Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Rhys' (1st) Nautical Birthday Party

My adorable nephew turned one a few weeks ago and my sister and brother in law threw the sweetest nautical birthday party for him. I really would like to ramble on and on about how quickly time flies and how I feel like he was just born but yeah, I'm pretty sure y'all don't want to read about that ... or maybe you do? ;)

OK, where should I start? I think I'll start at the cake since that tends to be the focal point at every party. I also happened to take one million pictures of it. Judge me. My sister designed the cake and my girlfriend Margaret executed it to perfection. It also tasted amazing! My girlfriend also made the cupcakes and cookies. It was her first time making cookies (and she was so nervous) so I’m disappointed that I did not get any pictures during the party! I'm not sure exactly how that happened to be honest. I did make sure to take a picture of the cookie I went home with but I wish I had remembered since she made so many different designs for the cookies. There were sailboats, seashells, starfishes, anchors, lifesavers, dolphins and of course the number one!

We had delicious Indian food (we love Indian food in our family!), amazing sangria and all the goodies that one could want. There was also a fun photo booth that we all could not resist taking dorky pictures in front of.

It was such a fun and gorgeous birthday party. My sister thought of all the details including my nephew’s getup which I might be bias, but man, he is beautiful! I enjoy being with my family so much that it is hard to keep the smile off my face. Family is everything.

Here are a ton of pictures because you know, details, it just gets me.
I also took pictures of the set up before the cake and cupcakes were put out as well.


IMG_8087 IMG_8194


IMG_8099 IMG_8097


IMG_8112 IMG_8110

The kids craft table.


IMG_8264 IMG_8269




IMG_8149 IMG_8157


IMG_8170 IMG_8171


IMG_8188 IMG_8198


IMG_8123 IMG_8206

IMG_8224 IMG_8225

IMG_8139 IMG_8219 IMG_8199

I can't get over how handsome my dad and nephew are! ♥

IMG_8229 IMG_8280


IMG_8251 IMG_8255

IMG_8275 IMG_8283


IMG_8297 IMG_8302 IMG_8306

IMG_8318 IMG_8327 IMG_8335

IMG_8342 IMG_8351 IMG_8359

And then we sang Happy Birthday to the cool little captain! :)

IMG_8378 IMG_8375 IMG_8385

Here is a picture of one of the cookie favors I took home with me.



  1. This looks like a birthday part straight out of Pinterest. The cake, the decor, the photobooth/wall STUNNING. Your photographs are also beautiful. (I can't believe he's already 1!!!)

  2. The party came out so good! He is just adorable! I love the little hats. We did a first birthday nautical theme when Isaiah turned one and now I wish we would have thought of the hats. It looks like it was a beautiful day and so much fun!
    Beautifully Candid

  3. All the Decor and everything and everyone look so great!!! Nice job with the pictures as usual Faith. Will you/Can you be my wedding photographer?!....

  4. Oh wow,it feels like the "years" are getting shorter.

    Happy birthday to your nephew. Brilliantly executed!!!

  5. Everything is gorgeous! I would have taken a million pictures of the cake too. ;)

  6. This looks like a birthday part straight out of Pinterest
    Thanks for sharing Wedding Lawn in Lucknow

  7. I loved this theme!! How adorable. Those cookies look so scrumptious. Great job with all the small details---I love the photo booth!

  8. Oh gosh! That was an absolutely beautiful party! You have to pin this yup Pinterest. I love everything! Your sister did an AWESOME job.
    Happy birthday to your nephew.


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