Monday, September 29, 2014

High School Football & Chuck E Cheese Birthday Party

While looking at my recent blog posts I've realized that it appears that not much has been happening on this side. I have been known to not finish recapping trips because I get lazy and every single time I have regretted it. I figured that if I just posted South Beach until it was done then that would not happen. Well, I've decided my blog needs a little break from South Beach BUT I told myself that something South Beach must be posted this week that way I do end up recapping ALL of South Beach. I really do enjoy having this blog to keep memories and moments because I often go back and look at previous posts just for the fun of it.

OK, moving along.

Last, last weekend, Sean and I went to his hometown for our niece's (Nadiyah) 7th birthday party. I still can't believe that she is 7 years old. How is time flying by so quickly? When we arrived Friday evening, we went to our nephew's football game (they won!) and it was Nadiyah's first time cheerleading. She was so nervous but she did a great job and was just too cute. That evening we also realized that PA's weather has spoiled us a bit because upstate NY was freezing! I could not believe the difference in temperature. Me, trying to be cute did not bring a jacket. OK, I lie.. I honestly forgot. Luckily, Sean had an extra, extra, extra large sweatshirt that I was able to rock in style.

We asked Nadiyah what she wanted for her birthday and she said a Chuck E Cheese party so we got the family together and did just that. We also got her, her first camera and she was freaking out. She always wants to take pictures with my camera so now she has her own. I will completely take all the credit if she becomes a photographer. Only if she's good, obviously ;)

We had a great time and I guess I'm a little kid because I wanted all the tickets. I seriously should have gotten my own tokens. Next time ;).

It was a great weekend with my second family and made me miss living in upstate NY.
Good thing that crazy weather (and ridiculously high gas prices) whipped me into shape.

I hope you all have great weeks! ♥


Dee D said...

Your niece is so cute. Man, Chuck E. Cheese sure brings back a lot of memories. My kids used to love that place when they were little. We could easily spend half a day there... :)

Cece said...

I can only imagine how cold it was up there! Little cheerleaders are so cute. I loved Chuck E Cheese when I was a kid too. I don't think that place will ever get old for kids.

Life with J and J said...

So sweet. You are an awesome aunty! Happy birthday to your niece.

Tomes Edition said...

Most kids love Chuck E Cheese. Your niece is so adorable

Bethany Carson said...

Looks like a great time was had by all! Awesome that your nephew's team one, and your nice looks like she makes a good cheerleader and happy birthday girl! The pizza looks delicious!

grace and gratitude said...

it's been a while since i've been on your blog.
life, man lol.

your niece is too cute and i loooove the football game photos.
it looks so official, haha.


CoastWithMe said...

Faith your niece is adorable. Happy 7th Birthday to her! I haven't been to Chuck E. Cheese in probably 15+ years. Does the pizza taste as good as it did back in the day?! Hope all is well girl. How is the job going?

Law_Fal said...

Chuck E Cheeses used to have THE BEST pizza ever. They're so cute! I love Fall football games! #swoon

Katie said...

What a great weekend! I think it would be so much fun to see a little niece or nephew play in their sport. Too cute!

Highly Favored said...

Your niece is so precious. We share the same first name, mine is spelled with an 'i' instead of they 'y' ;-)

I know what you mean how time just seems to literally FLY. I have a thirteen year old God son and man I'm stunned that he is growing up so fast.

Miss.AishaLC said...

So cute! All look like a great time! :)

Miss.AishaLC said...

So cute! All look like a great time! :)

Anita said...

lovely blog :)

Nerline Germain said...

Oh, so much fun! The cheerleaders are so cute.

EmilyJane said...

I refuse to step in a Chuck-E Cheese again. . . However, I will say you probably have the prettiest photos of inside a Chuck-E Cheese that I've ever seen.

Happy birthday princess! Glad you all had fun <3

Mrs. Pancakes said...

aww...happy belated bday to your niece...and i love a good high school football game!!

Nancy said...

I love Chuck E Cheese pizza! And SKI BALL!!!!
You are still taking the best pictures ever!

two birds said...

How cute is your niece!!! Fun times spent with family really is the best.

Jess said...

Such a sweet memory! It's great that you got to spend her birthday with her.

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

How fun! I loved Chuckie Cheese as a kid! Your niece is adorable by the way!

Brandi said...

So sweet of you guys to make the trip to celebrate with your niece.