Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I’m loving that I am seeing some old co-workers for dinner and drinks on Friday.

I’m loving that Fall is right around the corner. All I keep thinking about are brown boots with high socks. And shopping.

{Courtesy of Pink Peonies and Keep Calm and Carry On}

I’m loving that the week seems to be flying by. I just gotta keep on trucking.

I’m loving this outfit. She is so fabulous. I can’t get enough of it!

{Courtesy of Style Pantry}

I’m loving that I feel so much better this week. Thank you all so much for the “get well” wishes.

I’m loving that even though I am royally pissed at Sean this morning, I still love the man.

I'm guessing the jerk didn't read my last post.

What are you loving on this fine Wednesday morning?


  1. Love it that the boots season is just around the corner. Glad to hear you feel better.

  2. Don't you HATE that they do that too us?! Its a good thing Rickey is easy on the eyes too LOL
    That blue dress...WOW!

  3. happy to hear your feeling better lady! totally loving those outfits. this week is sooo not going fast enough for me LOL

  4. So glad you are feeling better....I have the boot itch too, I can't wait to buy a new pair!

  5. Glad you're feeling better. I hate being sick.

    LOVE LOVE the boots. I am a little sad that due to pregnancy, my feet are wider than normal and none of my boots will fit this fall. I guess its combat boots for me this fall. Good thing is I'll be on maternity over the holidays so there's no need to try to look cute for work :-).

  6. Glad to hear you're feeling better!!
    That blue dress is AMAZING!! Oh my gosh!
    ...and I can't stop laughing at what could possibly have you so mad at Sean!! Especially after your last post!!

  7. @Kathy: Haha, seriously. Gushed about him and everything.

  8. That blue dress is so frickin' amazing. I want it so badly...and her hair...she's killin' it!


  9. love the boots! I also hate for summer to be over, but that is one thing I am excited about!

    love jenny xoxo

  10. Love the boot too bad it won't be cold enough to wear them in Arizona until November =( I am also glad that you are feeling better.

  11. Wow so you're pissed at your guy today too? lol. I'm SO excited for fall too! Have a great Wednesday!

  12. hahahhaaa, you crack me up girl!! Love you!

    That blue dress is STUNNING. Freaking stunning!

    Happy Wednesday!

  13. So good to hear you are feeling better :)

    That blue dress is AMAZING -great color and hang!

    Give em heck girl!

  14. Rachel at Pink Peonies is FABULOUS. I love her style! I could definitely see you rocking some boots with high socks. And that blue dress? Ummmm...could she possibly look any better in it? Pretty sure she stopped traffic in that one. Hope you've had a great Wednesday, Faith! Glad you're feeling better!

    Oh, and I'm loving the Sour Patch Kids I'm devouring as I type this :)

  15. Yes, Autumn!! Can't wait def my favorite season. I'm loving that I found a private pool in Brooklyn, that serves delicious cocktails and food. I've been going with my gals and it's such a blast.

  16. I love the fact that even though you're cross at Sean you still love him, you guys are incredible with each other and I'm glad that everything's still going good. Love that dress too, I could see you rocking it some day!

  17. you would look absolutely stunning in that blue dress. for a moment i thought it was you in that photo

  18. Ooh I love that look with the awesome!

  19. OMG, I love that blue dress, she can def. pull that off!!

    Me, my fat ass would look like a sack of blue potatoes.

  20. I haven't linked up for WILW in awhile. I need to.

    Love the brown boots! I have a pair but they are more combat-boot-ish. I need a "normal" pair.

    And that blue dress is gorgeous! I'd be scared I'd trip over it though, with how long it is!



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