Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello there!

Hi y'all! The last few days have taken some adjustment. I am going crazy unpacking boxes trying to limit the amount of time I have to live in shambles. Things are everywhere and I'm finding that this time around I actually can't deal with all the boxes. I'm completely getting old or maybe I feel that it's something I can control right now so I'm putting all my energy into it. So my blog will probably not be updated as often until I have some sort of routine and something to blog about besides unpacked boxes.

We received multiple applications to rent our home in Albany and we have chosen a couple in their mid 50s who want to stay there until retirement. They have no kids but two older dogs. This is great news because I sure as hell did not want to pay our mortgage and rent in October. I'd rather get new shoes but because I'm unemployed right now I can't shop without feeling guilty. Oh the woes of the unemployed. Any who, the house will now be our second rental property which has Sean jumping up and down for joy. I'm excited that, that part has worked out in our favor.

I arrived in PA last Friday evening at 11:45pm. The first social outing I attended was Sean's rugby game last Saturday. His team is the most welcoming team Sean has ever been on. It was incredible to me how they welcomed me and I left feeling extremely happy. I was given tons of restaurant recommendations which of course I made sure to jot down.

Sean's team won which was great because the other team was all sorts of dirty. Within 30 minutes of the game one of Sean's teammates was kicked in the face (purposely) which resulted in a broken nose and lots of blood. I wanted to take a picture but decided against it. Another needed to be rushed to the ER due to an injury which resulted in him having to be carried since he could not walk. And the third one's face was stomped on by a cleat which resulted in a face that would not stop oozing blood.

Since Sean is a new player to the team he hasn't been able to start a game yet. Which is fine by me. He needs to earn it but he has already warned the player that he's going after his spot. Who does that? Well, Sean does.

Despite all the blood, I had a great time and I'm looking forward to more rugby events.

I hope that you're having a great week and that you have a fabulous weekend! ♥


  1. What a brutal game! Yikes. Is there a rugby team in every town or has he just gotten lucky? It sounds like a great way to meet some new friends out there. So glad you found an old couple who should be dependable renters. That is great!!

  2. Oooo tight hamstrings and muscular legs! Lort have mercy... okay I'm done lusting...err...sinning...err both!

    It sucks that the other team decided to play dirty but in the end they got their arse kicked. It was coming to them anyway! They saw it kind of early, that's all.

    So glad that you guys were able to rent your home. That's uber awesome news! ...and I feel ya on the whole shopping without feeling guilty thing. Story of my life right now!


  3. Be careful, Sean!! At least it was action packed!

    I wish I was there helping you unpack, Faith!
    I'm so happy for the blessing of your house being rented right away! Awesome!

    This weekend you should go shoe shopping to celebrate!
    Hugs to you!

  4. Yay! So nice to see you back and to read that you are adjusting well.
    Have a fabulous weekend!

  5. Glad you're getting all settled in, moving is not the bizness. haha

  6. girllll we are in the same boat.
    we moved last saturday.
    i can finally see the floor again.
    unemployment is leaving me depressed along with the scattered boxes.
    im glad you are settling in nicely.


  7. I am glad your guy's team won. That other team sounded like filthy bleepin animals! I feel for those guys who got hurt! Yuck.

    Your photos are great.

  8. I felt the same way after I first moved. I lived in shambles for far too long, and honestly wished I cleared things out quicker. So go girl, get that house straight!

    re: the rugby game -- ouch.

  9. I'm so glad people were welcoming to you! Good luck unpacking all the boxes! I know that when we moved last year I unpacked all the boxes within two days because I couldn't stand living in clutter. It's not an old thing. It's a sanity thing!

    Rugby is crazy!

  10. Glad you've moved safely and hope that you can unpack soon so that we can start seeing some of those outfit pix :)

  11. Moving is always such a pain. I hope things get unpack and organized quickly and easily for you.

    Holy smokes. I knew rugby was rough, but geez louise, I didn't realize it was BRUTAL!

  12. YAY, you are back. I've missed you, so happy to have you back. I am glad that the move went well and even happier that you were able to rent your house in Albany (one less thing to worry about)

  13. I'm so lost about the game of rugby! It sounds intense though.

    and woot woot for getting someone for the house, that has to take a lot of stress off you!

  14. Nice too have you back. I missed you and its good to know the move went .

  15. Dang that sounds crazy and exciting. I'm glad they were so welcoming and that you are adjusting. The new gig is coming soon so enjoy that unpacking before you're off to work and still have boxes left! I'm so excited for your new adventures! And awesome pics!!!!!

  16. I totally felt that way when we moved. I just wanted to get rid of any and everything we had. So we did. And we started new. I may not have end tables and for a few months we didn't even have tables in our dining room but it feels good making this house our own one little step at a time:) As for the rental properties. Good luck! We had 20 and have skimmed down to one. We've just had really bad experiences and want to get out of renting. I hope it works out much better for you! xoxo

  17. What a blessing that your house was able to rent so quickly and by YOUR choice of people!!! I'm sure that is a huge weight off your shoulders! I hope the unpacking goes quickly and smoothly and your new place feels like home in no time!

  18. yay that you rented your place...that must be a huge sigh of relief. and i love that he warned him he'd be taking his diplomatic of him!

  19. I can't with everyone bleeding all over the place... I just can't. Anywhoo, I'm glad you got renters!!! Yaay for not carrying a mortgage!

  20. That's awesome you were able to find awesome! And how exciting that Sean joined a new rugby league...great way to meet people!!

  21. It's such a strange yet happy sight to see an actual Gilbert ball on American soil haha, best of luck to Sean in the new rugby team!

  22. *pukes* all that blood would've did me in! Although, I'm glad you didn't take pictures of that- because I do like the rest of em ;)

    I hope you get settled with everything soon <3

  23. that's great you found good renters! And I love the rugby photos!


  24. Hurrah for good renters, Faith! That must be a huge relief. Glad you can afford those new shoes now! Hahah I love it!

    Also- OMG so much blood! I would not have been able to handle that! Glad Sean's team came out victorious!!

  25. Yay for finding responsible sounding renters! Sounds like they will give you guys a lot of stability in terms of guaranteed rent money every month! From the looks of your description rugby sounds like a pretty brutal game. Yikes! But from the pictures the players look really hot. Yes! lol.

  26. Great pics Faith! Rugby is so physical! Do you ever worry about Sean? I would worry about Garrett so much! Glad you had fun and that people were welcoming!

  27. i'm so glad to hear sean's team was so welcoming (and so sorry to hear about the bloody mess)! eeks! hope he's okay!
    i'm sending lots of love and wishing you a happy fall!

  28. Rugby looks so intense...and more to look at than football lol. (don't tell Matt I said that!) ANYwho... glad they were so welcoming! and super happy you found renters! Everything is falling into place!

  29. My goodness, it's probably a good thing he didn't start in that game- those guys play dirty! So glad that they were really welcoming to the both of you, I am sure you will have a great group of friends in no time!

  30. Sounds like an awesome squad! Being new isn't fun for them is it...Rickey's going into his 4th year with the Blacks and he makes it a point to welcome the new guys. Glad you found a great rugby fam! #rugbywivesclub #givebloodplayrugby :-)


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