Sunday, December 27, 2015

Scenes from Christmas Eve.

Since we celebrate Christmas Day with my in-laws, Sean and I have made Christmas Eve our day to open presents together and create our little traditions. We do stocking gifts (along with the normal bigger gifts) and they are my absolute favorite. I like opening them over any big gift. I'm not exactly sure why but stocking gifts are just so much fun to me!

Ever since we've been married we open our gifts on Christmas Eve, order Chinese takeout, drink wine and watch "Love Actually", my absolute favorite Christmas movie. It is also the day our fur babies get their Christmas gifts and it is a lot of fun to watch them enjoy their presents. Only issue this Christmas is that our pups did not know what to do with the huge candy-cane rawhide we got them. They won't let them out of their sights but right now they are just sitting next to them all the time. Our cat sure did love his catnip and it was hilarious to watch him that I had to send a few videos of him rolling all over the place to some of my girlfriends.

It was such a relaxing day and I'm so happy that I was blessed to spend another Christmas Eve with the love of my life.

IMG_4966 IMG_4973
IMG_4983 IMG_4987
IMG_4995 IMG_4994
I hope that you all had an amazing time celebrating with your loved ones ♥


  1. Beautiful! so cute how the dogs got gifts too!! your decorations are also very nice (table, tree, etc)

  2. Your dogs are so cute! You should've Snap-chatted the cat going bonkers *AHEM*. Beautiful pictures. I've never seen Love Actually (now I must!) - Glad you two had a good evening <3 What all did he get you ;) ?

  3. I was thinking of you over Christmas! So glad you got to enjoy Christmas Eve with your boo and your special traditions! Your tree is so beautiful!

  4. What a sweet tradition. Matt and I opened gifts on Christmas Eve this year too for the first time, and I loved it. On Christmas morning we went to church, had a nice relaxing breakfast, and didn't feel rushed before heading to Christmas dinner. I think next year we might need to add Chinese food to our Christmas Eve celebration!

  5. LOve your theme for the tree. Hope christmas was great!


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