Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Zach's 6th birthday party.


My nephew turned 6 years old a few weeks ago and my sister threw the best birthday party for him. I really want to ramble on and on about how I cannot believe that he is 6 years old, yada, yada, yada. When I started this blog he was born twelve days prior so when I look back at older posts and see that it really blows my mind. But yeah, I'm sure y'all don't want to read about that ...

My nephew is seriously obsessed with cars (he always has one or two cars in his hands when I see him) and ever since he has been old enough to say the type of party he wants, he'll say a car party. Of course this year was no different. He wanted a car themed party. My sister has been throwing a car themed birthday party ever since he was two, so one can say she was tired and a bit bored. She asked him what about a dirt bike theme and he surprisingly said, sure! If it moves with wheels he'll most likely like it.

All the details were thought of and it was just a fun theme for a party.

The cake was a tire with rims, there were chocolate donuts that she called mud tires and muddy water that was delicious chocolate milk. There were other details that I just found genius like the pit-stop sign on the bathroom door and the DIY photo booth area that she set up by the front door, that way when anyone arrived at the party I could stop them to snap their picture. She just did a great job and I was so proud of my little sister. It is so strange to me that my little sister is throwing birthday parties for her son.

I know she has been a mother for 6 years but I still see that little girl in the puffy pink dress pinching me as hard as her little fingers could and slamming hard into a wall as she attempted to get away. This always resulted in tears because slamming in walls hurt.

Anyway, my nephew was in awe and he just loved every part of his birthday party. It was also so cute to see him with his little friends from school.

There was a little boy named Sean that I found absolutely adorable and I’m not certain if it was because of his name or because he was really cute. Ha, I kid. He was really cute. OK, enough of my babbling.

Here are a ton of pictures because you know, details, it just gets me.

IMG_4545 IMG_4522
IMG_4565 IMG_4567
IMG_4510 IMG_4538
IMG_4513 IMG_4518
IMG_4537 IMG_4535
IMG_4571 IMG_4581 IMG_4575
IMG_4584 IMG_4585 IMG_4591
IMG_4595 IMG_4596
IMG_4599 IMG_4605 IMG_4601
IMG_4604 IMG_4610
IMG_4608 IMG_4611 IMG_4617
IMG_4619 IMG_4625
IMG_4634 IMG_4636
IMG_4646 IMG_4648
IMG_4654 IMG_4651 IMG_4657
IMG_4558 IMG_4555 IMG_4665
IMG_4671 IMG_4669
IMG_4689 IMG_4673 IMG_4693
So, yeah. I definitely need a nap after uploading all those pictures ;).


Laura Darling said...

Those are some fantastic party details!! Your sister should be a party planner! Happy bday to your nephew!

Highly Favored said...

Your Sis did a really nice job. That "photo bombing" picture with your brother in law inserted on the side is too hilarious. You guys are so funny :-)

Desiree Macke said...

Holy buckets!! This party was spot on with ALL the details! I love it all. Can your sister come and plan my next party (I have a little one turning 4 in March ;))?!

Law_Fal said...

Super cool idea!!!!

Joy B. E. said...

Your sister is very creative! Everything looks great! Happy birthday to your nephew.

Yup...time flies!

Joy B. E. said...

Your sister is very creative! Everything looks great! Happy birthday to your nephew.

Yup...time flies!

Emily Jane said...

How is it that you always manage to go to the most detailed kid parties? I hung up 1 banner, and put on a theme table cloth. LOL

I love that he always has a car in his hand. Dom is the same exact way. I bet they'd be best friends <3 (& probably very possessive of their toys). ADORABLE party, and I love all the pictures. The one with your bro in law on the side made me LOL!

Tomes Edition said...

The theme was done to perfection. Happy birthday to him!

Eesh said...

Muddy Water & Muddy Tires!!! I love it!!!

Your sis did a great job! Ohhhh that's a lot of exclamation marks haha but seriously, when I have a kid, I'm sending her an email so she can be my party planner...even if she used to slam into walls LOL

I love how you were able to capture every detail, not that it was hard because she did such an amazing job. There I go again somehow throwing it in there that she's going to be my party planner (shhhh).

The kids all look so happy and that photo booth idea was genius!


Pegster said...

Wow, you guys know how to throw a themed party for sure. The birthday boy looks amazed and clearly enjoyed his celebrations. I love how your family turns up for every event and make it so memorable. What a great birthday celebration.

Shri Mukesh Aghori Ji said...
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