Monday, January 6, 2014

New Year's Eve

We did not have plans for what we were going to do for New Year's Eve until 2 days before. I knew it was coming and then before you knew it, it was there. I asked Sean what he wanted to do and he didn't really care what we did. I contacted Lisa and asked if she was doing anything and she had no plans either. We decided that we'll do dinner and then after dinner go to their place and play games until the ball dropped. A rather simple and laid back New Years Eve but a lot of fun.

Sean picked the restaurant (Prime Steakhouse) and I made the reservations the day before New Year's Eve. I was actually surprised that we were able to get them because I thought that most of the decent restaurants in our area would be booked. We got reservations for 8:30pm which I thought was a good time to begin our night but really it was the only time that wasn't after 9pm that the restaurant had available.

It was so busy when we entered and I was so glad we made the reservations because I usually don't. We didn't wait too long (we got drinks at the bar) and we were seated.

For our appetizer Steve and I both ordered lobster bisque and Sean and Lisa ordered the steak vegetable soup. Lisa also ordered fried calamari. She is a huge fan of appetizers! I told her that we have to start ordering desserts.

Our soups were really, really good. I completely made sure that every bit was out of that bowl when I handed it to our waitress. My mom would be proud ;).

For my entree, I ordered Smothered Chicken Breast which was two grilled chicken breasts topped with sauteed mushrooms, onions, bacon strips, and cheddar cheese. So, so good! Lisa ordered the Hawaiian Chicken which was two chicken breasts marinated in a pineapple and sherry marinade and topped with a pineapple ring. Sean ordered steak with steak fries and Steve ordered the Surf and Turf. All of our entrees came with a salad of our choice.

We had a great experience and I'll definitely be going back again.

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Happy New Year! ♥


Life with J and J said...

What a lovely way to ring in the new year! I like I like!

Those pictures are making me salivate! I want some calamari NOW!!!

By the way, you all look lovely and your hair looks GREAT!

Cece said...

Dinner is always a nice way to spend the evening for NYE. If we don't want to do anything but still do something that's usually what we'd do. The smothered chicken you got sounds delicious!!!!

Kirsten Wiemer said...

we definitely kept our new years eve casual. i knew we kind of wanted to do something (originally i was thinking party in the city) but decided against.
it was fun with a few friends and nothing beats being with friends anyways.

Eesh said...

Calamari...Surf N' Turf?! You're speaking my lingo! Sounds like a fun-filled night.

I stayed at home, watched HGTV and baked oatmeal cookies. Uber cool if I should say so myself (that's my way of convincing myself that I really wasn't bored).

And Faith, I LOVE those earrings!!!


TOI said...

I'm here repeating OMG to all that delicious food. I want to eat the bacon and everything else!

Tomi Cole said...

Your brows are on point tonight. The foods looks so delicious and tempting. Awesome way to ring in the year

Jenna said...

Oh my goodness- what a delicious NYE! I am about to drool over here. I need to get ahold of myself haha but seriously, that steak sounds amazing right about now (probably because I ate a Lean Cuisine for dinner).

Happy 2014, Faith!

grace and gratitude said...

your food photos always have me salivating!
everything looks so yummy.
what a great way to spend NYE - great food, great company!

Law_Fal said...

Happy New Year girlie! Glad you guys brought it in proper with delicious food & of course libations ;)

Jess said...

I love the simple nights.

There's a steakhouse named Prime in Key West, I wonder if it's the same. If so it's really really good. The guy and I went on one of our first dates there.. def. a winner.

Jessica Jean-Marie said...

Looks like a fun night to me! I'm all about low-key get-togethers. I think I've had something like the smothered chicken ... it was at Outback. Yummy!

EmilyJane said...

Everything looks delicious. I'm glad you had such a fun and low key New Years!

Kristen said...

Those are my favorite kind of NYE. Laid back kind. :)

Rachel Andre said...

Hey Pretty Lady! Happy New Year! You love birds look like you had a great time. Uhhm and that food tho. Looks exquisite!

Carolyn said...

OMG! YUM! That all sounds SO GOOD! Glad you had a good NYE!

Ashley R said...

Wow, this looks so great! I want those mashed potatoes and some steak. a.s.a.p. The lobster bisque sounds great as well!

Shea Coleman said...

WOW I want to go out to eat with you Faith! Your pictures always have my mouth-watering!!

I'm glad y'all had a great time!!

Desiree Macke said...

Sounds like the perfect NYE!
And, holy smokes, ALL THAT FOOD!!

Kathy C said...

Yumminess!!! Happy New Year!!! Next time save me a seat lol!

Kimberly Whittaker said...

The food looks fabulous!! & I LOVE calamari too. Especially when it is fried extra crispy. Happy New Year!!