Thursday, October 2, 2014

South Beach ♥

When I last left off, I had just received a phone call from Colleen requesting that we meet up.
We decided to stop by the Clevelander for some drinks because the place had a great crowd.
We got great seats but within a few minutes we were dripping with rain.

IMG_6603 IMG_6602
IMG_6614 IMG_6617
Sean thought it was a fantastic idea to spend $85 on that RedBull/vodka thingy. OR maybe he didn't, ha.
Either way, such a tourist thing to do.
IMG_6646 IMG_6619
IMG_6638 IMG_6640
We also got a show.
Look at the guys ;).
IMG_6655 IMG_6657
IMG_6661 IMG_6647
Don't feel bad for us, we got eye candy too.
Where's the smile now babe? ;)
IMG_6668 IMG_6671
The sun came back out and one would never think that a downpour happened just mere minutes ago.
IMG_6675 IMG_6676
IMG_6678 IMG_6674
I made a friend :)
I always say, look before you sit.
I'm not that awful, here I am offering my seat to Colleen. She refused.
And my new friend is clearly amused.
A little better now.
IMG_6686 IMG_6680
I can hear the Ruff Ryders' Anthem now.
I think I have one more South Beach post to share.
I can hear the cheering now.
Yea, sorry for dragging this recap.

Tomorrow is Friday! ♥


Tenecia said...

You always post such great pictures!!!


Cece said...

Um, yeah. That's an expensive alcohol thingy!! But if you actually divide it up it probably does work out cheaper than if you bought all the drinks it would make. Sadly!! Such fickle weather. How many days were you there?

Tomes Edition said...

I absolutely love your recaps!

Law_Fal said...

I love Clevelander!

Dee D said...

Fun post and fabulous pics... :)

Angie said...

Best display of Yummy looking drinks EVER!! Pretty nice eye candy you had too :)

EmilyJane said...

Your "new friend" in a yellow chair is hot AF... just putting that out there. I loved the recap. especially with the hot waiter and random hot girl. Too funny. And I also feel that every girl should be entitled to a Barbie pink hummer- just sayin! Great pictures :)

Nerline Germain said...

Your pictures are always so beautiful. You look like you are having a great time.

Life with J and J said...

Love post as well. LOL @ "where's the smile now?" I am sure he was smiling behind the sunglasses :-D. Did you smack him upside the head or threaten him? ;-).

cashanamusings said...

That alcohol thingy, $85? Geez! Great pictures!

Pegster said...

Dude your trip to South Beach looks so awesome. I really enjoy your trip recaps

Chari D said...

Looks like you had an absolute blast! Yes!!! My mama always taught me to look before in sit! Poor Colleen!

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

This post was awesome! It had me giggling all over the place! You always have the best fun...lets be friends :) (Was that weird, LOL!) Anyways, LOVE your pictures as always! The food and drinks look great and so did the eye-candy!

Brandi said...

Your pictures are always so crisp and clear. I enjoy your vacation posts. Glad the four of you had so much fun and a little eye candy too! LOL