal with unwanted comments. C'mon, your giving the world a gift, and not a nasty one that makes people want to squirt windex on their face. I have some of those kind of gift givers in my town. They inspire songs that are filled with hate and rhyme.

    I love going through my pics. Jared does not love when I do this. It's usually filled with lots of "Look at this one. Jared look. JARED LOOK!" It get's old after the first couple thousand pics or so.

    Keep it up though, make 85 year old Faith proud.

  14. THese pics are so cute! It's always so fun finding pics from back in the day. You two have been through so much together... lots of memories!

  15. I was grinning like a fool as I was reading through your post. Occasionally letting out audible "awwws" when I got to a picture of my cute li'l Faith. But then the- "you can't like the Red Sox if you aren't from Boston" was said. Ut-oh spaghetti-O's.

    Now, I'm not from Bean-town. But I grew up 45 minutes from it. In NH. We've never had our own professional Bball team so we've always latched onto the Red Sox. They are the official default team of New Hampshire. Does this count?? This is an ok loop hole? Or do I have to sit in the outfield with Sean while you get seats behind home plate?

    Are we having our first fight Faith?? ;)

  16. You guys are adorable!

    I had no idea you were a Yankee fan and that you married a Red Sox fan! That must make things very interesting! :) I'm a Yankee fan and married another Yankee fan, so obviously Landon will be a Yankee fan too.

    I just spent some time looking through my FB albums and I was amazed at how young and thin I looked in pics from 3-4 years ago lol!

  17. That pic where sean's shirt stayed pink and everything else went B&W is so cool. I know what you mean aboutlooking so young even just a few years ago in pics.

  18. I love the pictures :) You guys look so happy and in love in all of them!

    And I totally agree with you about Halloween, that's the reason why it's my favourite holiday!

  19. Faith I don't think you will ever change. You both look the same to be honest, but the clothing tells a lot about the time, especially in the first picture :)!

  20. I love it! Looking through old pictures is so much fun. You've got soooo much style! Love the pic in the middle of a New York City street. Scary! Oh, and you won the smellin' good giveaway! So, now I just need to know what address to send it to. :)

  21. These are totally awesome pictures. You guys look like you had a blast while dating. And still continue to have fun as a married couple. Love the last picture:-)

  22. You guys are soooo adorable! Love it!

  23. LMAO...totally love the pics, Faith! And, I love the fact the y'all are fans of the biggest rival baseball teams eva! I'm a die hard Yankee's fan and soooooo want to go to a game. I plan on catching a game soon :)

  24. aww! I always take the trip down memory lane through my iPhoto!!

    Loved the pics!!

  25. You have the best pictures! This was a fun post to read!


  26. such cute pics!! i love to look back over the years and see how much things have changed. you two are super cute :)

    Sam @ fitness food & faith

  27. You guys are THE cutest! You remind me so much of me and my man! I love going back and looking through 11 years worth of pictures of the two of us :) And you're right, 85 year old Faith will love this!

  28. I love these pictures! how fun!

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