Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Morning Random Ramblings

**Before I start my random rambling this morning, I should share a picture of my house now. I guess, it would have been a clever idea to post the after in that post. But again, I have never claimed to be clever so I'll just share the after on this post. Drumroll please. OK, not so much.



All I can say is that our amateur curb appeal is SO much more appealing than the one above. If only I could take pictures straight on. Looks like my house is leaning to the right. It is an old house so maybe it is, hmmm.

Anyway, on to my morning random ramblings.

1. Who in the world does NetFlix think he is making us spend more money for the same product. I think not. Redbox, here we come.

2. I wish healthy food tasted good and junk food tasted bad. Wouldn't that make more sense? Healthy = Good, Junk = Bad.

3. I wonder why I am more into House Hunters than when I was actually hunting for a home.

4. Why can't I ever buy the item on display? I always have to pick the 2nd or 3rd item behind the one on display. What will I do when the one on display is the only one left?

5. Why is it that the only pork product I can eat is bacon? Doesn't make any sense to me and for hubby who would really like to have pork-chops.

6. Why do I want a professional camera when I am not even a professional photographer?

7. Why am I loving baby blogs so much lately? Mind boggling.

8. I want a green thumb. All my plants die.

9. I can't wait to try that Beef Enchilada recipe.

10. Why did I just say that I love ice cream in the summer when we all know I love ice cream in the winter too?

p.s. Why am I talking about ice cream so early in the morning?


Nancy said...

Today is just a day to share our thoughts. I posted about my thoughts, too :)
I want a Nikon big fancy camera ~ but I wouldn't know what to do with it, either.

Melissa said...

Your house looks great now!

I will only eat bacon too. Everything else pork grosses me out.

Maybe you like baby blogs because you're starting to think about maybe having a baby of your own? :)

Canny-Cole said...

Love the transformation! You guys have done a wonderful job! I wish i had before pics of my place!! :(

redwhitebride said...

i want a green thumb too, i can only eat bacon too, i own a pro camera, and you just made me want ice cream, now~ :)

Ashley said...

haha, i love random posts like this...funny how our minds think about wayyyy too many different things all at once. i have ice cream on the brain 24/7 :) lovely house doll!

MellyB said...

Just so you know, my numbers don't correspond to yours in any way.

1. Our house was the same exact color of green when we moved it. Who are the humans who's morals have sunk so low that they think it's all right to force the world to look at that green? Do they have mothers? I think not.

2. Never, NEVER too early to talk about ice cream. It has milk in it. It's breakfast food.

3. Because awesome cameras are fun. People want fun things. You are a people. It's simple math my friend.

4. I don't know who Netflix thinks he is, but he owns me. Damn him and all his tv shows he streams. Damn his solid chin and dreamy locks. Wait, I just got him confused with Don Draper. Are they not the same person?

5. Baby blogs have cute babies? How many of us can deny a cute baby?

CeCe said...

I, too would like an ice cream bar this morning after reading this post. thanks a lot! lol. The baby blog thing is contagious. I am no where near marriage nor babies but I think the blogs are so cute. Premature baby fever?

Ashley said...

I only eat bacon -- and pulled pork but that is IT! I do NOT like pork chops -- YUCK! haha

My mom never buys the item on display -- she always pulls from further back, even with boxed foods like noodles lol

Marie said...

Love the house now, it's so much nicer! I think you should do a house tour post :) {now I'm hoping that you haven't done one already...because I haven't spotted it!}

Hey, I'm single, and I love baby blogs & wedding's like I'm deliberately trying to make myself feel bad for not being attached and having a baby!

I also love ice cream :) at any time of the year. And that whole idea of junk food tasting bad...that's a great idea! Maybe you could approach macdonalds with that idea!

Janeen said...

I love these randoms. I can relate to so many of them.

I had seen the after of your house previously and its nice to see the before. Nice work :)

mrstdj said...

Why am way less enraged than most people over the Netflix hike? Shoot. We ditched cable and Netflix could go up to $50 a month and I'd still pay it. #ohwhatabargain

I absolutely LOVE pork. Bacon is king, followed by all other pork products. Turkey bacon can kick rocks and go talk to tofu.

House Hunters is a cute show. I almost always know which house the participant will pick.

Tami said...

1. Watch Hulu!! We haven't had anything but Hulu and Netflix for 5 years now. I can't TELL you how much money we save... and we still watch all the shows we love.

2. I. So. Wish. It. Was. Like. This. Though, I've been eating zucchini like it's candy lately. To die for!

3. Ok, maybe I take back #1 because House Hunters is not on Hulu :(

6. I'm with a sister. I want a "cool" camera like it's going out of style.

8. I used to kill all plants. Now I adore them- and they LIVE! You need to come here for a tutorial on it. We'll discuss the glory of gardening over a few Margaritas. Ok, MAY MARGARITAS!

P.S. Ice cream is glorious ALL THE TIME!!

Frugalista said...

Oh I get it now! I read that last post about your house not being ugly anymore and got confused 'cause you only showed the old pics!! Major improvement. Your house is really cute. I too wish junk food tasted BAD!! It would make life so much easier.

MsB.Plan said...

You make me laugh :)! Ice cream in summer but love them in the winter too, LOL!

Tanya (a Taste of T) said...

I love the house! Looks amazing!

Brown Girl said...

I'm trying to avoid baby blogs! Yikes! The house looks great, my what paint will do. ;)

Lil' Woman said...

Looks soo much better!

1. Netflix....ugh BS!
2.I totally agree...I would be a skinny minny if that was the case!
3. I love house hunters, I always wonder how they have such a huge budget.
4. I wish I shopped more for!
5. Big Man doesn't eat pork at all...only TURKEY bacon.
6. Same here, I am DYING for a Canon Rebel even though I don't even know how to use it. Maybe BM will listen this year.
7. There's enough to choose from, everyone is preggers : )
8. I have a black thumb as well
9. Yummmm
10. Ice cream is good annnnyytimmme!

Jenni @ Story of My Life said...

Oh gosh, Faith, this is why I love you so!!! But first off, YES, your house looks so much better now!! Ya'll did a really awesome job!

Also, bacon is my favorite pork product too. It tastes absolutely nothing like any of the other varieties of pork!

Also, you don't have to be a professional to want a "professional" camera! You just have to be someone who likes better quality pictures. :)

Also, I've killed every plant I've ever brought into my home. You are not alone.

Ok, epic comment! Bye!

Sarah @Newlywed and Decorating said...

As usual, you crack me up, Faith :) Please don't ever stop being funny! And ice cream any time of the day is legit. Don't forget it!

Tiffany said...

Your house looks so cozy! And yes I'm mad about Netflix too!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Love your ramblings! Redbox totally rocks and they have all the latest movies! The house looks amazing!

Monique said...

you are hilarious...i do know how much you love ice cream...enjoy it all year round lady...amazing before and after pics what a huge difference

What I Did Today said...

Amazing what paint and a manicured yard can do for a place. Your house is super cute!
My husband will never give up Netflix. I wouldn’t mind switching to Redbox.
I love baby blogs toooooo!

integratedmemoirs said...

Your home is beautiful! I love doing home projects, and I love to garden. I'm wanting to plant some herbs and roses in our backyard.

I concurn with thought #6. I want one so bad, but I haven't had one photography class ever, lol. I have a Cannon now, and I'm trying to master that camera until I get an advanced camera.

Marian said...

I'm addicted to House Hunters...and really any show that has to deal with buying/renting. But I always find myself yelling at the buyers because they say the most ridiculous things:) Because I'm sure I wasn't like that at all when we were house hunting;)

Stacy Marie said...

About wanting to watch House Hunters more now... the same thing happened to my fiance and I after we bought a house. We faithfully watch every Sunday after church now. I think it's about seeing how other people cope (subconsciously). Great post!

Married...with a Pup said...

Wow! That is a huge difference! I agree, redbox is the way to go!

Editor said...

House Hunters is seriously addictive!

Dana said...

The house looks great. I like the color.

Ice cream in the morning. Yummy!!

Simply Me said...

I love watching House Hunters too and I quite love the way you've spruced up your place ..good job with the color !!
And everyone I know is cribbing abt Netflix ..what the hell were they thinking ..I am sure its going to go down as the craziest decisions they made :O ..

Nic A said...

you are so funny! Ok I devoured all the new stuff and now I have to wait for a new post. Please help me with my addiction! haha

Sam {} said...

your house looks SO good!! i want a professional camera too, maybe one day :)

Sam @ fitness food & faith

Becky [This Road Called Vida] said...

I have a thing about buying the 2nd or 3rd item behind the display item too!! Woohoo!! (Glad I'm not alone on that one. lol) ... and I am SO upset about the Netflix thing! It makes my heart sad. . . AND, I struggle in the green thumb department as well. I have a pretty plant that's slowly dying and i can't figure out what to do to keep it alive. =(


Hey! Just found your blog today and I am LOVING it! I love the list! I do so many of those things! And your house looks great! I made Beef Enchilada's for dinner tonight. :) Thanks for having a great blog for me to read! I look forward to reading much more!

Tylerswife said...

Girl- I'm all over redbox! You just can't beat the price:)

Your random list is too funny... I could have totally copied and pasted most of your list and it would have been the straight up truth

Amy said...

Wow you guys really worked wonders! Your home has tons of curb appeal. Hopefully there is a cozy spot for a nursery in there ;-)

Ashley {hudson's happenings} said...

WOW! Your house looks AWESOME and SO SO CUTE!

I love your ramblings...hmmm...a few of them sounded like me: I wish healthy food tasted good, too. Or maybe, I just wish that I had a bit more willpower. ;)

Sandra said...

The house definitely has curb appeal! Love it!...and stop talking about junk food and ice cream! Where do you think I want to go now...yes, Dairy Queen, that's right! Say it with me: Dai-ry Queen!
You are a pleasure to read!


Well, I definitely want a professional camera. I am already hinting big time to my hubby. I love stopping by your blog sweetie.

Lisa x

Newlymeds said...

Wow what a transformation!!

Coley said...

what a great transformation!!

Brandi @ Home Team Dreams said...

1. I still love Netflix. Don't shoot me
2.Me too!
3. LOVE House Hunters
4.I'm the same way. I always reach for like the 3rd item- even with magazines
5.good question lol
6.Who cares! Get one! lol
7. I'm having baby fever...or I was until last week (you read the post you know what I'm talking about lol)

8.Mine too!
9.Sounds good! :)
10. I'm so tired of eating ice cream since it's one of the few things that I actually can eat since getting my wisdom teeth out last week lol

Kathy C. said...

haha... you're too funny!
I can relate to most though. I've been catching myself reading Parenting magazines and even wandering into the baby clothes section of stores! And ice cream is great all year round...and for breakfast... as a shake! ;)

Meghan [My Kind of Crazy] said...

oh my goodness, your house looks amazing! like something you see the experts do on hgtv. :) love it!