Saturday, July 13, 2013

Last Weekend ♥

A few of you requested the American flag cake recipe. I don't know what I was thinking not sharing Carolyn's link to the recipe. So here y'all go! Enjoy!


Last Friday, Sean and I had a little fun on a boat for Sean’s rugby team’s 40th celebration. It was really an excuse for old players to get together and re-live their younger days if I’m to be honest. Sean attended since he is an officer on the team but not many current players attended.

The boat was old and probably has not been updated since the 80s (maybe slight exaggeration there, maybe not). The food was not great if you could actually call it food. I had to pay for my amaretto sours since only beer, wine and soda was included in the $55 a person charge. But we had a great time! Haha, yes, I know. It was fun. We danced, we welcomed mosquito bites (I have them everywhere) and we enjoyed doing something a little different than we normally do.

Will we do it again? Yes. I’ll just cook a massive dinner before hand ;). You know me, I enjoy my food.

{Dress: Forever 21 - Heels: Zaras - Earrings: Express}

On Saturday we attended one of Sean’s old co-workers for his birthday party. I did not take any pictures and kinda wishing I had. Sean’s co-worker is from Peru so the menu was strictly Peruvian! SO GOOD! He had mussels/clams with a salsa of tomatoes, onions and spices and I’m telling you, I ate like 15. He also made scallops with Parmesan cheese and that was incredible. I asked for the recipe but of course I have forgotten. I’ll have to email and request it. One of the girls there brought sangria which was made with Merlot, diet cranberry juice with strawberries, peaches and some other fruit that I can’t seem to remember right now. It was delicious! Simplest sangria recipe. I’m really into sangria in the summer so I’ll be making tons.

When we left we drove to Saratoga Springs. In August, it is track season and it is the most fun. Hotel rooms are priced at the highest, even the dumpiest hotels but it’s where you want to be. They have amazing restaurants, great shopping and an awesome night life. I’m hoping we’ll do the track this summer.

{Top: American Eagle - Shorts & Earrings: Forever 21 - Sandals: Target}

We walked around a bit and ended up getting something to eat.

When we got home we laid down to watch a movie and ended up passing out. It was a long (but fun) 4 days.

On Sunday, we went to church and when we got home I made us lunch. We watched the movie Unconditional on Netflix and I highly recommend it. Such a great movie! We cleaned up the house a bit, took Izabella for a walk and then that was it. The couch, Netflix and I were best friends until it was time to go to bed for work Monday morning.


  1. The rugby boat food looks good to me! But like Mj says, I'll eat anything if it's a food I normally like. You and sean match! Your dress is really pretty. Track season? Never heard of that. Sounds like a fun yet busy weekend. Hope you are resting right now!

  2. Your outfit Faith, the sparkly little dress is just so perfect that I can't do it anything that even begins to give it justice, you look jaw dropping and just perfect for the classy vibes of a boat dinner. Sorry that the dinner was quite disappointing, that's a shame but like you say you can always cook before, seems like a brilliant weekend in general, hopefully this one is just as enjoyable even if it's considerably more quiet and less hectic!

  3. Love those white shorts! You are rocking it!

  4. YOU LOOK FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!! I love that blue on you. Glad you are having a fab weekend :)

  5. You look so fabulous in that blue and black number! And you and Sean have the greatest weekend: always something to do with great food, drinks, and friends involved! Fun stuff!

  6. Your photos are so vibrant. You have become quiet proficient with your camera!! Tips please! By the way I totally noticed you and Sean were matching at the pool party :) Love it! I try to match with Jonathon all the time!!

  7. You look lovely in that sequin dress. I bet you had every guy there swoon (don't tell Sean I said that, he might actually start to think about it!) I'm happy that you guys enjoyed yourselves even if the food wasn't too good.

    ...and those scalloped shorts!!!! LOOOOVE!


  8. Those photos of you on the boat are Stun-ning!

  9. Look at YOU!! I'm glad those lace shorts worked for you. They pretty much covered my butt and that was it. lol

  10. Wow you look gorgeous in that dress!!!!!

  11. Now I have to go stalk Target for those sandals! First of all CUTE OUTFITS. You have the best clothes I swear. I should just give you my debit card number and let you pick out outfits for me. (because even right now I'm in sweat pant capris and a wife beater).

    I think all boat parties look like that. It's always the same catered fare too with overly expensive drinks (I assume to pay for gas for the boat).

    I'm about to login to Netflix to look up that movie :D <3

  12. Faith you BETTER WORK! You look amazing in that top dress and I love your F21 shorts.

    I'm glad you had fun on the boat despite the lacklsuter food. Atleast you had a time to get dressed up, look fabulous and take beautiful pictures.

    The peruvian food from the week sounds delicious also. Nomnom


  13. great pictures! That is such a shame about the food, it always sucks when that happens (I'm a food person too lol), glad you had fun, I'm sure those amoretto sours helped erase the memory of the meal!

  14. What a stunning outfit! The glitter dress is such a great piece for a festive event! And your smile! Wow!

    PS: All your pictures are so great! Love the good quality!

    fashion is for idiots [like us]
    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  15. sounds like the best kind of weekend. your pictures are getting awesomer and awesomer lady. that blue dress is everything.

  16. Any excuse to be on a boat is a good one! But, the "food" boats provide is never any good. Whomp whomp.
    Those lace/scalloped shorts are TOO cute!!! Love them.

  17. Glad you had a fun and relaxing weekend!! your hair in the Saturday pic looks great!!! Did you do something different from Friday? friday looks great too but i'm reallly liking Saturday!!! HAPPY MONDAY :-)

  18. ooooh sparkly pretty dress!! great outfit for the evening. i love your lace shorts too with the plain tee, my type of outfit

  19. umm perfect weekend lady!
    i love your dress.
    and those shorts to die for!


  20. you are always rockin, i love that dress on you! it sounds like a good event but your right thats not great food! not that sandwich looks delish!!i hope youhave a great week

  21. What a fun weekend! Loves your dress for the boat party! Glad you were able to get dressed up and not be the only ones this time! hehe.

  22. I lovvve the lace shorts. I wish I could pull this off like you! And man you eat the best food. I always want to jump into your posts and get my grub on!

  23. These pictures could be the most beautiful coffee table book!
    I love your outfits!

  24. Sounds like an awesome weekend. I'm like you, I LOVE my food as well.

    And you look absolutely amazing in that sequined dress! Girl.. werk!

  25. I had nothing much to say about this post but I just love your dress and your hair in the wind :)

  26. THAT dress & THOSE shorts!?! Girl, you look fabulous. As always...but this time you took it up an extra notch.

  27. what a fun celebration!! the FOOD!! oh, THE FOOD!! :)
    that sequined dress is SO pretty on you - i love your hair and makeup! and love ivory lace shorts are so cute! i saw ones like them in the children's section and wished piper was big enough to fit into them. i might just pick them up for her for next year! :)
    glad you and sean had a wonderful time! happy to be catching up here! xoxox

  28. This looks like sooo much fun!!!!!!! Your sequence dress fits PERFECTLY!!!!

    And those shorts?? I almost bought a pair just like that! But I was nervous of ripping and staining them. Now I'm really kicking myself ;) Hopefully I'll snatch them on the 80% off rack at Kohls. :D HA HA!

    Seriously you make me so hungry every time I so as glace at your blog! ;)

    BTW, I just adore Sean and you. You guys just make me smile!!!!


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