Friday, November 15, 2013

Restaurant Highlight: Aladdin.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that my new friend (Lisa) and I decided that we would get together every few weeks to try out new restaurants.

Several Wednesday's ago, we decided to try Nawab, an Indian restaurant. Nawab had great reviews so I figured it would be the best place to try. I love, love, love Indian food and the one in Albany was a special favorite. I was happy to learn that Lisa was also an Indian food lover. The food was good but not nearly as good as the one in Albany. They mixed up our orders. I ordered shrimp curry and Lisa ordered chicken madras but I ended up getting shrimp madras and Lisa ended up getting chicken curry. It wasn't the biggest issue since my meal was still tasty. I was starving so I didn't take any pictures. I know, what was I thinking?

This is becoming one of my most favorite hobbies. Wait, is trying new restaurants a hobby? I'm going to say yes.

Last Wednesday we went to Aladdin's, a Middle Eastern Restaurant. It was delicious and the cutest little spot.

We tried arnabit which is cauliflower, deep fried and drenched with tahini sauce. I thought it was tasty but definitely could have used less sauce. We tried their pie sampler as well which was kebbee (meat and bulgar pattie stuffed with ground beef onions and pine nuts and then grilled and dipped in butter sauce), semboske (baked homemade bread stuffed with spinach, onions and spices) and meat pies (baked homemade bread stuffed with ground beef, onions and pie nuts). I loved the semboske and the meat pie but was not a fan of the kebbee. I think it was too crunchy or maybe grainy for my taste.

We also tried their babaganoush dip (smoked eggplant blended with tahini sauce, lemon juice and garlic, drizzled with olive oil). This was delicious and we put it on the pies and the complimentary warm pita bread that was sent out. I did not take a picture. I need to get better at this but sometimes I just want to eat.

For our entree, I tried their Grilled Craydees and Scallops (grilled shrimp, scallops and mushrooms brushed with garlic and olive oil) which was so good.
Lisa tried their Aladdin Chicken Kabob (grilled pieces of chicken breasts and mushrooms brushed with garlic and served with a side of arnabit). I did not get a picture sadly but she raved about it and ordered the same thing to take home to her boyfriend.

It was our first time eating at an Middle Eastern Restaurant and it won't be our last. The service was great and once again we went during an earlier time so we basically had the restaurant to ourselves. We discussed whether we wanted to start going a little later and we both agreed that we like going at an earlier time. It's nice to be the only ones in a restaurant. Our waitress made a joke when she brought our check. She said, "there's an extra fee when you book the entire restaurant on a Wednesday night." She was pretty great and helped us newbies make our selections.

We also decided to rate the restaurants we have tried that we liked the most since we started (not including restaurants we've gone without each other).

1. Tapas
2. Aladdins
3. Nawab

Tapas is our favorite so far! We'll see if it stays on top ;).


  1. I love trying new restaurants! It a pastime of mine myself! lol

    I like Mediterranean food, but I usually order the same things. Maybe I need to broaden my horizons.

  2. Oh Faith this looks just incredible, I'd love to try this place out some time, hope that all is well for you guys!

  3. Where is that Aladdin's restaurant? There's one in Reading, which is literally like 5 minutes from my work.

  4. OH MY GOSH! love the theme! Where is this?!!

  5. I shouldn't read your posts in the morning! It's absolute torture! haha

  6. Yum! Both of these places sound right up my alley, especially the Indian restaurant. I LOVE Indian food so much and am craving it now! Trying new restaurants (and going to my tried and true favorites) is definitely something I love to do.

  7. Trying new restaurants sounds like a fab new hobby. I always get stuck going to the same places, I need to venture out a little bit!

  8. YES it's a hobby! Why don't you live here! All my non-internet friends are into going to the same places, where as I want to check out hole-in-the walls! Aladdins looks like a lot of fun from the decor. Now... what do I want for lunch today? lol

  9. Sounds so yummy! I love trying out new places, too! Seems like we have exhausted our options here so I get really excited when we leave the city and explore other restaurants! :)

  10. We always pass by middle eastern restaurants. Neither of us has ever tried a place like this - but it sounds amazing, especially your entree! Looks like the hubby and I need to expand our restaurant choices.

  11. I've never been to a middle eastern restaurant. Beautiful decor. I'm picky and I've just barely branched out into trying new restaurants and what I've found is that pretty much every place has chicken! I would have loved that kabob.

  12. What an awesome thing to do. I love Indian food as well. Hubby, not so much so I am glad I have a couple of friends who love it as much as I do :-D.
    I LOVE Kebbee...I know what you mean about the crunchiness. It can seem some what off the first time. Try it again. You might like it better the second time around.

    By the way, I chuckled when I saw the camel. That's unique. I can honestly say I have never been to a restaurant with a prop camel on display :-).

  13. It makes me so happy that you love Indian food too!! I just love how classy and cultured all of the restaurants are - not to mention the food!! I'm obsessed with samosas & paneer masala lately!

    xo, B

  14. Darn it Faith you have got me HUNGRY now! I love your food photos but sometimes I'm in the same boat and just want to EAT haha! So glad you have a friend with similar tastes. Have a great weekend, maybe we will be doing similar things again!?

  15. Awesome! The ambiance of the restaurant is awesome. My favorite Indian is Akbars out on Long Island near Roosevelt Field mall. It was like walking into a palace (gold plates, wood cut pictures on the walls), the service was beyond stellar, and the food, oh the food... I think that's the part I miss about NYC the most.

  16. Awesome! The ambiance of the restaurant is awesome. My favorite Indian is Akbars out on Long Island near Roosevelt Field mall. It was like walking into a palace (gold plates, wood cut pictures on the walls), the service was beyond stellar, and the food, oh the food... I think that's the part I miss about NYC the most.

  17. Yummy all looked and sounded delish! I need to open up the door and try new foods. I think I found what I will be trying next. Thanks for the post

  18. Trying new restaurants is definitely a favorite hobby of all time! That Indian food looks AMAZING!!! Drooling over here lol....

  19. the looks very beautiful and they food just made me hungry.
    lovely pictures.

  20. your food pictures always make me salivate instantly, haha.
    this all looks so delicious.
    i've never tried tapas but need to do so asap!


    ps. i've nominated you for a leibster blog award...if you're interested in participating!
    (see blog post here:

  21. The restaurant looks so nice! Eating at new restaurant is a great hobby -- one that I wish I did more!

  22. mmhm...that looks amazing...i love the idea of getting together with your friend to try a different fun!

  23. Faith,

    You always have the best ideas and the food looks amazing!!

    I've never tried Middle Eastern food but you def make me want to venture out and try new things.

  24. It really looks like it could be in the Aladdin film!!! :)

  25. I love that you are trying so many new places! The decor here is amazing! Love it.

  26. trying new restaurants is a hobby - maybe you should start a restaurant review/food blog!

  27. That pie sampler looks delicious! I don't think I have ever had Indian food or any kind of Middle Eastern food? I need to get on that!

  28. chris and i keep saying we need to go to a middle eastern restaurant - that one looks great!

  29. The food looks and sounds delicious, and I am swooning over the decor. That ceiling of stars?! Gorgeous! Talk about some serious ambiance.

  30. What an awesome place!! That entrée looks really yummy...I love a good kabob. I had Indian food once and wasn't a big fan...maybe I need to give it another shot.

  31. ohmygoodness,that restaurant is SO neat!! i want a room like that in my house. and i want to steal their lanterns!! :) so pretty!
    the food looks and sounds amazing!
    i agree - trying new restaurants is totally a hobby!! you've got the best hobbies! :)


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