Thursday, July 11, 2019

Ghana: Labadi Beach & La Palm Royal Beach Hotel


My dad and uncle dropped us off at Kumasi Airport. From Kumasi we took a 30 minute flight to Accra. Our flight was delayed about a hour so we had something small to eat and a few drinks to tide us over. I'm not a beer drinker but Sean loved Ghanaian beer.



It was a very pleasant flight and Sean and I agreed that whenever we are traveling to Kumasi we won’t have my dad pick us up at the airport and we'll just take the short flight to Kumasi.

We checked into the Accra Marriott Hotel when we landed in Accra. It’s a gorgeous hotel and we had wonderful service.

We grabbed a quick drink at the hotel's bar before heading to the pool.


Unfortunately, I must have completely forgotten to take pictures of the grounds which is completely unlike me. But if you saw my stories on Instagram you were able to see how beautiful the hotel is.

I did manage to take this picture while we walked the property at the Marriott.


We quickly put on pool attire and grabbed seats by the pool which wasn’t hard because it appeared we were the only ones who wanted to swim. I think the Marriott is more of a business traveler's hotel so it soon became clear why we were the only ones hanging by the pool.


By this time we were starving so we had lunch by the pool. I had beans with chicken stew and fried plantains and Sean ordered a double cheese burger with fries expecting America’s portion sizes. Imagine his surprise! Not surprisingly, he was completely full and it was another reminder that we don’t need so much food to be satisfied.




We spent the rest of the day by the pool relaxing, swimming, reading and drinking fruity drinks. Well, I drank fruity drinks. Sean was drinking all the Ghanaian beer he could find.

At night, we went to AM&PM Sports Bar for some drinks. It is a great spot but wasn’t very busy considering the day. Afterwards, we went to FatFish (sadly does not have a website) which we loved. Gorgeous restaurant, awesome service and the drinks were delicious!



The Marriott was not near the beach so we decided that we’d check into a hotel (for the night) by the beach that way we could have a beach day. The following morning we ordered room service and then requested a taxi to check into La Palm Royal Beach Hotel as it was right on Labadi Beach.

IMG_1764 IMG_1771 IMG_1769

Their grounds are stunning! Palm trees galore. However, as a disclaimer, it is not as luxurious as the Marriott. I would definitely stay there again but you are staying here for the grounds and not necessarily for their rooms. They have a delicious buffet breakfast and when I say that I had several plates of jollof for breakfast, I mean it.

It was so humid in the morning that my camera's lens fogged up immediately.


But my noon all the humidity was gone.


My favorite sign!

IMG_1781 IMG_1783



IMG_1797 IMG_1794



The complimentary snack in Ghana.
A new favorite combination.


Funny enough we ended up spending more time at the pool than we did the beach; even though the whole point of checking into another hotel was for the beach. There was an awesome swim up bar and a lot was going on because Ramadan had just ended. We were told the day after Ramadan is over is a big celebration. Everyone we encountered was just so social and we had the best time.

Labadi Beach isn’t the prettiest beach in Ghana, that’s for sure, but we still had a great time. Most of the people there were locals so we spent a good amount of time talking to as many locals as we could; which is always a perk when traveling. There were also some tourists riding horses on the beach and I’m kinda wishing we did it.

There are a lot of places to eat along Labadi Beach and we ended up eating at Vienna City (no website). I ordered a bottle of red wine and a delicious meal of jollof, chicken and shito. So, so good.



These two young boys stopped at our table to entertain us :)


We picked up several pieces of art while in Accra (and Kumasi) and I cannot wait to frame them all.
I need to get the perfect frames though.

In the evening we checked out the hotel’s casino. I always say wherever we are, Sean will find a casino.

IMG_1809 IMG_1810


This post is already rather long so I’ll continue my final Ghana post in my next post.
I hope you all are having a wonderful week! Happy Thursday! ♥


  1. How come the Marriott doesn't look like that where I live ? HAHA

    Alcohol, swimming pools, and beaches sound like the dream no matter where you're vacationing. (or just life in general.. lbvs)

    The property at both places looked beautiful. The food all looks very delicious too. I remember commenting that on Sean's burger when you posted it on the gram. It's very true.. our portion sizes are ridiculous.

    Standing on someones HEAD must take a lot of talent and skill. It amazes me what people can balance on top of their head!

    Did you or Sean win anything at the casino?

    1. Haha, Colleen worked at a Marriott when she just got out of college and it was gorgeous! I've only stayed at Marriott I believe twice in my whole life and this one was just really beautiful.

      Yup, that's the definition of a dreamy vacation to me, haha!

      The food was so, so good! Everything just tasted so fresh and real if that makes any sense.

      So much talent and skill. I can't balance anything!

      Nope, lol.

  2. Akwaaba.. i can tell you had a lot of fun

    for hotel options Kempinski is very good

    Labadi beach resort is as well

    1. Thank you :) It was so much fun! I enjoyed myself so much.

      I'll keep that in mind for our next trip, thank you! I hope you're having a wonderful week.

  3. I always love seeing your pictures! You do such a great job at capturing a true feeling of where you travel. The Marriott look so pretty! We're always the happiest by the water so we probably would have checked out a beach spot too. I've had experiences like that, where we've loved the grounds and scenery more than the actual room. We always say that we're usually more so in the room just to shower and sleep.

    1. Awww, thank you! I really enjoy taking pictures. I might be excessive to some people (lol) but I've decided that there is nothing excessive about doing what you enjoy :)

      It was a gorgeous hotel and the service was so great too!

      I'm happiest by the water too. It's such a calming experience to be by water and just see all the beauty that nature offers. It really is the simple things.

      Completely. I don't go on vacation to stay in my room. I want to explore and see it all! So not having the fanciest room doesn't get to me at all. As long as it is very clean, I'm good to go!


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