Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend ♥

Over the weekend, Sean and I headed to Albany to deep clean our house as many of you already know. We stayed at a hotel Friday evening and were deep cleaning early Saturday morning. Saturday our tenants came and we handed them our keys. It was bittersweet but I feel confident that they will treat our house like it’s theirs. It also helps that our neighbors advised that they’ll keep an eye out.

We drove back Saturday evening and we were terribly tired but it didn’t stop us from stopping at Wegmans to pick up chicken that way Sean could grill. We also picked up “Disconnect” and “The Great Gatsby” via Redbox and I enjoyed both movies. I would say we both enjoyed it but Sean slept within a few minutes of the first movie. Some things never change.

Sunday morning we went for a 45 minute walk with Izabella around our new neighborhood. After our walk we dropped Izabella off and headed to the mall to pick up a few things for Vegas. When we got home we decided that we would check out a new to us restaurant since we haven’t actually eaten anywhere but at chain restaurants (Applebees & Ruby Tuesdays) when we've ventured out in PA.

Sean suggested that we just drive around and when we came upon a place that we thought would fit the bill we would just stop. Well, let’s just say that Mr. Sean did not like his idea after he had been driving for more than 15 minutes. Finally, he just parked and pulled out his phone and asked for me to give him a few names of the restaurants his teammates suggested. I began to name a few when I looked at my right and realized that he had parked right across from a restaurant. I said, “Hey, let’s just try this place.” And I’m glad we did.

We happened upon Fegley’s Brewworks and decided to eat outside. We had such a great experience. The staff was so attentive and friendly and they recommended things left and right when we advised that we had just moved to the area.

We tried their chicken lettuce wraps and it was delicious. Sean also ordered their beef soup (no picture) and it was just as great. There were good size pieces of beef and mushroom in every bite.

For an entree, Sean ordered a burger (their burgers come from cows that are raised on their brew works grains) and I ordered a chicken cheese-steak. Seriously, amazing food. We’ve already told a few friends who have planned trips to visit us that we’ll be taking them here.

IMG_7816 IMG_7815
IMG_7853 IMG_7823
IMG_7844 IMG_7827
IMG_7847 IMG_7841
IMG_7867 IMG_7862
IMG_7854 IMG_7864
After we ate, Sean took some pictures of my outfit. Yeah, sitting down for a while equals wrinkled button down. I apologize.
IMG_7886 IMG_7883
{Top: Hive & Honey via Piperlime - Pants: Gap - Heels & Necklace: Zaras - Earrings: H&M}

I’m excited for this week. My favorite month begins tomorrow. I’ll be visiting my favorite place. I’ll have a job soon (being positive). I’ll welcome another year soon. I have this feeling that everything is falling right into place just as I imagine.

I hope that you all had wonderful weekends! xoxo ♥


Katie said...

I would love finding new restaurants in a new city...I'm pretty sure it would be my favorite thing. Sounds like you found a winner. Yay for October...I'm also excited to say goodbye to September!

Desiree Macke said...

I love it when we just stumble upon good restaurants! Sounds like you landed a winner. :)

Super cute outfit. Love that necklace!

Eesh said...

Yay I'm so happy that you guys got to turn over the keys to your place in Albany and I'm sure it's in good hands.

Anything with the word "Brew" has my attention! I'm kidding! Those wraps look sooooo good! Everything looks good!

I've got to watch out for Sean! He's becoming quite the photographer :)


Cece said...

I Love discovering great new restaurants! Love the floral skinnies. They don't look too wild or loud on you but I'm still scared to try it.

My name is Lydia said...

o. my. gosh. those fries look TO DIE FOR!
also, those pants.

Kirsten Wiemer said...

first of all love your pants. hott, you look hott.
second of all my stomach literally just started growling so im just gonna walk away from the computer.


Christelle said...

Yum! Your sandwich looks awesome, and so does that martini!! :)

Love those beautiful electric blue shoes, you look so cute! Glad to see y'all are settling in and that you have a great/positive attitude about all these BIG changes!

Angela K said...

That yummy food was your reward for cleaning! Looked so delicious!

Emily Gilbert said...

I love a new restaurant. The place looks quaint and nice. Food looks yummy! (plus who doesn't love sitting outside to eat?) . Lovin' your outfit Faith. I'm sure it was bittersweet handing over the keys, but on the plus side you're allowing someone else to live in a nice place <3, and you get to experience something new too

Nancy said...

What beautiful pictures! That food looks delish. I'm so hungry right now & I could eat all of that.
Glad you get to go to Vegas and have a little trip from this move, my friend.

Ashley R said...

I love finding new places, especially a good brewery! How fun to be exploring. Love that necklace by the way. :)

YeamieWaffles said...

That place looks awesome Faith and I absolutely adore your outfit, hopefully things are going great for you guys!

Law_Fal said...

Cheers for positivity!!! Cute outfit and im so happy you are getting a chance to enjoy your new town. Yay for Fall birthdays!!!!!!! ;)

josie renee said...

You always find good eats!! Also, faith, this is my FAVORITE outfit of yours thus far. I love the necklace and the shoes! (and naturally, I own the pants as I pretty much own the whole gap store).

Maria said...

love the restaurant. your outfit. your necklace. your eyeshadow. THE FOOD!! :)
i'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend. steve falls asleep during movies sometimes, too. he begs me to watch one and then he's snorin'. hahaha
happy happy almost october!!! xoxox

Kristen said...

Exploring a new city can be so fun since you come across new restaurants to try. Glad this one was a hit!

And YAY for October!!! :)

Jaclyn @ Love And Bellinis said...

That food looks delicious, I love finding new restaurants. Love your necklace too!


Georgina said...

I love your positivity Faith! Keep it up!! So glad your favorite month has begun and absolutely love that outfit (I need those shoes!!!!) xo

Meg {henninglove} said...

i love those floral pants they have them in the maternity version too but they are sold out in my size. i love your pearl necklace too

Kiki said...

its safe to say that i have missed your face! seriously i love hearing about you and Seans weekend and the fact that i didnt know you were renting your house means i have been gone for a while! so sorry! that food does look so yummy! when i saw your chicken cheese steak on insta i just about died! it looks so good! i am glad your venturing out and trying new places!!

Ashley said...

i love hive and honey!!

and literally SO much yummy food!

Christine said...

Love hearing about your new adventures! And as always, you look absolutely fabulous doing it! Also, please pass those french fries, thank you.

Emmett Katherine said...

I'm glad your dinner plans worked out, sometimes driving (or walking) around looking for a good place to eat leves you desperate and hungry and you go to the next place you pass. Luckily you guy were parked right across a decent place!

I always have wrinkles in y ootd photos, I figure it happened to everyone so what can you do! Cute pants :)

Whitney Cypert said...

I really love your outfit! Those pants are adorable! I'm glad you guys already found a good place to eat, that cheesesteak looks amazinnnng!

C`est chic said...

loooove your outfit :) and the pants is really cool :)

i`ll follow you now

greetings from germany :)


Alexandra said...

Such a lovely post! Isn't it wonderful when things feel like they're just right? I find that those moments are pretty rare so embrace it! Love your outfit and those food snaps look amazing!

Alex xo

Kathy C. said...

That place looks and sounds delish! I'm ok with you taking my family and I there when we come visit!!! :)

redwhitebride said...

loving your floral pants! so cute on you :) it's always nice to find a good restaurant in the neighborhood by chance. we have to explore more where we are now too...

Chari D said...

Great outfit, I love those pants but I cant get myself to buy floral pants, I dont think I could pull them off!! This is just wrong and down right mean! The photos are making me soooo hungry!! Not fair at all. Have a great weekend! said...

Thats awesome! I love trying new restaurants and the neighborhood I live in is actually perfect for that. We always have new restaurants popping up. This past weekend, we went to a bourbon themed restaurant which had amazing cocktails and delicious food! Super excited to go back.

Also, that outfit is amazing. I really need to get a denim shirt...soon.

Courtney B said...

You are SO pretty... seriously. And your outfit is so fun, LOVE!
I've been wanting to watch Gatsby but I've been wondering if Eric will like it, too? I've never even read the book (shame, I know!) so I don't know what the story line is. But I just need to hurry up and rent it!

LWLH said...

I need to find new places to eat at but I grew up here so I know all the places.

I need to take my butt into the cities to find some new food.