Thursday, December 19, 2013

Thursday Evening Random Ramblings

- Saturday is my nephew's 4th birthday. I cannot believe it! I started this blog when he was just born so it's hard to wrap my mind around this! I can actually have conversations with him now and just like I knew, I'm of course his favorite auntie. Yes, Emma, he told me ;).

- So with all my free time I get to check out lots of new shows. I'm currently watching House of Cards on Netflix and WOAH! That's all I have to say oh and that Kevin Spacey is pretty intense.

- I have a confession to make. Not a real, real confession but we didn't put up our Christmas tree this year or send out Christmas cards. Reason? I didn't feel like it.

- On Christmas we are heading back home for one week. We'll spend Christmas with Sean's family for a few days and then spend the weekend with Luke. I'm really looking forward to seeing our friends.

- I'm so ready for January. 2013 can suck it.

- My little sister gave us tickets to a comedy show in the city a couple of years ago for our anniversary. It expires this month and I don't think we'll be able to use it. So when I see her on Saturday I have to give her the tickets back that way they don't go to waste. Boo to us.

- It has almost been 4 months of unemployment. I should just start making babies and become a housewife. #notreally

- 68 degrees on Sunday. In December. Like woah.

- Flickr is pissing me off and putting their damn watermark on my pictures. Not cool Flickr, not cool. Anyone know how to fix that mess? I don't put my own watermark on my pictures so why the hell would I want Flickr on mine?

- I sound angry. I probably need to go watch an episode of Glee to lift my spirits or something.

I hope you all have wonderful weekends! xoxo ♥


Cece said...

'Aint it crazy how you can not get around to doing something for years? Life happens. I'm looking forward to sitting my booty down and watching shows all Christmas break. Next year will be better for you. It has to be!!

Myisha Turner said...

This was a hilarious post! Girl, I haven't put my tree up either....or purchased any gifts. Le Sigh.... oh well! Happy Holidays to you!

K&R said...

Gosh, why aren't we neighbors haha. We only put a tree and a strand of lights. For a freaking Christmas fanatic thats nothing. I feel like I'm not in the Christmas spirit this year, but I really do love Christmas. I did all my shopping in one day (Tuesday) haha. I love giving gifts, but just wasn't feeling it this year. Gosh 2013 can FREAKING SUCK IT. And the unemployment I can't even think about it how much I hate it. haha. Oh and the Flickr thing are they putting their logo on your pictures when you put them on your blog or what? And sorry if I sound like a grump haha. I need some Christmas music haha.

Emmett Katherine said...

you've been blogging for 4 years?! wow, time just flies by doesn't it?

I found flickr to be a bit too much work so i stopped using it. no advice, sorry girl!

Netflix has some great shows, I recommend the Walking Dead or Breaking Bad if you haven't already seen them.

Pegster said...

Faith - I've missed you all week. I so hope that we get to meet one day. I know it's going to happen because we don't live far from PA so you know we can make it work.

I know you said #notreally but I would be fine with you and Sean making babies :)

I am shocked about the 68degrees in December but I am so not complaining. Bring on the warmth.

Before we had kids we never spent Xmas at our place so I never bothered putting a Xmas tree up, I totally know what you mean

Laurie @ Disney 'n Diapers said...

68 where you are to?!! :):):)

I didn't get a chance to mail out Christmas cards this year either. Oh well. I'm not perfect.

As for 2014..I told you once and I'll tell you again. BIG things are coming for you girl! BIG things. Can't wait;)

Desiree Macke said...

You'd make some beautiful babies. I think you should really reconsider the whole "domestic engineer" (as I call it) idea. :)

Law_Fal said...

Sigh, trying to keep it politically correct but f@ck 2013. I have high hopes for 2014. It's going to be a great year. My friend recommended that show to me the other day. Im going to check it out soon. I hope you enjoy your trip dear and come back super spunky for the new year :)

redwhitebride said...

Happy Holidays, Faith! I am looking forward to 2014 too, 2013 will not be missed :) I hope 2014 will bring a lot more opportunities for you too.

I really think you two will make beautiful babies... I can imagine this blog will have even more beautiful pictures... wowowow! I am excited already... :)

Jennie Grange said...

love that last one. i'll go watch glee. ha ha ha glee really does lift up the spirit. such a good show! xoxo

Life with J and J said...

Awww...I know the feeling. We didn't put up a tree 2 years in a row because we weren't really feeling it. Its OK.

For the record, you and Sean will make VERY CUTE babies so get on it! :-). Kidding...kinda :-)

Montaya said...

We haven't put up the Christmas tree or sent out cards this year either. I love house of cards can't wait for the second season in Feb. Its been 78 degrees all week and now its 48 degrees crazy Arizona weather. Enjoy your weekend.

Maria said...

you made me lol with "2013 can suck it" hahahaha ohmygoodness, you're hilarious!
i'm off to read your posts and gaze at your pretty pictures...i can already see there are some beautiful snowy ones below! :)

Amy said...

If it weren't for Jonathon we wouldnt have our Christmas tree up this year either. I am ready for 2014 too. It will be a better year for you, I just know it!
P.S. #Isecretlyhopeyouhaveaminimein2014!

Eesh said...

When you said she gave you those tickets a few YEARS ago, please tell me you were kidding!!! If not, what show is that??? Maybe I can purchase some before the year out and plan a trip to NY around it tehee :P

Four years Faith? Dang! That takes patience and a lot of time...and outings...and a lot of things going on in your life. I don't want you to ever stop though! I enjoy your blog too much.

As for your nephew, time sure flies doesn't it?

And yes! YES! 2013 can suck it! This was certainly my year of lessons. Mayhap I'll write a blog post about that!


Christina Marie Kellogg said...

Putting House of Cards on my TV list. Thanks!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Oh my!! I hear ya--it's been kind of hard for me to really get into the spirit! I usually make tons of sweet treats and host cookie parties....but I just want simple this year. Any big plans for NYE?

Katie said...

Love house of cards!! Cannot wait until more episodes are released!

YES you should have some babies :) they would be beautiful!

Oh my I'm stuck on my glee watching bc I'm at the "Cory" episode and don't want to watch it bc I know I'll cry!

Nellie said...

I hear you girl, I am SO ready for 2014!! :) I can't believe this bipolar weather either! Happy birthday to Nephew!! I need to also watch House of cards, its been on my to do list forever, if it has you stamp of approval it must be okay.

Carla said...

I'm ready for 2014 as well. I have so much planned and ready to put into play.

House of Cards is one of the best shows that I've ever watched. Can't wait for the new season. I've been watching the trailer over and over.

Shea Coleman said...

I am ready for 2014 too!!

Flickr watermark was on mine too it has something to do with iframe. To fix this problem change the size of picture..its only affecting the biggest medium frame 432-800.

Jenna said...

I just loled at "2013 can suck it"- my roommate has said that dozens of times! She's had a rough year, too.

I truly hope that 2014 brings much happier and brighter times, Faith! You're one extraordinary person! Things will work themselves out soon! <3

P.S. Your and Sean's babies are going to be beautiful.

Whitney Cypert said...

I wish like hell I could not work, have babies, and be a housewife! And I'm for real! : ) Why the heck is Flickr doing that? That's weird. I have never used that so I have no suggestions.