Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Day with Colleen

I've been trying to branch out with makeup. I usually try to play it safe because I prefer a more natural look but also because I fear looking like a clown. It was only last year that I actually decided to wear lipstick. Granted I only have 3 so far, it is still more than I've ever had in my life. I am not entirely sure about the "correct" way to apply makeup. Frankly, I just put it on. So you just might look at the pictures and say, "oh girl, you funked up". But since I was so proud of the way it turned out I wanted to share even if it is amateur.

You can call me vain and I'll allow it just for today ;).

OK, let's get to the reason for this post. On Saturday, Colleen and her husband Eric came to visit Sean and I. To say I was so happy to see her is an understatement. I miss her so much but I'm glad that our friendship is still going as strong as ever regardless of the distance.

This friendship we have can't really be explained by me. We can truly be ourselves with one another. There is no pretense and it feels good to be able to just be. I love that we can laugh, cry and be crazy with one another but be completely honest even if we know what we have to say isn't going to be received well. We are so alike yet so different.

It also helps that the men in our lives get along so well. We've gone through some of the best and worst experiences of our lives together but every single one of those experiences have made us the friends we are today.

I've been wanting to go to a winery since I moved to PA so I knew it would be the perfect thing for us to do Saturday afternoon.

We went to the Cloverhill Vineyard & Winery first and enjoyed a complimentary tasting of 5 wines. We ended up purchasing a few for our Thanksgiving dinner. There was one that was so different from anything I've ever tasted. It is a cider wine that needs to be heated up in a crockpot or microwave before drinking that way it is enjoyed warm. It was surprisingly very delicious.

After we went to the Vynecrest Vineyard & Winery and enjoyed a complimentary tasting of 6 wines. I ended up purchasing a bottle that tasted just like sangria. So good! We decided to stay at the winery and enjoy our wines. We liked this winery a lot more than the first one.
It was such a great (and cold) day but my recap is not over. We did do my favorite thing ... you know ... EAT.
Besides, what's this blog without food pictures? That's right, not much ;).


  1. I've been to both wineries on a wine tasting tour ... so good! Next year, I'll have to let you guys know when it's time for the wine tasting tour so we can go together!

  2. I've never been to a winery. That looks like something I'd LOVE!

    I like that black jacket too!

  3. I've never been on a wine tasting tour like that! I'd love to go. You look absolutely beautiful Faith! I love your smile!

  4. I've never been to a winery... and I live in LI so I know there are a whole bunch if I traveled out east. I need to go! But sampling all that wine would leave me stumbling and giggling all the way home. lol

  5. will love to visit a winery.
    you all look beautiful. i love your pictures.


  6. the makeup is gorgeous, but you are naturally beautiful!!

  7. Wouldn't you know...I just bought my first bottle of wine today. Granted, it's to cook with though. Lol
    Nice job on your makeup! I have no clue about correct makeup application either, actually makeup in general I'm clueless about. When I do wear lipstick, I just "put it on" too. Ha!

  8. Looks like fun! I'm also obsessed with that eye make up with your skin tone....so gorgeous!

  9. So happy to hear you had such a wonderful time with Colleen, it must have been SO amazing to have her there. Friends like that are priceless xo

  10. Great friendships - like the one you describe with Colleen - are rare gems, and so beautiful when you discover them.
    Visiting vineyards and wine tasting is one of my favorite things to do. Your experience looks like it was a fabulous time!

  11. Love a winery! I get faded pretty quickly though. :) Not necessarily a bad thing.

    I love having a best friend. I swear there are some people on the planet you were born to be best pals with. I'm glad she was able to come out and spend time with you, I'm sure you needed it with everything going on :)

  12. You nailed it hun! Such a beauty you.

    I've never been to a winery but you always somehow cause me to add things to my list of must-do's.

    Lovely photos.


  13. Fun! Wine tasting is one of my favorite things to do! I'm glad you got to spend time with your friend, and I think your makeup looks super pretty. I don't usually do a lot with makeup, either, because I just don't know how to really put it on and determine what will look the best. I just stick with my same very basic routine every day!

  14. You are so gorg. I don't do makeup either but my friends tell me that you tube can teach us how to be makeup gurus! I'm so glad your friend came to visit. I love real genuine friendships that evolve as we evolve. I'm also loving Pennsylvania. I mean vineyards just there for your enjoyment. That's awesome. Glad you had a great weekend!!!!!!!!

  15. Love the make up job!! I love it that you experimented with color. I have not a clue where to start. I love wineries!! Wine, relaxation, fun! Glad you are staying tight with your friend.

  16. Ok, girl i dont know the first thing about makeup. Just the other day we were about to head out and i was all "hold on i have to put on my makeup first." and ryan was like "you mean put on your mascara?" ya that basically sums up my knowledge about makeup. I think you did a great job regardless of whatever knowledge i do or don't have. I'm so glad you got to see coleen! it looks like so much fun and your pictures are beautiful. the sky is just amazing. ahhh! can't wait to see more from your adventures with her and her husband. basically i'm starving and what to see your food pictures.


  17. Beautiful Faith. Really glad that you two great buddies got to meet up and have such a wonderful time, much deserved.

  18. You did a great job with the makeup. Its simple and classy. Wine tasting are so much fun.

  19. I love that you have a Colleen... that is the best kind of friend. Your person! This looks like an amazing day. :)

  20. You did a good job on ur make up. Subtle and pretty.... now you have me looking forward to a sangria post baby..good thing she is on the way soon. Beautiful pics.

  21. I love all of these pictures :)The makeup is fabulous I especially love the eyes. coming from a makeup junkie, it is very pretty!! I love meeting up with friends that you can be yourself with...its like exhaling!

  22. Looks like such a fun day! I used to enjoy going wine tasting! You make me miss it. Can't do it anymore since its hard to leave my little one behind.
    You guys are all so cute! I love the pictures! You look so happy and like you are truly enjoying each other's company.

  23. As a makeup artist I can tell you that your makeup looks great :).


  24. OH that looked like so much fun!! I love going to wineries! Especially in the Fall... it just seems like the perfect time! Glad to see you guys had some quality time together!

  25. I'm so glad you had such a great time with friends!!! And your makeup looks fab, lady! :-)

  26. Love the makeup. The wineries look like so much fun.

  27. Looks like such an awesome visit from your friend.

    I love that they came to visit so soon after you moved, must help with feeling homesick a bit.

  28. You're pictures! They are so pretty! I'm so glad you and Colleen got to reunite, looks and sounds like y'all had a great time. Friends like that are the best. It doesn't matter how long you are away from eachother, you can always be yourself. Those friends are hard to find!

  29. I love this :) Friendships are so important, even when you're far apart. And I love your makeup look :)

  30. Faith

    I only own two lipsticks so don't feel bad..I'm a lipgloss type of girl.

    I've always wanted to go to a winery...we don't have those here in MS to my knowledge. You are super gorgeous by the way.

    I love the pictures!! If you don't mind me asking what kind of camera do you use?

    Happy Friday Pretty girl!!

  31. love your eye makeup!
    i'm the exact same way - if (and that's a big if) i ever put eye shadow on, it's always in the bronze/brown family.
    you've inspired me to go outside my comfort zone.
    perhaps, a gold, haha,


  32. i have been wanting to go to a winery for forever too! looks like such a fun time and love that you have such a good girlfriend!

  33. amazing photos! looks like you guys had a fabulous time :)

  34. it tasted like sangria? yum!!! i love the blue eyeliner on you, too...i need to play around with my makeup, it's been the same for years!

  35. yum. wine. i love going to vineyards...they're so pretty and so relaxing. you feel kinda fancy when you go, don't you?! i LOVE your makeup!
    the way you talk about your friend is exactly how i feel about one of my best friends...alike and so different at the same time. opposites attract, i always say.
    that photo of you and sean outside is beautiful!! xoxox

  36. This looks like so much fun! And I don't even drink wine. Those first pictures of you are stunning...I'm obsessed with your eye make-up. Not that you even need it. You are flawless!

  37. The makeup looks fantastic, Faith! Fun yet still very natural! Definitely NOT clown-esque at all :)

    I love wineries. What a perfect day spend with Colleen!


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