Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I was happy before the tears.

The original plan for Saturday was to go to Sean’s rugby game in White Plains but in an effort to keep me from sitting in the cold for too long, we decided against it. Of course, I took pictures of my nephew. You'll see that I'm a tad bit obsessed.

The day ended up being in the 60s! So it obviously was the perfect day for our photo shoot (I'll most likely share that tomorrow), drinks in the afternoon at Torches and a scenic walk around the water.

Priscilla and I always have the greatest time together and when it was time for us to say our see you laters, I cried. It’s what I do whenever I leave my family. I need to grow up because no one wants to have to explain why they are a big ole cry baby to their future kiddos. I mean, even my 3 year old nephew asked me, Auntie, you OK?

Yeah, just slightly mortifying.



  1. Your little nephew is just the cutest boy Faith. I'm so glad that you had such a great time with him and your sister, the food looks amazing and it looks like so much fun. I think it was a good call to give the rugby game a miss just until you're definitely better, the weather has improved though!

  2. These pictures are awesome Faith! So glad you got to spend time with your fam!

  3. Look at you and your blog post full of awesome pro pics! Can you believe you used to be like... "I don't think I'll post the pics I take". They are amazing! You nephew is so adorable!! You can tell her loves you to pieces! Food pics in the a.m. make it really hard for me to go to the gym during lunch lol. Great pic of you at the end too! Glad you had such a memorable weekend...I would cry too. It's hard leaving family behind. :/

  4. WOW! You are turning into quite the photographer Momma. LOVE the foodie pics and the nephew is adorable. So photogenic!

  5. Seems we are somewhat alike. When I leave family that's in the islands, I cry but mama those are right down the road so luckily for me I get to see them whenever I want.

    Love the candidness of the photos of your nephew. He's a stunner!


  6. I tear up reading this because I miss my sister & I living closely! I feel your pain!!
    He is adorable. I love his truck :)

  7. aww so sweet that your nephew asked if you were okay. gorgeous pictures... and super jealous of those drinks right now.

  8. Nice post. Food looks Yummy! I noticed you hair has grown a lot. It look great.

  9. I know these family is seperated by so much distance so it happens at all of our goodbyes!

  10. Love the pics (as usual). The food looks heavenly (and now I'm hungry)! I know what you mean about leaving your family. I am so used to being around the corner right from them that when I know it'll be at least 2 weeks before I hang out with them makes me sad. Tears are sometime but I know the feeling.

  11. Your posts make me hungry! And I still cry sometimes when I say goodbye to my family. In a way, it got worse with the baby with the sleep deprivation :)

  12. Love your pics. Was that a casadilla I spotted in there?? I froze my butt off last night at hubby's flag football game last night...I was hoping to get a pass but I toughed it out. It's not White Planes NY, but for me it was cold! Glad you enjoyed some quality time with your sister and nephew.

  13. i think that is a good call hanging out with your sister and nephew a bit more rather than sean's rugby game. he is adorable and it isn't hard to see why you would want to hang out with him more and take lots of photos him and that truck look like best buds

  14. Those pics are so cute! The last one is definitely my favorite! :) Adorable! I totally cry when I leave my family sometimes too. And I live 10 minutes from my dad. :)

  15. 1) He pretty much is the cutest nephew in the world :)
    2) And now I am hungry thanks to those photos! Your lunch looked amazing...
    xo - Marion

  16. Wow, I love your blog is fantastic, what a wonderful post, and the pics are amazing!

  17. Your nephew is so stinkin' cute!! And your photos look awesome!

  18. He is the cutest..and don't worry about crying :) By the way, you need to do a camera tutorial!

  19. Gosh he is so precious!!!!! :)

    I would cry too... We tend to get teary eye when we leave my in laws from a mini vacay up north.

    They live about 7 hours away.
    So although we talk to them all the time, we don't see them.

    Sniff, sniff.

    I'm so glad you were able to have alone time with her!! :) So nice to have your "see you soon", just the two of you.

  20. girl, I haven't had lunch yet and you are killing me with the food!! lol . Your nephew is so stinking cute!!

  21. Sounds like a fun weekend. Your nephew is a DOLL!

    Faith I also can't get over how quickly you became a pro at taking pictures. I'm still sitting here shooting on auto -- 3 years later. So jealous!

  22. I'm glad you decided to not be out in the cold until your feeling 100%!!!! Those pics are amazing! You all are such a good looking bunch and your nephew is adorable!!! NY looks beautiful!

  23. He is SO cute! & girl bawl your eyes out if you need to. Sometimes I'm relieved to leave family ;) & other times I want to cry too. These photos are beautiful.

  24. I`m going to be rude and ignore the lovely time you had with your family to say... YUM I want to eat ALL of that food! I`m suuuch a sucker for food pics!!

    Some Snapshots Blog

  25. I would've cried too...your nephew is ADORABLE!! I just wanna squeeze him! And that food looks that coconut shrimp I spy? My all time favorite- YUM!

    Your pictures are gorgeous. Gor-geous. You are a PHOTOG!

  26. your nephew is SO cute! and that food looks SOOOO good! I want to taste all of it!

  27. It's always hard to leave behind those you love. Glad you had a great visit though. You might have the cutest nephew on the planet!

  28. Oh my, your nephew is seriously adorable, no wonder you are taking loads of pics of him.

    YAY for a family weekend. Good to see your sisters back on the blog

  29. looks like an awesome time with the family. and oh wow look at your photos...just just made me hungry!!

  30. Faith! Stop making me hungry! You always have pictures of the best looking food and drinks! And the sky in those pictures is gorgeous! You have become quite the photographer!

  31. Aww at your little nephew! So stinking cute I can't even handle it! It's okay to cry, it just means you love Priscilla an infinite amount - there's nothing wrong with that :)

  32. Your nephew is so stinkin' adorable, I can't hardly stand it. Also, now I'm hungry with all those amazing food pics!

  33. your nephew is SUCH a cutie!! i bet you two have so much fun together. an ahh, your photos...they are just soo clear and crisp and pretty!!

  34. Aww he's getting so big! What a cutie! MMM what is that drink with the berries in it?! Not sure but it looks amazeballs! great shots! Love the pineapple drink shot too. Um, that picture of the scenery with the water and perfect clouds in the perfect blue sky... I die!


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