Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Road

Last Sunday, I decided that I needed to go through my computer and organize my pictures. I have lots and lots of pictures stored on my computer and sometimes they are double shots of the same thing because of course one might look better than the other.

Truthfully, they end up looking the same but hey, one of my favorite mottos is better safe then sorry.

As I'm deleting pictures, I come across one of Sean's mom and it's a beautiful, candid shot. It is of her looking at one of her grandchildren with a smile on her face. I decide that I want to see the album of that day and before you know it tears are running down my face.

Legit tears. And in the back of my head I'm thinking, girl, you're so ridiculous. But that does not stop the tears.
Because they're the ones that you sometimes just need to let out of your system.

As I'm looking at pictures I am so grateful that I have these moments frozen in time. Sometimes you don't want to take pictures because you want to be in the moment or you're just not feeling like it, but last Sunday, I was so thankful that I wasn't having "one of those days" when the pictures were taken. Pictures upon pictures of our family and friends. Of Sean and I. Seeing our moms so healthy and lively made my heart so full.

I came across some shots that I never shared on the blog because they were not "good enough" for the blog. Granted they are still not my favorites but I wanted to share them along with this post.

This day, Sean and I were driving to the ocean. It was a bit of a dreary beginning of a day but it ended up being full of sun and shine by the end of the day. These pictures of the road remind me that sometimes we may feel like things are just not good and we even get more sad to believe that things may never be good again. But it's just part of the journey and often at the very end of the journey things do look up and we get the pleasant reminder of why life is such a beautiful blessing and experience.

I'm so grateful to be alive.
To be able to have moments, to look back on those moments and be able to treasure them, even when they are not always "good enough".


Laura Darling said...

I love this. Looking back through old photos that may not have "made the album" is one of my favorite things.

Mrs JK said...

Good to know that both your moms are healthy and thriving. I think i will go through mine today. I love being taken back into time trough my photos.

Joy B. E. said...

This is so nice! I especially love your interpretation of the pictures. Yes...sometimes, things don't start out so great but they often turn around. I try to remind myself that live is cyclical.
I pray that both your families continue to stay happy and healthy.

Desiree Macke said...

Yes, I love all of this.
There are so many photos that don't make "the cut" for the blog. But when I go back through the hundreds (thousands?) of photos taken I simply cannot delete any of them. Each picture has a story, tells me something, and is special.
Keep snapping away and hang onto them all.

Kimberly Brown said...

Sending you a virtual *hug*. I felt it when you said you are just grateful to be alive. xo

Tenecia said...



Law_Fal said...

I love everything about this post. *wipes away tear at desk

Ashley R said...

Oh Faith! You are such a beautiful person, inside and out. *BIG HUG*

Ayesha Charlton said...

WHAT? Are you crazy??? These photos are gorgeous! Don't feel bad, I think most photographers take double shots of the same thing. I'm guilty because I agree, better safe than sorry.

I love your spirit. It's beautiful. Tear up whenever you want to. You're not silly, you're compassionate. *big hug*


EmilyJane said...

I love your words (and photos) in this post. I know you're grateful, I know you're sometimes sad, and sometimes scared too. It's good to have reminders/photos of good times (even good times in the midst of less then ideal circumstances). God is still on the throne, there is more joy to experience, beautiful moments, happy moments, bittersweet moments, and sunshine to take us by surprise.<3

Tomes Edition said...

I'm always reminiscing that's why i take loads of pics. You're right we often take the simple things for granted and most of the time we are reminded in times of sadness. God will always make a way for us all.

LaToya LouisvilleSlugger said...

This was such a beautiful post. *hugs*

Dee said...

I look through old pictures from time to time and I go through some of those same emotions. Life can be so complicated sometimes, but it is a blessing to be alive... :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

It's the little things in life sometimes that reminds us of the big and important things in our life! I love a piece of history and our moments frozen in time!!