Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Restaurant Highlight: Nosh

I intended to combine this restaurant highlight with this restaurant highlight but then decided that each restaurant needed their own separate post since the experiences were so different. As you know I was in upstate New York for the holidays. Yes, I'm pretty behind, aren't I? I'm working on it. Any who, Colleen, Eric and I went to Nosh for brunch. I ordered my favorite Belgian Waffles with fresh strawberries on top with whipped cream on the side. The menu said it came with syrup and butter.

When my meal came it did not come with syrup or butter so I waited (even thought I wanted to stuff my pie hole) until I saw my waitress and asked her for butter (I should have asked for both butter and syrup but food was in my face making it hard for me to think straight). When she came back with no syrup I asked her for syrup as well. She gave me this evil look and with an attitude said, "Is there anything else you would like for me to grab before I come back again." I gave her my "kill you with my smile" look and said, "I shouldn't have had to ask for those two items as based on the menu it comes with my meal." Yeah, sometimes I can be a little feisty but that Faith makes an appearance every now and then and she can't be controlled.

Colleen asked for a mimosa but our waitress said that she couldn't have it as she wasn't ordering from the brunch menu and mimosas are only complimentary when you order from their brunch menu. You should have seen Colleen's confused face, it's kinda funny now. Sorry Colleen, I know you wanted your mimosa. I guess the waitress didn't think to just charge Colleen for a mimosa. When Colleen suggested that the waitress said, "Oh yeah, you can do that." But by that time Colleen decided she didn't want one anymore. I don't blame her. When it is such a hassle to get a mimosa it's just not fun anymore. But she missed out, it was good ;).

Eric also ordered potato pancakes (not pictured) for an appetizer but it came out after our meals and Colleen had to ask for her fries after her food came out as well even though she asked for fries on the side when she ordered. Our waitress knew she was wrong and tried to make up for it but the damage was done. No one can make a second impression.

BUT as much as I hate to admit it, the food was so, so good! Colleen ordered a grilled brisket melt and it was AMAZING! I have never had brisket before and I was blown away with how good her sandwich was. And my waffles, DELICIOUS! Exactly what you expect your waffles to be. I'm talking to you Waffle House.

Now if only that waitress thought customer service is a great thing to give I would grade this place with an A+. Oh well, I'm going again the next time I'm in upstate NY, lol. I'll just let them know ahead of time that I'll be blogging my experience on my blog ;).

{ Waffle House has nothing on this ;) }


  1. Wow! That waitress was a mess! My goodness, after that story I am surprised she got even 1 thing right. And giving you attitude on top of it... I mean, who wants to eat a waffle or pancake without syrup?

    The food does look beautiful though. :)

  2. I hate bad service but when the food is so good I usually can't resist going back either. Brunch is seriously my favorite meal! I love mimosas and waffles. And pretty much all brunch food lol

  3. The food looks delish!

    Heck to da no for that waitress. Girl, I would have asked for a manager after her snippy response. I don't like foolishness!

  4. LOL You're as bad as me. Some girl copped an attitude with me at Arby's of all places a couple months ago when I asked for something, and all I said "Is your job really that hard? It would take you less then 30 seconds to go get what I asked for.". She rolled her eyes and got it.

    So next time a waitress wants to give you tude because god forbid you want syrup with waffles just ask her "is your job really that hard" LOL.

    It does look good! :D

  5. Those waffles did look good, but the way that waitress acted was uncalled for. You know, I didn't used to, but I've started complaining to the management whenever I get bad customer service. I've even filled out complaint forms online with corporate offices. People shouldn't be mistreated because somebody isn't in the mood to do their job.

  6. omg. I want all of it, especially the waffle! sorry the service wasn't great

  7. Like always, your food pictures look amazing. LOL, go Faith. Loved your response!

  8. Oh how I love me some mimosa! Don't matter what time of day it is, I love me some mimosa. I love it just as much as I hate terrible customer service and you know how much that is. I can't believe she had the gall to ask you if there was anything else you wanted. Um, sweetie, that is your job. Something she failed to understand! Ok I'm getting all worked up now.

    Everything looks so tasty. Please stop going to restaurants with mouthwatering food! Wait, I take that back. Just, take me with you!


  9. Food looks good. Our poor Waffle House gets a bad rep...LOL! I hate you had poor service, because bad service can ruin an entire meal even when the food tastes good.

  10. Good gravy that all looks so good, especially that brisket sandwich. I LOVE brisket so much. I'm proud of you for getting a little feisty with that waitress, you were right, you shouldn't have had to ask for that stuff!

  11. The thing I hate most in the world of entertainment and fun is BAD SERVICE. Hate it hate it hate it and there's no excuse for it either!

    Having said that, food looks nice and the photographs are amazing!

    Caroline x
    Cocktails and Caroline

  12. the food looks very delicious.
    always look forward to your food pictures.


  13. Your food post always makes me feel hungry lol. It looks so tasty and yummy.

  14. That waitress - RUDE!
    However, THAT WAFFLE!

  15. That's unfortunate that you had such bad service. I'm glad the food was good, though :)

  16. You told her!!! And did you tip accordingly? Sometimes it's hit and miss at a restaurant depending on who you get. If the food's good enough and the service didn't leave too bad of a taste in your mouth you go back. Either that the place is ruined forever. I could never be a waitress.

  17. ohhhhh, i can't stand mean waitresses!! i love your retort back to her!!!
    i'm glad the food was good, at least! :) looks it!!


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