Monday, July 6, 2015

Get-to-gethers & Graduations.

Several weekends ago, Sean and I headed to Upstate NY to watch our nephew graduate from high school. It was a little bit surreal because when Sean and I first started dating, I went to his 5th grade graduation. Chris was just so small. No other way for me to put it. He was just a little kid and now to see him as an adult, heading off to college in a few short months.

It is surreal so I can't even imagine how Sean feels as he changed his diapers.

Anyway, since we knew we were going to be in Upstate NY we decided that we would visit a few people and left Pennsylvania Thursday afternoon. I had it in my mind that I needed to meet Colleen's baby before he turned one month old and I did it! When I walked in and saw baby Joey, tears filled my eyes. It was such an emotional experience to meet my best friend's baby for the first time. It was pretty incredible and she is a complete natural! Sleep is minimum and she is beyond tired but she told me that it is all completely worth it. I stayed the night with her on Thursday (we watched a lot of OITNB) and then Friday around 4pm Sean picked me up to meet up with Lisa and Steve.

I'm not sure if you remember Lisa but Lisa was my first friend in PA. Her fiancé is the one who referred Sean to Amazon and so when I was having a difficult time adjusting to living in PA she was the best person because she was going through the same thing. Several months ago, her old job in Albany offered her, her dream job and off she went back to Albany, NY! They bought a fixer upper farm house in the country side so we went to see it and catch up. It was so nice to catch up and tour their land which is huge. I should have taken pictures but I forgot. I'll do it soon since they are having their wedding in their gorgeous backyard in August.

After that, we headed up to Sean's hometown and met up with some friends for dinner on the water. It was nice to see them all and meet Tom's new girlfriend for the first time but it was nicer to see Norina as I had not seen her in a little while. We both ordered the same thing and I thought our plates were rather big so I was surprised when I saw that she had eaten everything. When I pointed out that I intended to do the same she said, well, I'm eating for two. That was such a nice surprise and we all cheered, well, I squealed but that is expected of me. We chatted for several more hours before we all parted ways. We'll be seeing them again in one month for our housewarming in August and I can't wait!

The following morning, we headed for Chris' graduation. It was a morning full of a lot of excitement. We got to the school's gym, took our seats and waited for the ceremony to begin. I won't mention how unnecessarily long graduations are or the fact that someone sitting in front of us decided not to take a shower that day. It was awful (the smell that is) but we powered through ;).

After his graduation ceremony we went out for a graduation lunch celebration and then we said our goodbyes as we were heading over to see my mom and celebrate her birthday.

My mom was tired but in good spirits and thrilled to see us. My mom loves quinoa so I made sure to get her tons of bags of quinoa which made her laugh.

It was a weekend filled of seeing friends and family and when we finally arrived back home we felt like we did so much in such a short amount of time. It was busy but when you get to see all the people you love, how can one complain?


  1. You look amazing and this all looks like a lot of fun! That photo of the dock is sooo beautiful.

  2. Wow you guys got a lot done! So awesome that you were able to see so many people and be there for such great events! :)

  3. Always stunning. You're so right love surely take away every tiredness. Glad you had an awesome time with your family.

  4. You look so nice in your dress and heels. Always love visiting your blog and seeing what you and your hubby are up to. Beautiful family pictures!!!

  5. You have now arrived at the level of Professional Photographer...seriously, your pictures are looking soo good.

  6. Looks like a full and amazing weekend! You guys look so happy. And you doll, you look beautiful as always.

    Congrats to Chris! Always a bittersweet moment to see kids graduate high school and enter "the real world". Then it reminds you how old you're getting haha.

    Hope you're having a great week sugar!

    XO |EESH

  7. What a fun time! I'm glad you were able to celebrate your mom's birthday! I know she loved seeing all her girls. Congratulations to Chris, Connie, Lisa and Norina ! A lot of good news all around. Beautiful photographs as always too :D

  8. What a lively weekend. Congratulations on your nephew's graduation. I know the feeling you're having. My nephew started the 6th grade yesterday. I can't believe it considering I remember the day he was born.
    Glad you got to spend time with family and good friends.

  9. What a lively weekend. Congratulations on your nephew's graduation. I know the feeling you're having. My nephew started the 6th grade yesterday. I can't believe it considering I remember the day he was born.
    Glad you got to spend time with family and good friends.

  10. I love Summer because of all the graduations/get togethers! Congrats to you and Sean on your nephew's graduation! I love the dress you wore to the graduation Faith! Such a pretty print and style! And that pasta = :O.

  11. Hi Faith, I could relate because my nephews and niece have their own children now. Yup, it's still a shock to me, too.

    Girl, that food looks delicious and I love that pretty dress you're wearing. The purse is cute, too.

    Have a lovely weekend... :)


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