Thursday, April 4, 2013

Excuse me miss, you have white stuff on your lip.

Since I was going to be with my sister for the weekend, I knew that I wouldn’t have to bribe her to take outfit pictures. Saturday morning, I woke up finally feeling like myself but of course Mother Nature decided to leave me with a parting gift cold sore and it was almost like, ha, you thought you were rid of us. Nope, you’ll have to deal with not really being yourself for a few more days.

I slapped tons of blistex on the darn cold sore and got ready for our day together.

You would think that my sister would say, um Faith? You have white stuff on the side of your mouth. Want to wipe it off before I snap pictures of you?

You would think. Well then you would be wrong.

My lovely, lovely sister failed to notice until the very last minute and by then I was over being a model poser. SO in an effort not to embarrass myself too much, the pictures are black and white. Although, you can still see IT if you want to because this chic does not have fancy editing software that can take out stuff like cold sores.

But try not to stare too hard at my face and just revel in the fact that I have outfit pictures! Alright fine. Just stare at the cold sore. I would too. #FAIL
{Sweater: Old Navy - Scarf: eBay - Jeans: American Eagle - Earrings, Jacket & Shoes: Forever 21}

And my sister. I mean, look at the ones I took of her.


P.S. Go check out my friend Cece's blog. She talks about how blogging is bad for your budget. She couldn't be more right. I can count on both hands the amount of times I have purchased something I saw on a blog. So bad for my budget! Her feature of us both wearing the same striped blazer is proof!


Mrs JK said...

I actually like the pics your sister took, you look stunning, cold sore or not. And I am constantly inspired by your outfit posts.

Haha at the last pic and caption, so fitting.

Kathy C. said...

Lol...sounds like my relationship with my sister! :) up rocked that outfit...and the cold sore! You're gorgeous Faith!!! Keepin' us inspired for sure!

Christelle said...

You and your sister are SO cute! I love your outfit and those SHOES!!

That last picture makes me think..."I'm Every Woman"! Haha!

P.S. Not sure if you know about this editing sight or not but I recently came across it and even though the free version is basic it's pretty good!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

i love these pictures. all of them.
soo cute and so much fun.
they turned out great.
also i barely noticed the white stuff, and i only noticed after you said something.
glad you are feeling better


lori said...

haha aw sounds like my husband... you'd think they'd look out for us! you look gorgeous as always, though!

Tenecia said...

I totally ignored your lip & focused on your cute outfit ;)


Carolyn said...

I think you look adorable!! :) And the b&w is very artsy. HAHA!

Cece said...

Luv it how you just went with it anyways and still shared it on the blog. Loving the polka dots. For some reason I never find polka dots and I need some!

YeamieWaffles said...

I love your smile Faith, I think your teeth are absolutely perfect. Adore this look too, honestly I didn't even notice the cold sore.

Christine said...

hahahaa, you crack me up! Cold sore or not, you're still gorgeous! :)

Life with J and J said...

LOL...Gotta love sisters huh?

I LOVE your shoes!!! So cute. The entire outfit is on point!

Ashley R said...

Haha- you are hilarious! (And that outfit is MAJOR. ;) )

Desiree Macke said...

What white stuff on your lip?? :)
And, please come dress me. I want your whole wardrobe.

Katie Slatton said...

Love these pics, Faith! You and your sister look gorgeous!

Style Diary

LB said...

You still look gorgeous! I didn't even notice the white stuff! :)

And I agree with fellow commentors-come dress me, please?


The Sweetest Thing said...

Too funny!!!

LOVE these photos. Faith, you are oh-so photogenic!! Such a beautiful person.

josie renee said...

You better go on with your bad self -- cold sore and all! You look great. I love the outfit and how the polka dot colors and backgrounds are opposite.

Emily Gilbert said...

LOL, gotta love it when your skin erupts when you want to take photos. I went to do so a couple weeks ago and noticed a nice sized pimple on my chin ;). It happens. Your outfit rocked! Your sis looks fab too <3

Jasmine Hellogmsunshine said...

So adorable! I love the pics you both took.

Brittany said...

Glad to know your beauty genes are strong....your sister is a stunner, too! WOWZA! I am obseeeeessed with your polka dot sweater. I've always liked Old Navy but they seem to be having even better, more trendy stuff lately (even for Mr. Bear!) and your sweater is proof. You seriously have the best style, Faith; I feel like we would be best shopping friends if we lived in the same place :)

The Mrs. said...

Just love your smile! Contagious! Why don't you live in Dallas?!?!?

Angie said...

You two must come from a long line of beautiful ladies!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Hilarious - and I love that you still posted those photos!

Pegster said...

I am wondering if I would have noticed the cold sore or not. Of course after you mentioned it I couldn't help but looking (shaking my head over here).

YAY for an outfit post, I was wondering when you would bring #yeahiamwearingthis back. Love it.

PS - that last picture is so dramatic, I love it. Are you an actress or something :)

Susannah said...

You look adorable! No need to worry about that coldsore. Stuff like that happens. It's dumb... but it happens. :-)

Maria said...

you crack me up! steve would totally not tell me if something was on my face or in my hair. you and your sister are so pretty...i love love love your scarf and her shirt!! i hope you're feeling much better, faith!! lots of love xoxo

Emmett Katherine said...

I like the black and white pics, you and your sis are cute! I think the people we ask to take our photos are more concerne with not dropping the camera than to notice little details. Last week jay took outfit photos for me but it was windy and my eyes were watering. Turnes out I looked like a raccoon in all the photos. Unusable! I feel your pain ;)

Desi said...

Still beautiful as always! Love your outfit, and blogging IS bad for one's budge because I sooo want to go buy that scarf and those jeans :)

LWLH said...

Love the pictures, cold sore and're still rocking it girl.

Kasey Lynne said...

LOVE that outfit!!
And girl, in the pictures of you at a distance, you can't even SEE the white stuff. It's all good. Thanks for keepin' it real! :D

Nic A said...

You're adorable... cold sore and all.

Nic A said...

You're adorable... cold sore and all.