Saturday, March 7, 2015

You can't kill these, they said.

So I went ahead and decided to give these a shot since I've never bought a plant I didn't kill.

Of course, I was later told (after I watered it) not to water the leaves.
Um, wait, what?!

They're probably already dead.
Good thing I've always known I possess a brown thumb.


  1. I too made a succulent buy except I actually made it a garden . You really aren't suppose to water them much however I never heard that you weren't suppose to water the leaves , so far mine have been growing

    Love the pictures

  2. Haha @ brown thumb. I'm not good with gardening either but my mom is bomb at it. Good luck with that. I'd love to see how far they come along in the future :)

    XO |EESH

  3. hahaha I've basically killed succulents too. I feel you girl!

  4. I don't think it'll hurt it the ONE time you did it. Perhaps don't water the leaves again :D.

  5. Ha! Good luck with that chick! Atleast they photo well though, right? :)

  6. That's like me! Although, for some reason, the stuff we planted outdoors last year thrived. I was SHOCKED!
    We have those creeping plants at home and all I do is add water. So far, they are doing OK. I just don't like the responsibility and often forget BUT I know plants are good for oxygenation in the house and blah blah blah so I keep them and keep trying :-). Now, I am trying to convince my hubby that we need a yellow lab. They are soooooo cute!!! He knows he'll end up being the one who takes care of it though so he is very hesitant.

  7. I had to laugh at this post… I've always said I have the ability to kill even artificial plants. And, the saddest part is, I'm not kidding.
    Fingers crossed your plants didn't mind a little water!

  8. Lol... I'm the same way. Usually I buy a poinsettia around Christmas and then toss it after New Year's. This is the first year that I've kept one and it's actually still alive. I think there's hope for our brown thumbs after all... :)

  9. I said the exact same thing last year when I purchased a small pot of varying succulents. No one told me they required certain soil and there is a certain way to water them. I knew not to water often, but mine pretty much died a quick death. I have come to the conclusion I can grow outside flowers but forget about indoor plants. I have one peace lily in my living room barely holding on...

  10. lol! Hopefully there is a nice plant heaven somewhere!

  11. Don't feel bad. I'm a plant killer too. I have killed a cactus!!!

  12. I bought a bunch of succulents around Christmastime and I have been religiously watering those leaves since then. Oops. However, they're still alive so maybe it's not as toxic as people claim!


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