Saturday, March 15, 2014

Book Review & Giveaway

Book by: A. Latoya Charlton

The synopsis:

There he was; tall with milky skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. Daniel Rodham. Even voluptuous, audacious, fatshionista Shyanne McKenzie didn’t expect that she would find herself caught up in a love affair at her new job. But this is no ordinary affair she realizes, as her life becomes complicated and twisted when ex-lover Sean Powell and connoisseur, Tyler Morgan, turns it into a ‘love square’.

Without warning, Shyanne finds herself in a world of power, sex, money, love, tragedy, deceit, betrayal and vengeance. Leaving her quirky, smart-ass ways behind, she steps boldly into her newly discovered sophisticated and adroit self playing the game of love for what it truly is; her bitch.


Reading the first pages you are introduced to main character Shyanne who is sassy, overweight and down on herself, but if there is one thing she knows how to do is to put together a killer outfit. It takes an insult from a fellow co-worker for her to get in control of her life and weight.

My Three Men discusses racism, rape, love, heartbreak, lust, death, friendship and of course the main character's three men (Daniel Rodham, Sean Powell and Tyler Morgan). My Three Men keeps you turning the pages to find out who Shyanne will eventually end up with or if she'll even end up with any of them because there are such ups and downs with each relationship. Shyanne is living a life that you would advise your best friends against so you're rooting for her to find real love and to settle down with a good man. I'll stop here because you'll need to read the book but I'll say lots and lots of drama!

Ayesha is hosting a giveaway of her first novel "My Three Men" as well as one of Shyanne's favorite MAC lipsticks. Enter for your chance to win!

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  2. this book sounds so interesting.
    i also want this book.

  3. Look at you doing giveaways with Rafflecopter and what not!! proud of you, now let me enter.

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  5. Sounds like an interesting book! Cool giveaway, too!

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