Monday, April 29, 2013

Friday's Date Night

Friday night, Sean and I went out for dinner and drinks. A new place opened not too far from where we live so we decided to check it out. They have an awesome patio so I wanted to eat outside. We didn't sit outside for too long because it got pretty chilly. It was really busy inside so everyone was doing what we were doing, checking out the new restaurant.

The food we had was delicious and the service wasn't too bad even though our waitress forgot my Southwest Chicken quesadilla. Normally, I probably would have been annoyed but because I had already had wings, fried pickles (which I loved!) for the first time and some of Sean's roast beef wrap and a burrito bowl for lunch at Chipotle. It was a good thing my meal did not come out. I was stuffed.

All in all, it wasn't the worst experience so we will go back. Can't hate the place that gave you your first experience of fried pickles.

It was nice being able to order your drink from the patio.

Alright now let's talk about my outfit. You know when you think something in your head, and then you put it on, and you realize that it looked so much better in your head and should have stayed there. Well, that's this outfit. I understand what my brain was trying to do but ....

I'm thinking maybe I should have used a regular plain white tee or maybe a black tee. I know it can be saved so friends tell me, what would you have done differently? And don't say, not wear it. I already thought of that clever friend.

{Top: H&M - Jacket & Pants: Old Navy - Necklace & Shoes: Zaras - Earrings: Forever 21}

We intended to go to the movies but then we got lazy and went to Redbox and rented Straight A's and Lincoln. Maybe we'll make it to the movies the next time.


  1. Faith, sounds like you guys had a fun Friday. I can't wait to have drinks with my hubby again.

    I like the combination of those shoes and the pants. I think they fit well and go nicely together. I agree with you. I'd change the top. Since the pants are loose fitting perhaps a more fitted top would be more flattering.

    Have a good week!

  2. Yay for fried pickles. I love them with ranch or a spicy thousand islandy type dressing.
    My eyes went straight to the shoes & makeup. But you know me, I'm no fashionista. I love the shoes & makeup!! In the land of hits or misses, if this was a miss, it wasn't a bad one!!

  3. I am in love with fried pickles! There is a place over here in Long island that has beer-battered ones....delish! And the horse-radish sauce too! I am obviously a foodie.

    Love the jacket!

  4. You look cute in everything, it's so not fair! And, I love that fun!!

    Once again torturing us at this early hour with all that yummy food!! :)

  5. I think you should go with a colored top or shoe. And that necklace has me drooling! (o: I'm a necklace junkie!

    Also, fried pickles are the best thing EVER.

  6. I've never had fried pickles. Definitely on the to do list all thanks to Faith haha.

    I'm just loving these photos girl! You're doing well with that cammy.

    As for the outfit, I would have worn a black tank/cami top and a long chain with a simple pendant instead of the bauble. However, you still look cute so get over it :P


  7. You look so glam in everything so it's hard to dissect your outfit. I think maybe a black wife beater instead of a white top? I envision outfits in my head all the time. I tried on a fit that I thought looked nice and posted it on Instagram and my girlfriends went completely in on me lol I still think u look nice though ;)

  8. I've never had fried pickles!!! Sigh...

    BTW, I LOVE YOUR NECKLACE!!! And the army jacket!

    I think you look great!

    You know me and color, so my suggestion would be a PINK top.

    I love pink and that army/olive green together!

  9. I love your necklace! I can't imagine the taste of fried pickles...I mean, I can but, it seems frying them goes against everything a pickle is plain. Cold. Limp. Sour...
    I don't know what I'm trying to say here.

    I do remember going to a restaurant, ordering something, and found a fried pickle was included on my plate. Even though I didn't order any fried pickles. I thought to taste it but, I didn't. LOL

    Cute outfit!

  10. Preciosa me encanta el look estas divina, la chaqueta es muy chula un besazo

  11. That sounds like such a great restaurant Faith, so glad that you enjoyed it despite them messing your order up slightly. You look great as well, just perfect.

  12. Fried pickles? Wow, that sounds delicious, but then again, so does pretty much any fried food! I would love to try them. I saw your comment about the tortoise on my blog, too. That tortoise is actually 90 in human years! They can live well past 100, I believe!

  13. They didn't bring your quesadilla? How dare they. I love trying new restaurants. I'm sure you'll get some lovely fashion tips from people who actually know what they are talking about so I'll leave that one alone.

  14. OMG! Deep fried pickles! YUM!!!!!!!

    And I love the outfit! I do think that a fitted tee might work better since there's bulk other places!

  15. Fried pickles are so awesome!!!
    The outfit is cute, however, I agree with you... I think I might have changed the top - but just the top. :)

  16. I can't believe those pants are Old Navy! They are so cute and look much more expensive. I loovvve the shoes.

  17. That stinks that she forgot your southwest quesadilla but you have a really good attitude about it all, love that xo

  18. Fried pickles?! Seriously?! I need some NOW! I think the outfit would look super cute with a black or grey camisole or fitted t-shirt.

  19. Oh I totally know what you mean about envisioning outfits in your head and once you out it on, it doesn't look right! But I loveeee your outfit. I would maybe change the top to a tank top or something a little more fitted. But I think you rocked it just the way it is!

  20. You look fab no matter what you wear faith! You could wear a potato sack and still look gorgeous!

  21. Looks like so much fun! and I have never heard of fried pickles, I like pickles tho, so fries ones may be worth a try... :)

  22. I just did a post about wanting to do more date nights. I'm jealous that you and Sean always make time to do so. I love your colored eye-liner. To be honest, I like your outfit... I wouldn't change a thing, except maybe not button the jacket. I have the same jacket from old navy -- don't you just love it?! The necklace is also gorgeous! I'm not a big jewelery girl but I'm online now searching for it!


  23. Ooo... Fried pickles sound good!!! I want to try them now. :-)

  24. Ohhh I love fried pickles...especially the sauce they always give you with them. I could drink it!! I love your makeup - your eyeshadow and liner is so neat!! And the necklace is so fun with the jacket! Camo looks great on you!
    Glad you had a nice weekend!
    Redbox is wonderful. We are lazy and sometimes don't return them until we end up buying them. Hahaha!
    Have a relaxing night, Faith! Xoxox

  25. Again with the delicious food! I LOVE wings and I am so glad you finally tried fried pickles! And that you liked them, I knew you would! I really love those shoes you have on, I love ankle wraps. I'm not sure about the outfit, I don't think it looks bad. Maybe try a plain white tank top underneath?

  26. What a great date night! Nate and I enjoy trying out new places, steering away from the "chain" restaurants. And that outfit is FABULOUS, don't even second guess yourself. You can totally pull it off! I do like the jacket open rather than zipped up, the pop of white looks good with the black pants and patterned jacket!

  27. I think it would've look good with a black fitted tank top or a tight fitted black V-neck shirt.

    I usually put flowly shirts with cardigan sweaters instead of jackets. I'm weird like that though.

    The restaurant looks delicious <33 I could use 1 or 5 of those drinks ;)

  28. I totally get the outfit thing. Though I usually change so go you for sticking with it! I think it looks fine!

    And YUMMMMM fried pickles!!!!

  29. it sounds like a fun weekend. i love those pants and top.

  30. What an awesome date night. You guys are my heros, I love that you just always seem to have so much fun.

    The outfit is actually not bad but I am sure you are your own worst critic so you'll probably focus on the flaw. I think you are pretty stylish you style blogger you :)

  31. i love that you tried fried pickles, we love those in the south ;) course, we will fry anything and everything. but seriously, they are delicious.

    and i love the combo of the camo with pearls. i'd maybe suggest a tighter fitting shirt, but other than that i like it!

  32. your adorable! new to your blog and love it! that food look amazing! i love wings!

  33. Woot woot for fried pickles!
    I'm no fashion blogger and I still think you look great but I agree with you, a white regular might have looked better. Streamlined the outfit more.


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