Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Chicago - Day 3 & 4

After the river and lake tour we walked to the John Hancock Building to take in the views of downtown Chicago on the 96th floor.

IMG_6664 IMG_6671
IMG_6667 IMG_6668

The whole experience was pretty neat. We were packed like sardines in the elevator with other tourists who were just as excited as we were. Once we got up to the 96th floor we had to scout out the area to get a good seat. It’s pretty much everyone’s goal to get the best seat closest to the window. We got lucky and were able to plop ourselves down as soon as we saw another couple leave our new seats. We ordered a little bit of food and drinks to tide us over, talked, people watched and just enjoyed the view.


It was pretty amazing to be honest to see all the buildings. I'll admit that I was in awe to be able to see all the skyscrapers from so high up. The women's bathroom had a huge window and you got a spectacular view as well. Sean told me that the men's bathroom did not have the same perk. I wonder why. Maybe because guys are nasty ;)

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After all the action for that day I was a little tired (my left leg began to get swollen) so we went back to our hotel for a cat nap and then got ready for the night as we were going to take in fireworks at the Navy Pier.

It seemed like everyone was out and about enjoying the beautiful evening. It was just a great vibe overall.

IMG_6716 IMG_6707

It was a great experience and we even made friends with a mom and daughter (who offered to take our picture!) who were also visiting Chicago for the first time when they sat on a bench with us. The fireworks weren't spectacular but Chicago does fireworks twice weekly throughout the summer starting Memorial Day weekend. Any city that does this is A-OK with me!

The following day was our last day but we made it our duties to try the infamous deep dish pizza at Giovannis. We had a 40 minute wait so we picked up a vitamin water at CVS and sat outside & talked until our time was up.

When our pizza arrived we were in shocked because it was HUGE and heavy in weight! I don't know in what world where what they gave us was for two people. I am more of a thin slice gal but it was delicious and I'm glad I finally got a taste of deep dish pizza.

IMG_6774 IMG_6768
IMG_6758 IMG_6771

We did not get a chance to do the sky deck which I really wanted to do but that just means we’ll have to go again in the future! I also am so glad that we chose to stay at the Hard Rock hotel since it was in the best location to get to the places we wanted. This was my favorite trip in a while and I must say that Chicago has been added to the list of places that I love and must visit again.


  1. Dang that pizza does look heavy.

    I love that you took advantage of someone else taking a pic of you guys ;). There was just so much to do in Chicago that a second trip needs to be in order to really see all that the city had to offer.

    I really enjoyed your recap of your trip. YAY for Chicago fun

  2. Chicago = the best! I'm going again in October and I can't wait. :)

    Next time you go, go to Hub 51. It's one of my faves!

  3. I enjoyed your Chicago recaps immensely. I loved Navy Pier too. I think if you go again we should meet up! ;) Loved all your photos.

  4. Your pics are so perfect! You and Sean had so much fun! I've never visited Chicago. Would love to go.

  5. You should take on photography professionally. Your shots are amazing.


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