Wednesday, April 27, 2016


I'm not going to lie.

Some days it is really hard. Harder than I care to admit.
Some days I have to give myself a pep-talk to ensure that I don't go over the edge.
Some days I have to pray just a little bit harder.


I was having one of those days so on went the music because it helps calm my mind. And Sia's "Alive" came on and the words hit me so hard and I pulled myself up and just started dancing all over the house. Arms in the air, waving side to side and body just swaying left to right as no one was watching (except for my fur-babies who I must admit think their human mama has gone absolutely nuts). And when this part of the song reached my ears,

"But I survived

I'm still breathing
I'm still breathing
I'm still breathing
I'm still breathing
I'm alive
I'm alive
I'm alive
I'm alive"

IMG_5791 IMG_5796

I felt it. I felt it with every part of my being and I belted right along with her and all I could say after the song was over was, Sia, you get me. You really get me. And then I pressed repeat.


Joy B. E. said...

Isn't it wonderful how a song can change your mood with just a few lyrics? I am glad you heard one that lifted your spirit.
Have a wonderful day!

Nylse Esahc said...

I have done that; I do that.
Sometimes I can listen to 1 song all day because it has such a cathartic effect on me.

You're going to get through this and you're going to be able to help so many who might be dealing with things similar to what you went through.

Hugs and Blessings.

Christelle said...

I did the exact same thing on my drive to Dallas last weekend! (Except I was envisioning a handsome hunk singing it to me, instead of it being an anthem song...HAHAHAHA!!).

Tomes Edition said...

When i love a song, i listen to it until i know the lyrics. Have a wonderful weekend.

CoastWithMe said...

Music heals Faith! It's amazing how much we can connect and relate to certain songs. And they just seem to come on at the right the universe knew you needed to hear that song. I'm definitely the person you would catch in the car next to you singing and dancing away lol. So glad you had a moment like this! Keep singing and dancing girl! :)

Kathy C said...

Music is healing. This post made me so happy because you shared its healing powers. You dance away!!

Kristen said...

I'm never going to listen to this song the same way again. ;)

And music is definitely therapy, I love it!

Emily Jane said...

The light in your house is amazing. I'm weirdly not about music when I'm in my feels, I just find myself more in my feels instead of empowered - is that weird? Although, if I'm pissed off I turn on all the gangsta rap LOL.

Cece said...

Music can be so therapeutic and motivating. I absolutely could not survive cardio without it and I love how when I'm down or feeling blah it can put me in a better mood.

Pegster said...

Music does change anyone's outlook on life. So nice when you find something to uplift you when you are down.

Desiree Macke said...

Music has the most uncanny ability to reach us on so many levels. So glad that this song touched you and lifted you up.

Law_Fal said...