Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A Day with Colleen cont'd

Before we went to the wineries we had lunch at The Green Pepper. I liked that we were able to order our meals on a touchscreen which completely ensures (in my opinion) that your order is never messed up.

The food we had was delicious and ridiculously fresh! The salsa was so, so good but of course Sean said it tasted too fresh, whatever that means. I had a chicken burrito that was huge and had to be brought home to be devoured later.

After the winery (which you can read about from this post if you haven't already) we went back home and hung out to talk and relax. After several hours we decided it was time to get ready for the evening. It felt like old times getting ready with Colleen. The whole, "does this look good?" "how about my hair?" "may I borrow a necklace?" etc. The getting dressed part of the night use to always be the best part of our nights back in the day.

We had dinner at Roosevelt's 21. For an appetizer I had garlic cheese bread, yum in my tum! Eric kept on talking about cheesesteaks the whole day so of course I ended up ordering one for dinner. Colleen and I decided to split our dinners that way we could also try the grilled cheese sandwich with bacon and tomato. Our food was seriously so good! I have now decided that this place will be Sean's and I's go to place. It feels good to write that because we had our go to place in Albany.

After dinner we went dancing (and of course Eric had to see the casino, oh the perks of living close to a casino #notreally) and this is where the pictures end. I had such a great time even the parts that weren't perfect because it simply was so us. I mean, do your guys watch wrestling like they're 10 years old and talk about how jacked Hulk Hogan was? And then begin to wrestle? Yeah, perfect.

Colleen, I know you're reading this so I want to thank you and Eric for driving the long distance to come and see us and stay with us even though you're allergic to Fella! I treasure our friendship so much and am so glad that I get to continue to make lifelong memories with you. As Cristina or Meredith would say, you are my person. Love you to the moon and back VGB! ♥


  1. love your pictures. all of this food looks so god. seriously. and i'm glad you got time with colleen!

  2. Food looks great--friends look great....sounds like a great night! :)

  3. very lovely pictures.
    you all look great.

  4. OMG!!!! I'm so hungry now.... love it!

  5. I miss getting ready with my girl friends. Guys just don't understand the "getting ready" process.
    Your food always looks so good - that BURRITO - omg, YUM!

  6. OMG stop it with those quesadilla, sandwich and sub photos!!!! Everything looks so good and I'm here with a banana on my desk :-/

  7. your food pics always look so good! what a fun day!

  8. I could literally eat the food from your pictures. Your camera is bang on target, so clean and pretty. Girl friend times are so special.

  9. ok now I'm hungry for that burrito ;) and two you look so fab in those white shorts and earrings! love it xo

  10. Hahah! The salsa was "too fresh"? Hilarious.

    What a special friend to have, Faith! I am just now beginning to realize how irreplaceable friends like that really are. What a fun weekend and what a fun group!

  11. See, there we go with the food recaps. Love it!

  12. you and colleen look BEAUTIFUL! and oh the food. shall you look for a new job as a food photographer? Holy moly I just ate--how am I hungry again?!

  13. can something taste too fresh? maybe he meant there was too much cilantro?? it kind of has a "fresh" flavor. Touch screen ordering, I like, I like :)

  14. I love this post. Looks and sounds like you had an amazing time! And that last little note to Colleen...super sweet. You have something special there :).


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