Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Before & After (Landscaping)

A few months ago, I advised that we had our landscaping done in the front of our house. Like I mentioned, it was not a major change as we kept the plants we already had and just added a few more. The major change was choosing red mulch which I love since it is such a nice contrast against our very brown house. I wish that our Japanese maple tree was bright red when I took the after pictures but I’m excited to see that it looks like it is about to start changing! It is so beautiful when it is bright red.

Anyway, here are the before and after pictures as promised.














Next year, we have a few projects planned which include expanding our downstairs bathroom, creating a laundry room in our garage and making a nice oasis in our backyard. Hmmm, looking at that list it does seem quite ambitious so I’m hoping that we get at least one of those things crossed off the list next year. We shall see.


Laura Darling said...

Looks great! I love how it looks with the red mulch.

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

It looks like a basic change but probably a ton of work...as most house projects end up being!! Looks nice.

Kwala G said...

Wow! That looks great! Our house has zero curb appeal and I have no idea where to even start!

Emily Jane said...

The red mulch looks amazing. You have a beautiful yard, and I can't wait to see your backyard oasis once you have it constructed ;)

Alida Sharp said...

What a beautiful home and yard!

Joy B. E. said...

I love it! Red mulch definitely makes things pop! Looking forward to seeing the backyard next year :-).