Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Tuesday Evening Rambling.

I've been slacking over here. I know it, you probably know it. I just don't want to blog. Boo to me.
Some days I do get behind the computer to write, to read blogs and then I decide I don't want to do it.
I get up, head to the couch and just watch another episode of Parenthood on Netflix.

A lot has been happening over here which is why I'm not really understanding my silence.
But I think everyone needs a break from things they love sometimes.
And that break is happening to my blog whilst not planned.

So what's happening over here?
I guess, we can talk about the easy things because the harder things make me want to crawl up in a bowl of ice-cream and stay there for a while.

House buying the second time around is so different.
At least for me since the first time around I didn't want to do it.
Poor Sean had to convince me on why it was a good investment, blah, blah, blah.

This time around I was all in because after owning a home and going back to apartment living you realize all the perks you miss out on.
Like letting Izabella's poop chill in the yard for a few days without any worries.
And not having to sleep with a broom nearby, you know, that way you can remind the upstairs tenants just how not happy you are with them.
I do remember spending a lot of money on a roof at our old house and being so mad that I couldn't spend it on clothes and shoes.
But ask me now the last time I went shopping. I have no idea. I don't want to shop either! Like at all.

I think un-employment made me realize that I just don't need anymore stuff.
Shopping to me is like a reward. You work then you get to shop.

When I was unemployed the joy of shopping disappeared and although I won't go as far to say that shopping doesn't thrill me anymore, I just don't have to do it as often anymore. I hope Sean doesn't read this post and hold it against me for that one day I decide that I just have to have those killer pair of stilettos.

OK, back to the house hunting thing. Clothes & shoes always put me off topic.

You also realize just how different you are as individuals and what each other wants in a home.
Since I wasn't really into it the last time around I didn't care much about what we bought.
I had some criterias though. Small house, small yard and somewhat updated. I just didn't want to have to worry about upkeep.
Because I didn't care I didn't realize the type of homes Sean actually likes.

He likes the Stepford wives kind of neighborhood, new built homes, while I'm all about old homes with character with what I call a "real" neighborhood. In the end, he realized that I was right, hahahaha. I know it is not classy to laugh at ones own joke but I couldn't help it there. But truly it was a compromise and we're both really happy with our decision.

But yeah, right now, I'm excited for us to live in our new house and for us to make it our own.
Granted, we won't actually move in until January that way we can paint and move things in slowly, on our time.

I will say that one of the important things I did learn from our first house is that this time around I'm going to do it room by room.
None of this, "I need to get this room done right now!" Taking our time this time around is what we're about.

We also realized that when we moved to PA we kinda gave a lot away.
You know the important things like a snow blower, lawn mower, etc.
We figured, hey, we don't need to take this stuff with us to an apartment.
We're regretting those decisions now because we're starting fresh all over again.
There goes shoes and clothes for like six months.

November is a special month for us because on Thursday we celebrate 5 years of marriage! Woo-hoo! Very excited for that and the fact that I get to live life with Mr. Sean. He is truly one of a kind and I love him a lot, a lot. This year has definitely been very, very emotional for us but together we're going along with the bumps. I know that I owe an entire post to that since it was in July that things just hit us over our heads but I'm sure when I'm ready you'll all be the wiser.

Let's see. What else can I share tonight?

I celebrated 6 months at my job on the 28th of October. Granted, I know that isn't a big deal but when you're unemployed for 7 months in a new state with no friends and family you realize just how much a job means to you. And I absolutely LOVE it. I enjoy what I do and I hope I can do it for many years to come.

So we close on the 14th, God's Willing and I'll start the whole sharing house stuff which might be fun.

If it takes forever, forgive me. I just get moments when I want to share everything and then times when I just want to keep everything to myself.
So yeah, there's an update that you could have probably done without but I hope you're all doing well! XOXO ♥


  1. I'm excited that you were able to find the house you wanted! I know the hubby and I became closer during the house purchasing process! And yes decorating each room piece by piece is definitely more fun then just filling the house with stuff! Wow 5years...so exciting! Can't wait to hear how you celebrate! Happy early anniversary!

  2. Wow, you close soon. Was the closing process a fast one for you? I'm really happy for you. The photo of the house looks gorgeous! I'me excited to see the colors you choose.

  3. Nice blog to follow, i found you thrue other bloggers...blessings

  4. Faith, thanks for giving us a little update. I'm excited for you and all the new memories and moments to come in your new home.

  5. I know the feeling about not wanting to blog sometimes. Take your time and deal with whatever it is you are dealing with. We'll be here waiting to catch up on your updates :-D.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new home. I must say though that I miss your pictures!

  6. I'm happy for you both and so glad you found a home that you love. Have a blessed day...:)

  7. I completely agree with you on all these things! I think having a difference house a second time around would be so different! I would definitely take my time on decorating/painting, etc. So exciting that you both found a house you fell in love with. And yay for loving your job! So glad you have some happy things to concentrate on :)

  8. It definitely sounds like you deserve a blog break! We're aiting here for when you come back and will enjoy the posts in between!!

  9. We are on the same page with a heap load of ish happening that's not just quite ready for sharing! Lord knows I would rather commemorate all the good stuff in writing versus the real not so cool stuff. I'm glad the home selection was good for both you guys & Happy Anniversary tomorrow! November is my favorite month which you already know ;) lots of things to celebrate!

  10. I love this... House hunting is pretty much awesome when you're into it.

    I'm glad that things are better with you and that you're settling and when you're ready to talk, I'll be ready to read :)

    And boy don't I know how unemployment gives everything a backseat...clothes and shoes first on that list!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  11. You already know I LOVE the house. I am so excited for the both of you <3 and congrats on the 6th month anniversary <3. I know it was hard not having a job for awhile, but I dare say all that "Waiting" paid off.

  12. Well, whatever bad stuff is going on I hope this good stuff is helping to make it better. Congrats on the house and bummer about having to start all over with the yard stuff. I guess that's just the way it works sometimes. I am also so over shopping and I absolutely love it!! For me I just got sick of putting all my money towards it and got to thinking-why do I even need all this?

  13. Take all the time you need, Faith. When times get rough with blogging... I always try to remember that this is extra-curricular - unless it's your full time income - and in that case you have to keep doing it. BUT if it's not - let me be fun - let it be a hobby - if you don't feel like blogging don't - and when you do - do it.

  14. Can't wait to see your new house and what you do to make it your home!!

    Enjoy your bloggy break. Sometimes the best stuff to blog about comes from the breaks you take! :)

  15. Happy work and marriage anniversary! :) and go you for not shopping - I am having a hard time believing that coming from you, but I'm impressed. HAHAHA I totally feel you on blogging, I've been struggling to. You do it if you WANT to. No pressure!

  16. Blogging gets overwhelming sometimes and i'm going through that now myself. I'm so happy for you guys. Can't wait for you to move in and start creating memories.

  17. Happy anniversary! I go through times when I just want to disengage and keep things to myself, too, so I totally get it. I'm really happy for you about your new house and the fact that you love your job. :)

  18. Happy Anniversary! Congrats on the house again! Congrats on 6 months on the job!

  19. i totally agree with you about a house with character! and happy anniversary girl!

  20. I am a blogger slacker too. It's ok. Thanks for the update. I miss it though. Congrats on the jib and house.

  21. Thanks for sharing, congratulations on the home as well as making new friends and loving your current job. Whatever you and Sean are going through will only make you stronger in the end as well as being the two of you closer;). Keep your head up!

  22. AHHHH, Congratulations lady, how exciting. House hunting is so exciting, a chance to do things all over again and hopefully have fun in the process.

    I hope you blog about it and all the house decor that you will muster because I would love to read about it :).

  23. House hunting for us was a bit easier the second time around...probably because we had a bigger budget than we did the first time. lol. But we disagreed on some things too. I don't mind living in a neighborhood but the hubs wants to have no neighbors in sight (he won on that. lol.) I'm glad you like your new house and Happy 5 year anniversary!


  24. Ahh I need to come around these parts more often! So excited to see your new house (the wife is ALWAYS right) and go ahead, laugh at your own joke! I always do!

    Wishing you and Sean a happy, blessed 5 years, that's a milestone lady. YAY FOR YOU TWO!!!!!

    I have been slacking on the blogging too but know I will get back to it too (when the time is right!)

    So glad to catch a bit Faith, and looking forward to reading that Winery post later, because I love me some wine! xo

  25. this is major, SO happy for you!! God is working in your life and it's beautiful to witness :)


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