Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Morning Ramblings & Fashion Favorite's Friday.

My boss and partner are not at work today so I’m holding down the fort. Thank God it’s Friday because I only have to give it 50%. Seriously, Friday is the biggest waste day at work.

I’ve finally realized that Summer is right around the corner because Spring has finally gotten the memo. Due to this, I’ve been waking up at 5:39 every morning to work out at the gym for an hour. Want to know a secret? I love it. Being able to come home from work and not have to feel like I’m dragging my feet to the gym is so worth the early wake up call. Besides walk with Izabella after work is so much more fun.

Colleen has also been a big motivator for getting me to go to the gym in the morning. We send pictures of each other at the gym and text stuff like, “I be up in the gym just working on my fitness, Col’s my witness.” It’s working. Oh and let me not forget Kristen who is keeping me accountable because I don’t want her to know I’ve failed when I have to report how I did all week on Sunday, so thanks Kristen AKA my blog bestie! You have no idea how many times I've step away from candy and sweets this week because of you.

We’re going to the movies tonight. No idea what we’re seeing but we’re going. I think it’s my turn to pick. Poor Sean.

I’m linking up with the gorgeous Kiki @ Glammed by Tarin for Fashion Favorite’s Friday. All you have to do is share your fashion favorites of the week.

I loved this outfit I wore yesterday. I wish I had a better picture but Sean was in that mood.

{Top: American Eagle - Jeans: Forever 21 - Heels: Zaras}

And my favorite outfit that I saw on the Internet this week was:

How gorgeous is AJ?!

So go on, link up and share your favorites of the week. You know you want to.

Happy Friday y’all. Yeah. I know I’m not Southern but I do what I want ;).


  1. I love the outfits! AM workouts are AWESOME-----after I actually make it out the bed. :) Go girl!

  2. I throw "ya'lls" around like I'm Southern too haha!
    Enjoy your relaxed Friday (mine is superrrr low-key too yayy) and great job on the early AM workouts :)


  3. I wish I could wake up that early. It would definitely make life easier! Y'all have fun at the movies. Lol at the New Yorker sounding all Texas and whatnot! Love it ;)

  4. HOW is it possible to function enough at that time of the morning and workout? I get up around then, too, but there is no way I could get my fat butt to the gym...hence the fat butt, womp womp! :)

    Good for you for doing it...send me some of that motivation, would ya?!

  5. I did the morning gym thing a few times to see how it felt. It's so awesome not having to go to the gym after work but it was so rough that I couldn't make it part of my regular routine. I give you props on that!!

  6. If I didn't have work so early in the morning I would def. hop on the early gym train. Right now, it's Zumba and walks with the pup.

  7. Man you have a LOT more will power than I do when it comes to going to the gym. But I may just have to give it a try since I have a gym at the office..I'm just

  8. I love both of these!! they are soo cute!! i feel in love with your blue heels yesterday! and yes i totally agree Am workouts are the best! they always make my day great!

  9. I LOVE those blue heels!! So cute!

  10. Faith with how busy life has been recently I had been strongly considering gym in the morning time but in my mind I felt like there just wouldn't be enough time. Now you saying that you do this proves that there can be, pretty inspiring haha.

  11. Good for you waking up early to work out! As an early riser myself, I feel like I get way more done in the a.m. than I do after work! Now if I could get motivated to go on walks after with Avery... I'd rather nap with him on the couch. I wish I could give a movie suggestion for tonight but I haven't been in almost a year! (Shock...I know...blame the kid). definitely liking the outfits!
    Have a fantastic weekend! See ya on Instagram lol.

  12. girlfriend, mad props!! way to be at the gym BEFORE summer hits. Gad. I'm DREADING bikini season. The way Oregon works though, I have 2 1/2 months or so, gotta work on my fitness like Faith! ;) Happy Friday beautiful -m-

  13. You are so awesome, I can't get up early if I know I don't HAVE to. Way to go!!! And your outfit is fab as usual, love those heels!

  14. I'm blaming you... LOL After reading your posts all this week about where you're buying clothes, I went into Old Navy and bought a few things (I promise a couple were for Dom) LOL.

  15. That's so great bestie, I'm so proud of you!!! Especially for getting up early! :) :)

  16. Have fun at the movies! We haven't been to the movies since Gran Torino! HA!
    Love the blue shoes. That is a great outfit, my dear!
    I love a "Hey y'all!"

  17. Everyone is saying that getting up in the AM to workout is the way to go.... I'm not soooo convinced. 5:3X am? so what time do you go to bed?!

    Eitherway, I need to get a peep in my step.

    I'm loving the outfit!

  18. good for you for going to the gym that early in the morning, get it girl!! i need to work out some... my doctor told me i could during pregnancy- but it's easy to get lazy. i think i'll at least lift some weights and walk a little- i mean my arms and legs are all i'll have going for me soon ;)

    you can pretend to be southern and borrow our words, it's okay ;)

  19. Love your Heels :D
    Kisses :D !

  20. I hope you had fun at the movies and found a good one!! Hahaha...and I hope Sean liked it! :)
    Those blue heels are awesome! I really need some heels in my life. I don't have many.
    I really admire you waking up so early to go to the gym...that's awesome! Hope you're having a fabulous Sunday! Xoxox

  21. This inspires me to pull off hot orange heels! *sigh* someday!?

  22. you are so good faith.
    i can never make it in the mornings.
    but i do need to work out.
    you are so cute, love those heels.
    please teach me your ways.


  23. love those cute cobalt blue shoes are!


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